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Best Bargains on the eShop – Steamdigging!

James, Juan, and Jordan are here again to bring us the best bargains they have found on the eShops around the world. Cool stuff, right? Each and every week, James puts together a wonderful list of bargains that Juan and Jordan also contribute to. You are able to watch this bargains episode on their YouTube channel (Or below on here), or you can read about all of these bargains here on every Sunday. Without further ado, let’s check out all of these bargains on the eShops!

Hello, and welcome back to our weekly switch eShop sales roundup where we help you find the best bargains on the UK, US, and EU eShops. The UK and EU had their Spring Sale, and now it’s the US eShop’s turn!


As always, we give away a $10 eShop voucher to one person who shared their pick of the week, so be sure to leave us a comment down below and we will announce last weeks later later on. For now, let’s jump in and take a look at these bargains.


James: I’m heading back in time for my pick of the week for bargains! Flashback is one of the most iconic games in history. I remember it from the Amiga all those years ago. It is a wonderful adventure that set the scene for future generations. A sci-fi puzzle platformer that is ruthless, and on the Switch you can get by with some help making things easier but can still experience the original intended gameplay as well. This updated version lifts the experience, but make no mistake this is still a very old game with the original mechanics. It’s one that every gamer should probably experience, and through my rose-tinted glasses it’s still an epic and wonderful experience. With a stunning 95% off, this is a brilliant trip down memory lane.


£0.89 95%
$0.99 95%
€0.99 95%

Juan and Jordan, what are your picks for this week’s bargains?


Slain/Valfaris Big Sugar Bundle

Juan: I love both of these games for a lot of reasons. I love the pixel art used in both with that old school gameplay, which is accompanied by a killer rock soundtrack. Slain Back from Hell was the first game on Switch from Steel Mantis, the developer, and then they went and improved on it with Valfaris where you get to wield an array of deadly weaponry. Again, the combat is absolutely brutal and the soundtrack is just bloody amazing. If you have not played either of these games and are looking for a great action platformer, then bag both for the amazing price of £14,39 in the UK with an incredible 60% or 15,99 for our friends in the USA and Europe. If you really want to go all out, then visit and you can buy the physical version, but it will cost you substantially more. I have both, and I believe they are well worth it.

£14.39 60%
$15.99 60%
€15.99 60%


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Jordan: Hey, everyone! How you all doing? Hope you’re all well and healthy. It’s Jordan here with my pick of the week for bargains. I’m going for an all-time classic, the Phoenix Wright Trilogy. Now, unfortunately this is only on sale in North America right now, but it’s 50% off and I think that’s a crazy price for how much quality you’re getting here. 60 hours of excellent story, memorable characters, humor, and puzzle solving, these three games have it all and I love them. You don’t have long to pick this one up as the North American sale ends on April 29th, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to pick it up for $15 rather than $30.

$14.99 50% (ends 29th)


Overcooked! 2

This one caught me by surprise. I picked it up when it went on sale, and I’ve found myself playing it with my girlfriend nonstop! It’s not a bad game when playing solo, but it’s clearly intended to be played together in local co-op. The goal is to serve up dishes by collaborating. One of you chops while the other prepares the food and serves. It’s simple at first, but it gets complex very quickly leading to some genuinely tense and hilarious moments! You can play locally with up to four players as well as online, and with 40% off I strongly recommend it!

£11.99 40%
$14.99 40%
€14.99 40%


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a game you should play with friends to control your ship with each person being in charge of differing parts of the craft from one of you controlling it to the other manning turrets and shields. Working as a team is key to exploring the galaxy successfully and triumph against the evil forces which are anti-love. Ships are upgradable and the experience is different every time due to the randomized levels. Pick this up now with 50% off in all regions.

£5.99 50%
$7.49 50%
€7.49 50%


Syberia 3

Syberia 3 concludes this point and click adventure series by bringing the series up to to speed with 3D graphics, at its release it got some poor reviews and these were justified. The controls are definitely better suited to a mouse and keyboard, the visual performance isn’t great, and the voiceover work is also a mixed bag, but for all of those negatives there is a decent story here with healthy gameplay and solid puzzles. Would I recommend it at its original price? Definitely not. With 80% off? Perhaps, if you are a fan of the series or indeed you like a good adventure game this could be for you.

£8.99 80%
$9.99 80%
€9.99 80%


Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered


Juan loved Ghostbusters on Switch when he reviewed it. Here we have a very authentic experience. If you loved the movies, then this has the voices and in-game likenesses of Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson in an original story. None of that would matter if the gameplay sucked, and thankfully it does not disappoint. Catching ghosts has never been so fun with upgradable weapons and destructible environments. We loved it and are sure you will too. This is the deepest discount we are yet to see on this one. It’s a game movie tie-in done well, and how often can you say that? Bargains makes me feel good!

£11.99 60%
$11.99 60% (ends 29th)
€13.99 60%


Cyber protocol

Cyber Protocol is an arcade puzzle game set in a tron like cyberpunk world. You impersonate the main hero, whose mission is to bring his Android friend back to life by activating the protocol, the story doesn’t really feature as they rarely do in puzzle game’s, that said the 100 levels of Pac-Man inspired action are fast paced and frantic, the levels quickly ramp up to being tough – there is coop for up to four on offer here along with high scores and a tougher mode for those that want to really ratchet up the difficulty. The soundtrack is a particular highlight and it’s straight out of the 80s, all in all a solid package at less than £1!

£0.89 90%
$1.29 85%
€0.99 90%



The first thing that grabs your attention with gunhouse it’s it’s quirky and fantastical art style that is cartoony in a graffiti sort of way, the next it’s its funky jamming together of tower defence and and tile matching puzzle gameplay. the game has two sections to it – in the first you need to swipe in order to match columns and fill your guns with ammunition, you then switch to the tower defence portion where you need to time your guns shooting to defend against waves. When doing this with a control pad it’s not the best experience, Starting out life on mobiles this is definitely best played by swiping, an interesting genre mash up worth checking out now that it’s price has come down to just $1 or £0.89

£0.89 84%
$0.99 84%
€0.99 84%


Yesterday Origins

Yesterday origins is a point and click adventure with a rollercoaster story set across different time periods, it mixes in a bit of the occult and history and some humour, the story is brought to life by voice acting that works well, a decent script and nice visuals. The gameplay is the classic point and click affair – you try and solve puzzles using visuals or text based clues and at some point you start hitting and hoping! The biggest issue here was that the game was in our opinion overpriced, now that that’s fixed with 67% off this is worth considering!

£4.48 67%
$4.99 67%
€4.99 67%


Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love

Another point and click adventure, this time with a very healthy 90% off! Irony curtains title let’s you know you are in for some tongue in cheek laughs and the writing here is superb – ultimately the story is rather dark but it’s presented in a light hearted package that keeps it up beat. As for the puzzles they are intuitive and clever, the difficulty is there but the puzzles don’t feel unsolvable or bizzare. There are some nice mini games throughout that add a slightly different dimension to this ever expanding genre on the switch.

£1.79 90%
$1.99 90%
€1.99 90%



Caveblazers is an action focused platformer roguelike set in a fantasy world. Each game is unique with procedurally generated levels to explore and a massive amount of items, weapons and equipment to discover. As you delve deeper in to the cave, things get tough very quickly – runs will take just 5-10 minutes making this a decent pick up and play title. This genre is packed full of epic titles and this sadly isn’t one of them – not because it’s no good but because it doesn’t particularly stand out, nevertheless for a tough roguelike at less than £5 it’s an enjoyable adventure!

£2.99 75%
$3.74 75%
€3.24 75%


As I mentioned at the top, this week is the US eShop Spring Sale, from here on is the rest of these games are only on sale in the US, but for those of you outside of the US, fear not! You can purchase games in other regions with relative ease. Here you will find a link to our handy guide on how to do just that.

Alien: Isolation

Alien isolation is a tense game, the movies that inspired it are fantastic at building tension and the replicates that creeping sense of dread extremely well. As you make your way around the ship you are never in any doubt that you are being stalked by an ultimate predator, the audio is used really well here and you will be screaming, running for a locker to hide in as soon as the xenomorph gets near! With 30% off this horror game is tempting.


$24.49 30%

Flipping Death

Flipping deaths premise is basically that of the wonderful terry pratchet discworld book – mort, after dying your character penny is mistaken by death as her temporary replacement while he swans off on a well deserved break. It makes for a great story, gameplay wise it’s similar to stick it to the man with its quirky style and mechanics that have you meddling with the locals by possessing them. Whilst it has a bit of platforming this is mostly a point and click adventure game with a great story and bags of character.


$3.99 80%

SteamWorld Dig 2

The original Steamworld dig is a fascinating adventure with a wonderful exploration and upgrading loop where you played as a loveable robot named rusty. This time around you play as his friend Dorothy and you’re searching for your buddy, image and form kept much of the same formula, it’s still a great adventure about digging in the subterranean world, exploring and using the loot to upgrade yourself, becoming stronger and able to delve further but what it does really well is in adding enough new features to keep it fresh, one example is that this time around the underground is not randomised – instead it’s a sprawling world that feels tighter because it’s been crafted carefully. This time around the RPG elements have been ratcheted up, the puzzles have become better and the platforming is tighter all whilst still set in a gorgeous steampunk world. This is a joy to play and a must for almost anyone – it doesn’t alienate audiences like other, hardcore titles.

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physical releases

$7.99 60%


Super Chariot

Super chariot, the platformer puzzler from Microids has a staggering 93% off. Playing as a princess and her fiancée you need to drag a chariot with the late kings remains through 25 subterranean levels to his final resting place, along the way you are taunted by the ungrateful kings ghost, face enemies, gather loot and take physics based puzzles. It’s a well accomplished game that has replay ability and plenty of fun moments and secrets to find – it’s decent on your own but is a real treat in local coop either in tabletop mode or on a TV. It’s a solid package and at this low a cost you really cannot go wrong!

$0.99 93%


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Image and form continue to knock it out of the park with their SteamWorld series. This time around, it is in the form of a turn-based RPG. It is fresh and fun to play with an intriguing and deep combat system that uses cards to great effect. The graphics and music are at the level that we have come to expect from Image and Form. This is another brilliant game from them.

$12.49 50%




Silence is the follow up to the whispered world and its a point and click adventure that looks gorgeous, the theme is of personal growth and some dark discovery into your own fears. Apart from the looks the audio is decent and the puzzles are enjoyable with a few different elements thrown in for good measure, the biggest issue with this game was its steep price tag – at $9.99 this is the biggest sale so far on this one and a much more reasonable ask.

$9.99 75%


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragons dogma suprised everyone when it came out as one of the top modern RPGs, from Capcom no less – a developer we don’t typically associate with RPGs, there are some similarities with their monster hunter series – it features gigantic enemies including… you guessed it dragons and a huge open world but there are deep systems here such as crafting and a large world full of characters to interact with. It’s pawn system and excellent action orientated combat set it apart – this, is not one to miss! Speaking of which – the sale ends on the 29th so be sure to snap it up soon if you are interested.

$14.99 50% (ends 29th)



Set on a post-human Earth, Defunct tells the story about a little unicycle robot on board a massive recycling aircraft, having some technical difficulties, that it then goes to find spare parts for. During its quest, it is accidentally thrown out with the trash, and must now brave the surface in an attempt to catch up and get back home – think, Wall-E!
It’s an adorable, fast paced and short platformer that is worth picking up for just $0.29

$0.29 98%


Resident Evil

Resident evil was remastered back in 2015 and has now been ported onto the nintendo switch, the grandfather of survival horror this game is all about the tension it builds. The controls and mechanics are largely unchanged from the 1996 original and the old school style adds to the tension further! Ultimately it’s still a brilliant game, one that every gamer should try!

$14.99 50% (ends 29th)


Quest for the Golden Duck

Quest for the golden duck is a Pac-Man clone and it’s with 99% off it’s just 7 cents, if your looking for a place to sink some stray gold coins then here’s a good place to do it! To it’s credit it’s not a bad title either – the dungeons are kid out nicely and there’s multiplayer and high scores to go after.

$0.07 99%


And there you have a bunch of bargains worth picking up let us know your pick this week down below and next Sunday we will give away a $10 eShop voucher. Speaking of which, last week’s winner is… J Steinbrink! Congratulations to you. Please email us, and we will get you that voucher.

That’s it from us today for bargains, but if you enjoyed this please tune back in next Sunday for more bargains. Jordan’s brilliant physical roundup will be out tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. And Juan’s brilliant Naturo Shippuden 4 review is out hot off the press! If you enjoy our content, thank you for watching and please do consider subscribing. Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who supports us. Have a great week and stay safe.

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