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Welcome to 2020, everyone! James, Jordan, and Juan are at it again with another superb list of indie games available on the Switch. As always, we hope this article here on with both the video and the transcript serve you well! To watch the guys’ Top 15 Indies Part 2 video, check it out below! If you would rather read the transcript, scroll on downward.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are back with the Top 15 Indies but this is part 2. The reason, well it’s simple, it was very difficult for us to pick 15 top and we ended up having arguments about which games should be in and which should be out. Even the comments section of our last video had people asking how we could leave out such epic games. What Epic indies am I talking about, well get comfortable, make a cup of tea or coffee or get yourself a glass of wine or Beer and let’s check out top 15 indies Part 2.



James: If you want a challenging nonlinear world to explore then Blasphemous is the game for you. The combat is absolutely brutal. You can customize your build by discovering and equipping relics, rosary beads, prayers, and sword hearts. Loads of combinations for you to find the best play style for you. Best of all are the boss battles which are epic in scope and absolutely huge, dwarfing your character. This is a great game, especially for those that like worlds dark and twisted.

Children of Morta

Juan: What a fabulous indie game this is. Your job is to protect Morta and you have a whole family to do it with. All of which have varying different play styles in this awesome rogue-lite dungeon-crawler. The story is told by a narrator who will instantly have you drawn in. The visuals and epic soundtrack are the icing on the cake in this extremely compelling and playable title.



top 15 indies part 2

Juan: From the creators of Slain: Back from Hell, this is Steel Mantis having another go. But this time, taking everything they learned from their first game and implementing lots of improvements into this awesome 2D action game which is balls-hard but pure awesome with it’s tight platforming and gunning. With that awesome heavy rock soundtrack and violent gory pixelated wonderful visuals, you can’t go wrong. Get this if you want an epic time.


The Messenger

Juan: The Messenger was the most called-for game in our Part 1 list where this was not included. And let me tell you, it caused the SwitchWatch team some big arguments. So much so it was decided that we had to make a Part 2 list just to include this awesome Metroidvania including a Ninja. What on earth is not to like, featuring an original soundtrack by chiptune composer Rainbowdragoneyes, a memorable cast, new abilities, hidden levels, and paths to discover, this should be a game everyone owns!

Ori and the Blind Forest

James: Ori and the Blind Forest is an indie game created by Moon Studios and was published by Microsoft. Such was their belief in the game and so was this belief deserved, because what was created by Moon Studios was absolutely incredible. The tale of a young Orphan destined for greater things. Here we have an action platformer with sublime hand painted artwork, beautifully animated characters, and the musical score will blow you away, such is it’s wonderment to the ears. This is an emotional story which will touch you all.


Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+

Juan: The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ was the first ever review I carried out on Switchwatch, and even after almost 3 years, it’s still one of those games I pick up and play when I have a moment. Such is its quality. A dungeon crawler and rogue-like game in which you control Isaac who found a labyrinth beneath his own house. Created by none other than Edmund McMillen. In Afterbirth+, there are over 13 controllable characters, 600 items, and 90+ bosses with 20 different endings. An epic little game.


James: Moonlighter was a great surprise of a game and one that instantly resonated with us. A game where you can run a shop and put items on sale and at the same time go Dungeon crawling, defeating various enemies, and bosses in a visual style that we love! Yes, please give us more of this, and we are happy. Another awesome game published by Merge. Give this a try if you have not already, as you won’t regret it.



Jordan: GRIS was a game we all loved here at SwitchWatch. No Surprise as Devolver Digital have this knack of having a hand in some of the best games. An emotional ride with our protagonist GRIS who takes us on a journey of discovery, dealing with a painful experience and sorrow which manifests itself through her dress granting you new abilities. A story told with no words, just wonderful visuals and an epic score. We cannot praise this enough.


My Friend Pedro

Juan: My Friend Pedro is one quirky game and another hit from Devolver Digital. A sentient floating banana is just crazy, but combine that with one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his bath with what feels like a ballet. A dance of acrobatics and shooting all in a combination of jumps, flips, and twirls with some slow motion thrown in for good measure. Throw in a motorbike chase and some physics puzzles, and this is one of the games I enjoyed the most in 2019.

Darkest Dungeon

Jordan: Another rogue-like, but this is like no other. A turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring through twisted forests, crypts, and all sorts of other dark stuff you can think of. Stress is an apt word for this game because boy is it tough. The affliction system where fear, irrationality, and paranoia need to be contended with. 16 playable characters to suit your playstyle. This is a top game, and if this is your thing, it should be added to your collection without a doubt.


The Tourist

Jordan: The Tourist is a wonderful action-adventure puzzle game which is just awesome. While the art style is not to everyone’s taste, in our team it won us over with its surprises. For example, football practice or surfing were some highlights in this great little 8-hour adventure. There is some great adventuring to do here and the game surprised us with its atmosphere, puzzling, and exploring all while having a load of fun mini-games thrown in to keep you hooked all the way till the credit roll. A must buy.

Guacamelee 2

James: Well we chose to put part 2 of this wonderful game from Drinkbox studios because well, it’s more of the same which is no bad thing. But if you have never played this before, then part 1 and 2 are fantastic, so either one is a great game in its own right. We love this Metroidvania action platformer. Lots of bright colors and a wonderful musical score with gameplay to match. Just a great game that everyone should own.



Cadence of Hyrule

James: If you have not checked this out yet then play the demo, and we are sure it will hook you. This is a rhythmic action-adventure game that combines gameplay from the great Crypt of the Necrodancer but with the setting and music from The Legend of Zelda. It’s just great in every way you can imagine, and an absolute delight which we all highly recommend.

Katana Zero


Juan: Katana Zero was a highlight of 2019 in the indie scene. A game of such high quality which we argued for days about putting it in our Part 1 list, but we had to hold some great stuff back. That’s our excuse anyways. Katana Zero has a neo-noir setting featuring instant death, but no matter as you start as quickly as you die in each wonderfully crafted level. It is honestly a wonderful display of acrobatics as you manipulate time to deflect gunfire, dodge bullets, all while you are able to manipulate enemies and environments with traps, explosives, and all sorts of shenanigans. Leave no one alive as you uncover the story told through cut scenes woven into the gameplay. Check out our review if you are still not sure!


Jordan: What a wonderful RPG this is. So imaginative and won us over instantly. It’s a world full of monsters but utterly hilarious. Just some things you can do, dance with a robot or date a skeleton. Or just destroy everyone if you are feeling a little moody. Basically, you determine your future and we cannot praise it enough. Another must have indie game.



Jordan: We finish off this list with Owlboy, which took 10 years to make and you can see the love that has gone into every pixel of this wonderful game about a mute named Otus who struggles to live up to expectations of Owlhood. A story-driven platformer which ignores gravity as you can fly. There are some nice dungeons to explore and challenging bosses to beat in this great adventure. We loved the art, gameplay, and music, and at a price of £11.39, it is currently a must own.

What Did You Think?

The Nintendo Switch is home to tons of wonderful indie games. SwitchWatchTV brought us a top list before, but they felt the need to do it again with this Top Indies List Part 2. We hope you enjoyed this! Let us know in the comments what your favorite indie games are on the Switch. Tell us why! We would love to learn what you enjoy playing.


Have a wonderful day! Happy gaming, everyone.

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