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Best Bargains on the eShop – Fight for Freedom!

James and the guys at SwitchWatchTV have brought us the goods once again, and I am thankful I was able to be of assistance this time around. James has been asking me to make a guide for making regional accounts to access different eShops, and I finally finished it! I hope it helps everyone moving forward, especially for these Best Bargains series. So let’s get in and check out these deals, shall we?

Hello and welcome back to our weekly eShop Switch games sale roundup where we help you cut through the noise and find the best bargains across the UK, EU, and US eShops.


Let us know your pick of the week in the comments as each week we give away a $10 eShop voucher to one person who shared their pick. Later on, we will announce last week’s winner, but for now let’s jump in and take a look at these deals:


Kicking things off with my pick of week, and I am going for Dandara. Dandara is a 2D metroidvania platformer with all of the regular expectations from tracking back and unlocking new areas to taking on large bosses and getting stronger as you go. What really makes the game stand out is its unique control system. Dandara cannot move around the world freely. Rather, you aim her at platforms which she can jump to using the left and right sticks to aim and hitting A to make the leap – think Puzzle Bobble.


The story of Dandara and the character herself are loosely based on Dandara dos Palmares, an Afro-Brazilian freedom fighter from the 17th century who fought to protect slaves in a liberated settlement of Brazil. Much is written about her husband Zumbi but very little is known about Dandara herself, and its great to see this character brought to a game.

This is a wonderful and rich game from the gameplay and cool 2D graphics to the story and brilliant soundtrack. It’s worth it at full price and is a great bargain with 60% off.


£5.39 60%
$5.99 60%
€5.99 60%

Juan and Jordan, what are your picks for this week’s Best Bargains?


Rocket League

best bargains rocket league

Juan: Thanks James, My pick this week is Rocket League. I cannot think of anything that is much better to play either casually or competitively than this fantastically addictive game. This is fast. A high powered blend between cars and football, or soccer for our friends in the USA. There is bound to be a mode here that you are going to love playing either with friends or with randoms online forming a team and taking to the arena to score as many goals as possible with using your vehicle to do so.

In a way it seems like this should not work, but boy does this have everything you want. So much fun and frustration as at first it will take you a while to get skilled enough, but once you do it’s an absolute blast and a game I cannot recommend enough, especially now at it’s lower price point with 50% off in each region.


£7.50 50%
$9.99 50%
€9.99 50%

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle

Jordan: Hey, everyone! It’s Jordan here with my pick of the week for Best Bargains. This week I’m going a bit retro, and I’m choosing the Capcom Beat ‘em up Bundle. This is a seven title compilation of beat-em-up arcade games from Capcom when the genre was at its true peak. In an even more awesome incentive, two of these had never been ported to a home console until this came out.


If you’re fans of the beat-em-up genre, this release is essential. There was a physical release in Japan, which you might fancy if you’re into importing, but the digital sale makes it 50% off in Europe. That’s seven titles with all sorts of extras which makes it a bargain, especially compared to some companies that release individual arcade games for around the same price. Sadly, there’s no sale in North America at the time of writing, but perhaps in the future. Alright, that’s my pick of the week.

£7.99 50%
€9.99 50%


Planet Alpha

Great picks there gents! But of course there are plenty more Eshop deals to be had including Planet Alpha, I feel as though planet alpha is the kind of game that went a bit under the radar, it’s a platformer that is both unique and shows it’s inspiration at the same time. Landing on an alien world and without any weapons or traditional means of defence or attack you largely use the stunning planet itself to achieve success, there is a true alien feel reminiscent of the odd World Series and another world – giant creatures roam the land and there is an abundance of vegetation unlike on our home planet. The story is linear and enjoyable and what makes it stand out is the clever use of the day and night Cycle which you can control and manipulate in order to solve puzzles, the graphics are low-fi but stunning in my opinion and this is one to enjoy solo from start to end.

£3.99 75%
$4.99 75%
€4.99 75%


The Gardens Between

best bargains gardens betwen

At face value you would be forgiven for thinking that the gardens between is a visual novel where you are just along to watch the story unfold but whilst the gameplay appears simple there is suprising depth, the premise is that you solve a series of puzzles, bending time to find the right solution for the protagonists frendt and Ariana, what’s more each little island in which a puzzle takes place looks gorgeous and this unique adventure is one worth experiencing.

£8.99 50%
$9.99 50%
€9.99 50%



Akane is a little gem, it has the simplest gameplay but manages to be highly addictive and fun to play. You control akane, a bad ass katana wielding heroine that is making her last stand against the yakuza in an arena where one hit is death – either for you or your foes, the beauty of the game is the superb controls and the dynamic of slicking and shooting, combat becomes almost rhythmic as you hack your way through the hordes. There are a few things to unlock and leaderboards to keep you going, I love the cyberpunk style from the neon lights to the enemy designs – very cool.

£0.89 80%
$0.99 80%
€0.99 80%



Earthlock is a love letter to JRPGs of the PS1 era with its turn based combat, open world to explore and classic mechanics. The game is well crafted and whilst it’s fair yo day it’s unlikely to be many people’s absolute favourite – it does everything well and clocks up an impressive amount of content making this one of the best bargains at this price point.

£4.49 80%
$5.98 80%
€4.99 80%


Pixel Gladiator

pixel gladiator

As the sole human survivor on an alien planet you must survive as long as possible, delaying the inevitable death that must come. You do this by defending your base with your weapons and by upgrading your base itself as enemies approach from both sides in waves, think; kingdom lands but with a sci fi setting and more emphasis on your own attacks as opposed to the bases. For a simple game it has a decent amount of depth and you cannot go wrong at this price point.

£2.20 60%
$1.74 75%
€2.44 65%


Inversus Deluxe Edition

INVERSUS Deluxe takes a simple idea and forms it really well. It has a simple vision that is realized and executed leading to quick bursts of enjoyment either alone, online against others, or my personal favorite, with and against friends. It’s a peeled-back negative space shooter with a minimalist style and pumping soundtrack. It’s one of those unassuming games that can catch you and have you competing for hours.

$2.99 80%

See Also


Celeste Is a fantastic platforming masterpiece, it has been on sale at 50% before but this is the lowest it has been with a whopping 66% off!. This is a narrative-driven game that features over 600 screens of tricky platforming gameplay. Everything about this from the tight controls to the sublime soundtrack hits the right notes. We all love this one which is why it got a prized position in our Top 15 Indie Titles on the Nintendo switch. With 66% off in the UK and EU, now is the time to pick it up if you don’t already own it. One of the best bargains for one of the best games.


£6.11 66%
€6.79 66%


Towerfall is a classic couch co-op arcade game that pits up to 6 friends against each other in intense versus matches, that is the way the game was intended to be played and how you will enjoy it the most, but you can also team up with your friends against the CPU in co-op and time trial modes or play these modes solo.


The premise of the game is very simple, you are one of a number of archers including Madelinefrom the excellent Celeste. Armed with a trusty bow and 3 arrows you must defeat the competition on a single map screen before they kill you. The core mechanics are simple and accessible with only 3 buttons needed to play. Like every good multiplayer game though it’s much harder to master and there is a surprising amount of strategy involved. it’s one of the most enjoyable couch coop games and is especially worth it on sale.

£6.11 66%
€6.79 66%


Blazing Beaks

blazing beaks

Blazing Beaks is a great little game to play with friends. Levels are randomly generated, and you can play story mode with a friend cooperatively or alone. Either way, it’s a blast. If you want to compete against friends, then there is a tournament mode too to test your skills against each other. For us, we loved how simple it was to pick up and play and get into. Blasting foes is super fun and reminded us a little of Enter the Gungeon just not quite as good.

£1.79 87%
$1.99 87%
€1.99 87%


Warlocks 2: God Slayers

Warlocks 2 is a real step up over the first title and is a welcome addition to the switch, with 94% its amazing value for a quality indie title that combines RPG traits with 2D platforming and brawler fighting, what I love is that each of the classes plays very differently giving you that replayability – throw into the mix the ability to play the whole campaign in coop mode the result is an enjoyable game with randomly generated side quests and even some good humour thrown in – you simply cannot go wrong at under £1.

£0.89 94%
$0.99 94%
€0.99 94%


That Was Best Bargains!

And there you have the best bargains worth picking up! Let us know your pick this week down below, and next Sunday we will give away a $10 eShop voucher. Speaking of which, last week’s winner is… Nathan Carmen! Congratulations, Nathan. Please email us, and we will get you that voucher.

That’s it from me today, but if you enjoyed this please come back next Sunday for more Best Bargains. Check out our deep import guide where we covered ALL Asian imports that you can pickup which feature English language, and if you are after new games, check out our roundup of 15 games coming out this month. If you enjoy our content, thank you and please do consider subscribing to our YouTube channel and even our newsletter here! See you soon, take care.


Thank you greatly for visiting and reading this week’s Best Bargains. We hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful week. Happy gaming, everyone!

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