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6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

We’re all still worrying about the coronavirus situation, unfortunately. Thankfully, we have the arts, including video games, to continue to distract us. Let’s check out some of this week’s upcoming games! Here are 6 Switch Games

The Complex – Tuesday, March 31st

Wales Interactive describes this game as an interactive sci-fi thriller movie with choose-your-own-adventure gameplay. A major bio-weapon attack has occurred, and two scientists end up stuck in a laboratory with limited time and air. Your choices determine which of the eight endings you’ll obtain, with the game tracking both relationship statuses and personality traits. Will you be able to handle the complexities of The Complex and obtain all of the endings? Check it out and see for yourself!

£9.99 $12.99 €12.99

Chapeau – Tuesday, March 31st

Chapeau, for those who are unaware, means “hat” in French (I learned this from watching old Password reruns, or I wouldn’t have known myself!) This is a party game with local co-op, although you can also play by yourself, in which you fly through the air and land on people’s heads in order to score points. There are different hats you can play as to suit your fashion sense as well as play style. There are a variety of modes you can play, including challenge mode, where you can unlock more hats and maps. Will you be able to stay…a-Head…of your opponents?

£12.99 $14.99 €14.99

Stones of the Revenant – Tuesday, March 31st

Inspired by retro arcade beat-em-up games as well as action platformers, this game has six playable characters with unique play styles. You can play in local co-op or by yourself to defeat the Revenant’s followers and undead minions. Enjoy the pixel art graphics and a chiptune soundtrack as you make your way through the game as you attempt to destroy the Stones of the Revenant and destroy the Revenant.

£? $9.99 €?

Operencia: The Stolen Sun – Tuesday, March 31st

Experience a modernized dungeon crawling RPG in a world inspired by Central European mythology! You’ll play in first person, gather a team of different characters, and take them through tombs, dungeons, enchanted castles, a forest made of copper, and more! What will you find out about the Stolen Sun?

£26.99 $29.99 €29.99

Curious Expedition – Thursday, April 2nd

A roguelike expedition simulation based on the nineteenth century, Curious Expedition has you play as famous historical personalities that must go to unexplored regions in order to find fame and fortune. Explore a procedurally generated world, increase your reputation, and earn recognition by donating to museums. Alternatively, add your discoveries up and contribute to your bank account. The choices are yours!

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£13.49 $14.99 €14.99

6 switch games

In Other Waters – Friday, April 3rd

Guide a stranded xenobiologist through an alien ocean in a non-violent sci-if story where you discover the history and ecology of a mysterious planet. Dive to the sea floor and discover new environments and creatures as you do so. Catalogue these new discoveries, take samples, and classify a brand new ecosystem. Discover the truth of the planet you’re stranded on!

£13.49 $14.99 €14.99

6 switch games

Well, that’s it for this week’s 6 Switch Games Coming Out. We hope you stay healthy and stay safe, and enjoy whatever games you pick out. Let us know in the comments what you’ve decided to pick up, and we will see you again next week. Thank you for stopping by!

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