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Hypercharge Unboxed 1.5 – Major Update Details

Juan is giving us the details on Hypercharge Unboxed and its new update. He and I enjoyed reviewing this one together back in February, so let’s hope this update makes the game even better.

Hypercharge Unboxed is a game we reviewed on the channel a while ago, and we liked it at the time. The developers, though, have been working hard to bring us a free update which consists of a pretty substantial upgrade to this already great package.


If you don’t know much about Hypercharge Unboxed, it’s a wave-based first-person shooter that is best played with friends either in co-op mode and also PVP mode. You can play either offline or online, locally and also in split screen, so there are plenty of options.

The game has some tower mechanics thrown in for good measure, which makes each battle feel distinctive with elements of strategy in how best to overcome the toy enemies which you are going to know from your childhood. It’s one of the things which charmed us about the game.


We like to provide updates like this when we feel the update to the game is significant, so let’s check out some of the new stuff. Let’s take a look at 10 of the new features

1. Clearer Menus

We start off with something pretty minor but nevertheless welcome change. The menu has now incorporated game mode icons which makes choosing which game mode a lot clearer than it was before.


2. Tutorial

The tutorial is a welcome addition for brand new players who may want to get to know the controls and aspects of the game which will help them when they play with a friend. As well as shooting enemies, there are also things like getting to know how to build your tower defenses. SGT Max ammo will take you through everything you need to know, so you can go in armed with knowledge.

3. Party Game Modes

Party game modes have now been included, so you can play with a friend using a Joycon each, which was not an option before.


4. Tank Battle

Tank Battle is a cool new mode which allows you to gather your friends and battle in the garden using tanks!

5. Spinner Arena

Spinner Arena is a new mode where you can gather your friends and play against each other on the air hockey level, but as a Spinner which is absolute havoc and a great laugh.


6. Gyro Options

Gyro options have been added for those of you that love using this method of control in their FPS games. There are a load more options here now than ever before. For example, Gyro lock axis X/Y and Gyro sensitivity boost.

7. Grenade Jump

A new move has been added when using the grenade launcher called the grenade jump, which allows you to propel yourself further if you time it right.


8. Improved Vaulting

Vaulting has been improved to make sure each jump is a lot more accurate when jumping onto ledges, which was one of our complaints in the review. It’s now a lot easier to control your character and make those jumps.

9. Improved Stat Page

Stats Page has been improved to show your progression. The more you play, the more you get to unlock. The page now shows overall completion progress of the game, hits taken, tips and description of all enemies and items in the game, detailed progress on collectables, kill stats, and more!



10. New Character Skins

New skins are now available to unlock for those of you that love collecting all the unlockables. We also wanted to show that the developer has a development roadmap of all the cool stuff they want to add in future.

11. New Music

Three new music tracks have been added to the game


12. Tons of Other Fixes

Lastly, there are tons of fixes which have been implemented, and I have put all of these in the video description as well as all the improvements and updates. This is a very welcome major update indeed for the game!

Hypercharge Unboxed is a project the developers are very passionate in making sure the game keeps getting developed, and best of all, they are offering these updates free of charge. So if you have not bought the game yet, with this update it’s even better now, so why not check it out and support the developers while you are at it!


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My name is Juan Romero, and I will see you on the next one.

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