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Moero Chronicle Hyper Nintendo Switch Review
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Moero Chronicle Hyper Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Compile Heart


Publisher: Idea Factory International

Download Size: 3.5 Gb

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Release Date: 25/04/2019

Price as of Article: USD 19.99, £17.99 GBP


Game code provided by Idea Factory International


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In Moero Chronicle Hyper assume the role of Io a young man in a quiet village who cannot talk to women. Apart from Monster Girls.

One day Io is called to the village elder who basically makes out Io is a lazy waste and has done nothing with his life and its time he does something. So he is to save the world from the Rampaging Monster girls.


He is tasked to go to Monstopia and find out what is causing the Monser girls to rampage, and stop them. Along the way learn to talk to women.

The story is really well written funny and engaging it hooked me after the village Elder (who I do not recommend getting on the wrong side of)

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Moero Chronicle Hyper is very suggestive in the right way, with this being on the Switch there will be no censoring of content deemed inappropriate. For being a long time Nintendo fan, it seems strange the family-friendly company has the least qualms about censorship.

The games flow

Moero Chronicle Hyper is first and for most a first-person dungeon crawler with some ‘minor’ additions to the standard square based movement system of its type. The gameplay is split into several elements. There is the visual novel element at first giving tons of story, the Inn, then the store. After preparations are made picking the area to visit and start the dungeon aspect.


Movement is in a grid-based system, Press up on the L Stick the party will move one square forward, pull back on the L Stick will move the party backwards, all while facing the same way. Turning is done on the square that the party is standing on. Move the R Stick left, or right will turn the party where they stand. It is also possible to strafe both left and right by using L and R. Battles within the dungeon are random encounters, there will however be a mini-boss or two to fight. Fights in Moero Chronicle Hyper are typical JRPG type affears one character attacks one at a time with the order of attack is determined by stats, the fight ends when one party is defeated. With a few exceptions.

Moero Chronicle Hyper Nintendo Switch Review killer bee


Io does not directly fight; he is in a supporting role. Keeping with the suggestive themes, Io can store his desire, the hight the desire the more of a power boot the Monster Girl who receives it will get for their next attack. Desire is a double-edged sword of sorts the higher the desire, the more likely it will fail and lo will be on cooldown and unable to act till the desire resets to zero. He is the only one who can use items, this added an extra layer of tactical thinking. He can also escape the fight.
While exploring the dungeons of Moero Chronicle Hyper, there will be some small cutscenes adding to the story and what it is currently happening. A boss fight at the end of the dungeon will more than certainly occur, with another visual novel style cutscene. Leave the dungeon, back to town and chat with the girls.

It’s The Way You Make Me Feel <3

Let’s get down to what almost everyone is here for in Moero Chronicle Hyper, Bumping Scratch. -Do not lie to your self before anything else you knew about this feature, it is ok I was the same- Early on in Moero Chronicle Hyper Io will come across Otton a cute looking seal with a pair of pants around his neck, and right away outright shows he is a pervert. After a short but hilarious dialogue, Otton joins Io’s party as he wants to find all the Monster Girls pants. Otton is far more critical to the game than just a pervert who wants pants. He is a pervert who wants the ultimate girls pants and has the magical power of Bumping Scratch.
While in a dungeon the Monster Girls look like a pink ghost with an angry face and will chase Io till a fight is initiated, by touching the Mean faced ghost. A Monster Girl fight is different from a typical random encounter. To beat a Monster Girl the mark on their heads needs to be removed. Who has this power? None other then Otton.


Moero Chronicle Hyper Nintendo Switch Review otton

While fighting is normal as in turn based, the goal is different. It is not to defeat the Monster Girl outright, but it is to remove three Items of clothing, revealing the underwear and making Otton Climax. He does this by shooting coins (it’s easier not to question), once this happens its time for some Bumping Scratch.


Here the player will be greeted with a 100% fan service naked (with hearts covering up the naughty bits) seductive posed Monster Girl. The point of this it to make Monster Girls so excited that Otton removes the mark and returns the Monster Girls to normal (again better not to ask). How I hear you ask? Simple by touching three spots on the Monster Girls body, in a specific way, for example tapping or rubbing. If touching the right place, the bar on the left will increase, once at the top the Monster Girl is back to normal. If you find the right place and use the right touch Otton will get excited, if he is over stimulated, then he will allow for any actions to fill the bar aka Nude Flash. Lastly, the Bumping Scratch section is timed, if you fail to fill the bar, the Monster Girl will run away and will not be seen for a while. Luckily for us…I mean Io the fight part is skipped.

Moero Chronicle Hyper Nintendo Switch Review nude flash


I was not sure what I expected form the Bumping Scratch, but in all honesty, it is a lot of fun, also hard going seeing the counter run down and the bar almost full. The stress to find the right spot on the Monster Girl is real…Like real life.

I Want A Pet Or Maybe I Will Give You A Egg

While killing all the suggestive looking monster Io and his merry bunch of Monster Girls find in their way. Some of the H-Monsters (name of regular enemies) will join you. Once out of the dungeon and back to the Inn, it is possible to make an H-Monster a pet to a Monster Girl. Why do they need a pet? Do they feed them? A pet is more like an accessory that can give a passive bonus, like increased attack or chance of counter-attack when life less than X%. Each H-Monster has different effects, change them to suit the dungeon or play style, and I have no idea if they are fed.


With passive abilities, each Monster Girl has two perks she can active by using her perky assets. This is Moero Chronicle Hyper version of passive ability set. These can be swap in the main menu. Equipping an H-Monster that complements the perk the Monster Girls have already. Some perks can affect the whole team or just the individual.

H-Monsters are also used for making eggs. Yes eggs, the Monster Girl will lay an egg with an item inside. Combining an H-Monster and an Item, plus depending on the Monster Girl will make an armour piece or an accessory. The H-Monster is not consumed; it does what it does and leaves…I let you decide what happens here.


Going To Their Bedrooms Among Other things

While in town Io and the Girls stay in an Inn. Here a few things can happen, firstly Io can get his fortune told, or be told how lucky he will be with a specific Monster Girl. Not really useful early on. Io can also chat with the Monster Girls, in fact, there are events where Io can find out more about the Monster Girl, if the event is displayed next to their name, and some are highly amusing.

Moero Chronicle Hyper Nintendo Switch Review inn


While in the Inn it is possible to do some more Bumping Scratch, (and you thought you had seen the last of it). Here it is possible to do the same event as removing the mark. However, the goal is to foster a better relationship. Also, it ain’t cheap Rub Points are needed to be spent to perform the actions now. Lucky for Io there is a practice that free allowing him to get to know all the right spots to touch.

Lastly, the Inn is where the Monster Girls in the party can be changed for a different one. As well as accessories equipped and changed, Head and Body, Accessories and Pants.


Otton Would Be Proud Of Me

Underwear is not just for Otton to nurture the pervert he is and do whatever he does with them, they also serve a purpose for the party. Underwear in Moero Chronicle Hyper is its own gentle twist on a job system. Depending on the pants the Monster Girl wears the base stats will be affected. So collect all the underwear, they are found in the dungeons and some fights.

And I’m Spent

Moero Chronicle Hyper takes a popular game type the good old dungeon Crawler, tossing it with some attractive anime graphics and underwear, shakes it up and out explodes this surprisingly deep RPG. Just may not want to play it around the elders or kids.


Moero Chronicle Hyper Nintendo Switch Review mg

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Moero Chronicle Hyper does a great job with the audio. Firstly the game is fully voiced acted in Japanese with some great talent;



Rie Murakawa – Atelier series

Hitomi Harada – Senran Kagura

Megumi Takamoto – Full Metal Alchemist
To name a few, each actor does an outstanding job to give their character their personality.
There is however some questionable translations at times, nothing major just notice a couple of things.
I love the soundtrack each song adds to the current area, this is a good thing as dungeons can last a while. I would gladly listen to it outside of the game.
The Sound effect is suitably lewd for instance the Io storing up his desire sounds well like he is enjoying himself as well as the Monster Girls moans if you hit a wall.
The audio defiantly had a lot of attention given to it.


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Moero Chronicle Hyper is heavy on the anime girls and the somewhat anthropomorphic animals/monsters.


The art style is outstanding in-game models used for the enemies are crisp bright and colourful and suggestive.  Same for the Monster Girls that are all different and all have some individually different asset. For instance, the cat girl had cat ears, and the bee girl has a bee’s abdomen with a stinger.

The dungeons look lovely too few bad textures but are we here for the surfaces of walls?, I can’t fault the graphics in Moero Chronicle Hyper.


For this one, I played in handheld as the Bumping and scratch feature is far more responsive on the touch screen than with a Pro controller while docked. In both docked and handheld the game ran perfect, no slow down decent load times. 


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Moero Chronicle Hyper comes in at the modest price of USD 19.99, £17.99 GBP. If you like Dungeon Crawlers, good story funny laugh out loud moments and some Pants, this is for you. The price point is spot on, in fact, I would have gladly paid more for it.


Physical – NO



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Audio and Visuals are great

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Great mechanics

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Some bad translation

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Not for everyone

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