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Super Rare Games – Top Quality Physicals

Juan got his hands on some new Super Rare Games titles, and they look hot! He decided to make a video to show them off and present the overall quality and presentation of these bad boys. Enjoy it here on

How you doing, folks? I hope in these uncertain times you are keeping well. It’s been a while since I have done an unboxing video, because usually Jordan takes care of the physical stuff with his Monday series so make sure you check that out if you have not already.

In any case, we are both collectors of games, and James is the digital guy who does not have anything physical. We can debate the pros and cons, but I am right and he is wrong.

If you like physical games, then I think personally as a Switch owner there has never been a better time to get all kinds of limited edition games. Whether you are a collector who likes to keep games and admire them from time to time or of course play them.

There are 3 main companies I personally use. Signature Edition Games, Limited Run Games and Super Rare Games. I want to talk about Super Rare, because they offer some outstanding games in a nice simple packaging format which is of superb quality. They also are limited to around 4000 copies per game, so it pays to get in their early, as they do run out pretty quickly.

Super Rare were nice enough to send me World of Goo, Octahedron, and Assault Android Cactus+, which was sold out in about 24 hours, which is a testament to the absolute quality of the game. The other 2 are superb also, and there is still some stock if you want to head over to

While I am talking, if you want Rive and Steamworld Quest as a physical, then get in quick as there is between 1% and 2 % of stock remaining. And these 2 games are a must! Coming up, they have Mechstermination Force, which we loved when Jordan reviewed it, so I will be picking that up for sure.

Now, what I like about Super Rare Games is the quality of the packaging and the little touches which takes these for me to that next level. For £30 plus postage and packaging, you get the cartridge, some cool looking trading cards, and best of all, each game comes with a small manual. That to me makes all the difference, it just feels more special. Maybe it’s nostalgia, as when I was a teen and I bought games it was a given. Now, though, many games don’t even come with a manual. Just a box and a cartridge, which I think sucks.

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What is also great is the artwork chosen for the games’ packaging. It really pops and uses some very high quality printing, which is just what you want.

The games come in a lovely shrink wrap held tight with their little Super Rare sticker and another which is placed inside the box. All little touches which communicates to collectors well and makes a huge difference.

Super Rare are a small company which I think deliver good quality games as physicals for a reasonable price, so if you are like me and Jordan and want to support these guys, then head on over and check them out. From time to time, they do also offer special collectors editions, too. Just check out The Gardens Between, which looks to be an awesome package.

Thank you kindly for visiting and reading Juan’s write up about Super Rare Games. We hope this was helpful for you physicals lovers! Happy gaming, everyone.

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