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5 More RPGs We’d Love To See On The Switch

Just as soon as we posted the first list of 5 RPGs we’d love to see on the Switch, I already found myself coming up with another set of games I wanted to see brought to our favorite hybrid console as well. In the list below, I will be naming five more games that I hope we get to experience on the Nintendo Switch some time. Keep in mind once again that this is a list of more traditional RPGs.

5. Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross was an RPG that didn’t get a fair shake due to the fact that it was a sequel to one of the greatest RPGs of all time, Chrono Trigger. It also oddly enough had very little to do with it’s predecessor which is puzzling. This game had more of a focus on choices which included having the option of recruiting up to 45 characters to your party rather than telling a tight linear story with a few protagonist.


The problem is this resulted in a messy narrative and characters that just weren’t memorable or worth talking about. As a stand-alone title, there was a lot to like here. The turn-based battle system was very strategic requiring you to manage various mechanics and rewarding you for landing attacks by allowing you to pull off stronger moves in lieu of a magic bar. 

The attention to detail with music throughout the experience really impressed me, including the opening song, Time’s Scar, which is one of the best songs I have ever heard in a video game. While certainly not the best game on this list, Chrono Cross was definitely a cult classic that deserves a new life on the Nintendo Switch.


4. Breath of Fire 4

Breathe of Fire 4 was my favorite of the franchise. This turn-based RPG also had my favorite combat in the series. It had an interesting system of having three characters in the front, while the other three party members remained in the back. Only the three character in the front could be attacked while the party members in the back row would recover mana and heal, along with the bonus of not being able to take damage.

The story was solid, and the visuals were stunning at the time. The master and skills systems were unique to this game, and I loved it. It added an extra challenge/reward mechanic as you would have to pull off various tasks in battle, such as pulling off large combos or even something simple like playing a quick mini-game to get various skills. The rewards for completing these challenges proved invaluable to players as they would provide perks such as making your characters faster during battle or all counter attacks doing critical damage.


The only major issue was the camera which was one of the worst I have ever experienced in any video game. It felt like an additional obstacle to gameplay and was very frustrating to manage. Aside from that, I would love to see Breath of Fire 4 brought to the Nintendo Switch in the near future (Maybe the camera issue can be addressed in the port, too?).

3. Legend of Legaia

Legend of Legaia is a very underrated turn-based RPG that I believe deserved more attention than it received at the time. The world was engaging and filled with unique characters despite the fact that the story was the usual, “Save the world from the world-ending threat”.


The graphics were great at the time, especially the more detailed effort put into the combat scenarios. Speaking of combat, this is where the game truly shined. Legend of Legaia was turn-based but had a unique component called the “Tactical Arts System”. Instead of just selecting an attack, when you choose “Fight” you would be able to select from “Right” and “Left” along with “High” and “Low” to string together either a sequence of attacks or a combo move called “Arts”. I loved this system as it felt more like a tactical fighting game. It also added an element of experimentation as if you could figure out a combo and had leveled up your combo gauge enough, you could pull off any move in the game.

Also, when you pulled off “Arts”, it was filled with great animated attack sequences that gave me the same thrill as pulling off a complex move in a fighting game. If I wanted to relive my glory days of playing Legend of Legaia now, it would cost me $400. I love this game, but not enough to pay that amount, so a remaster or port to the Nintendo Switch would be ideal.


2. Star Ocean: The Second Story

Star Ocean: The Second Story was one of my favorite action RPGs that I played in my youth. This game was the best of the Star Ocean series for me. The story hooked me as it blended the genres of both Sci-Fi and Fantasy in a way that just pulled me in from the opening sequence.

The game was semi-open world, allowing you to explore many towns and dungeons, yet still packed a tight narrative that allowed you to experience the game as two different protagonists. It also featured over 80 different endings depending on the decisions you made and the relationships you established with party members.

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The combat system was different than RPGs at that time, as it allowed you to move around freely making it have more of a beat-em-up vibe. Combat was fast, brutal, and fun. With the remake of the first game already available on the Nintendo Switch and the popularity of this entry, I predict Star Ocean: The Second Story will be on the eShop soon.


1. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was my first RPG ever. I remember playing it on my Super Nintendo in disbelief that a game could be this good and this fun. Chrono Trigger is a time spanning turn-based RPG that takes you on various grand adventures throughout many eras with one of the best cast of characters ever assembled.

The artwork was gorgeous and has easily held up. The story was one of the best I have ever experienced, and combat was fun. A unique aspect of this game at the time was the addition of being able to execute three-person combo moves. It also had various changes in the story and ending depending on the choices you made.


You can even easily miss out on having one of the best characters in the game join your party over making what many would feel is a reasonable decision. Chrono Trigger has been already been ported to various systems over the years due to it’s popularity, and I hope due to that we can one day play it on the Nintendo Switch.

That concludes my list of 5 more RPGs that I would love to see brought to the Nintendo Switch. Are there any others I missed on both list? What classic RPGs would you like to see brought to the E-Shop? Let us know in the comments! Thank you for stopping by See you next time!

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