Neko Navy Daydream Edition Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: DeathMofuMofu

Publisher: Fruitbat Factory

Download Size: 222MB

Release Date: 10/01/2019

Price as of Article: 12.99 USD, £9.89 GBP

Game code provided by Fruitbat Factory



There is no major story with Neko Navy Daydream Edition.

Apart from the fact that you are a magical flying cat that is shooting stuff. What more do you want?


Simple Gameplay

One of the major draws for Neko Navy is that the game is so simple to play: pick a Cat, shoot, dodge, collect cats, drop bombs. That is it, anyone can pick-up-and-play this. On top of the simple gameplay, there are three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Death.

If this is your first time, I recommend working up to Death. As the name implies, it is hard.

neko Navy fight

Game Modes

There is a normal game where you and your flying cat needs to shoot and drop bombs through seven levels, taking on more and more difficult bosses at the end of each stage. Along with three lives and continues.

There is also an Endless Mode. One life, see how far you can get.

There is also an online leaderboard for each level. Points are scored by killing everything that moves. Along with collecting cats that explode out of enemies. Once the level is completed, these cats are added to the overall score.

neko Navy boss

Not A Lot To Say

Neko Navy is so simple that there is not a lot to say in the gameplay aspect, other than its really addictive and fun to play. The game is never boring and with the level setting, it is a joy to play.

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Visuals & Performance

Neko Navy is merely beautiful, with its own unique hand-drawn cartoon style graphics. The art style is nowhere near the best looking that you will find on the Switch, but something is appealing and overly cute about the less than perfect graphics with bright and colourful pallet. I can not get over how lovely it is. 

There was not a single problem I found while playing. I played this mainly in handheld seemed the best fit for this game.


Neko Navy is correctly priced at 12.99 USD, £9.89 GBP, there is enough content and replayability to warrant the price. 



Appealing art style


Decent Price




Difficulty level to suit most players 



Can be hard