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Physical Releases for Switch – Lots of Space Invading

Jordan from SwitchWatchTV is here again for the physical goodness. It is the week after Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so what are we to expect? Will it be a major release week again? Or are we going to face a slow week after last week’s big drop? Well, let’s find out here on!

Let’s get physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this week’s update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. We’re in the fourth week of March, and we’re looking at the releases from the 23rd until the 27th.


As always, we’re taking a look at all the physical retail releases, all the low print games up for order, some juicy imports, and our community spotlight where you show off your physical pick ups. And also a competition! Find out how to win copy of Ittle Dew Collector’s Edition from 1 Print Games. Oh, yes!


One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 is the latest in the Musou Anime crossover. This is a popular series for fans of both hack-and-slash gameplay and Luffy and his crew. This includes a new mode called Titan mode which promises to be a bit more tactical in its approach, plus all new multiplayer modes. There’s going to be over 40 playable characters, so there’s something for everyone. We hope to take a look at it in a review if we can get our hands on it early enough. We will see, though. It’s a busy week!


Saints Row IV Re-Elected

Saints Row is back for a second outing on the Switch, ready to give even more ludicrous chaos and fun times with the remastered 4th game called Re-Elected. This is when many people thought the series kind of jumped the shark with alien invasions and super powers, but you could never argue that it was a subtle series. I mean, you’re the President of America battling alien forces. If you’re wanting to laugh out loud at borderline offensive humor, then you’ll be wanting to pop this in your Switch on the 27th. Check out Juan’s review which released earlier today.

Gigantosaurus: The Game

Gigantosaurus: The Game is releasing on the 27th of March. This is from Outright Games, which instantly told me it’s a licensed tie-in of some kind. Based off a kids’ TV series, this has all the hallmarks of being a bit naff and running a bit dodgy on the Switch if their past work is anything to go by. But I would tell everyone to at least check out reviews beforehand before buying this one. You might want to save your kids the suffering.


Cooking Mama Cookster

A little bit of an uncertainty here is Cooking Mama Cookster, the latest in the legendary casual cooking series. It’s due in March, I believe, in the US. However, the only place I can find it for actual sale is Play Asia, who are usually the last people to react to some kind of delay. I can’t find it anywhere else, so be warned. It may or may not release in North America this week.

Right, that’s it for western retail. Let’s move on to the Low Print releases.



Once again guys, the second last week’s episode was published, even more low print games were announced and put up for order.


Let’s start off with Seabed, a visual novel coming thanks to Eastasiasoft and exclusively sold by Play Asia. I guess this counts as an Import at the same time. But yes, this is a mystery visual novel and probably going to be popular. Starring 3 girls, two of whom are former lovers, as they try to answer why they are drifting apart. There are two versions available. The standard edition as well as a sweet looking Collector’s Edition, which includes a manual, a soundtrack, postcard set, and certificate. Links are below as to where it can be purchased from. Remember all Play Asia exclusives ship for free! Plus if you use the link in the description, then also use the coupon code SWITCHWATCHTV, and you can get a nice 5% off your order.


Standard edition

Collector’s (2000 copies)


Streets of Rage 4

Limited Run Games announced that Streets of Rage 4 physical was going to go up for pre-order. I’m sure many of you guys have already got yours in on this one. Anyways, there’s a standard edition (with a lovely reversible cover I may add), plus a collector’s edition which has a steel book and a custom clamshell case in the style of the Mega Drive release’s back in the day.

But come on guys. It’s Streets Of Rage! Where’s the soundtrack CD?! This went up for order last week, but don’t worry, because this has an extended pre-order period. You have until a week after the game’s digital release, which is currently not known. So one would assume you have plenty of time. But by the way, just a fun little thing, you know that Limited Run have a calendar on their site that shows pre-order periods, right? Well, their Streets of Rage one ends August 21st. So maybe Streets of Rage 4’s digital release is August 14th? Probably not, but it is just a theory.


BladeRunner Enhanced Edition

Also, as an addition, they did announce that they will be releasing BladeRunner Enhanced Edition on the Switch at some point in the future. Although with no defined date as of yet. When there is, I’ll let you know.

Mechstermination Force

Super Rare Games have announced that this week they are putting up Mechstermination Force for order on the 26th with plans to ship in early April. This game is excellent! Check out my review from like a year ago. It’s really hardcore. A mix of Contra with Shadow of the Colossus, so it’s basically a badass boss rush game. And boy will it make your hands sweat. This one gets a big thumbs up from me! There are 4000 copies available.


Okay, time for them juicy imports.


But before that, just a heads up that all the games mentioned here today have affiliate links, so any purchase you make using those links will also help out the SwitchWatch team massively. You’re always fantastic, and we appreciate you guys very much.


If you do use our links don’t forget to type in coupon code “SWITCHWATCHTV” to get 5% off every physical item you purchase from Play Asia.

Taito’s Space Invader’s Invincible Collection

On March 26th we’ve got a bit of a beast in our midst. We’ve got Taito’s Space Invader’s Invincible Collection.


While it’s not immediately clear, I do believe the Collector’s Edition gets 3 more games than the standard edition. And there’s also an ultra deluxe collector’s edition. It’s kind of confusing, but bear with me.

The standard edition has 8 games, while the Collector’s Edition has Space invaders DX, Space Cyclone, and Lunar rescue. You also get a proper board game (which is different to a previous Space Invaders Board Game), and an official art book, a pouch, and 5 instruction cards.


Then the ultra-super-duper, robbing-you-blind edition includes the previously mentioned stuff plus a set of 6 Premium Space Invaders Plates in a Luxury Box.

See Also


It’s worth noting that the Japanese eShop listing says there’s no English on this one. Which is a bummer, but then again, it’s Space Invaders, guys. I mean, what’s to read? Will this get a western release? It’s entirely possible. Dispatch games (who have been in a bit of bother recently) and Strictly Limited Games have worked with Taito before to bring over their releases to the west physically, so I think it’s more a matter of time than anything else. But if you want to pick up all the extra goodies in this one, then I think an import is the probable way to go, considering both the companies I’ve just mentioned aren’t exactly the most reliable.




Super Special Extortionate


Revenge of Justice

Revenge of Justice is a fittingly generic title for Kemco’s new game. Yes, in partnership with City Connection, this is the latest release from the kings of budget RPGs. However, compared to their previous efforts, it looks like the budget has stepped up for this one. This time, they’re going for a strategy RPG. Sadly, unlike most of Kemco’s other titles, English is missing from this release.

Revenge of Justice


And by the way, as an aside, I’m sure a few of you might be asking why I haven’t included Metal Max Xeno, which has a listing on Play Asia for this week. And the answer is, it’s been delayed until the summer. it’s just that Play Asia haven’t updated their listing yet. At least, that’s what I’m lead to believe.

Now let’s talk about what I mentioned in the intro. We are giving away a copy of Ittle Dew Collector’s Edition courtesy of 1Print Games! Yes, this lovely little Zelda-like title is being shipped out on March 31st, and we’ve partnered with 1Print Games to give a copy to a member of the community.


Remember, this is a Collector’s Edition and comes with some nice little goodies that even I want. I’m very jealous I’m giving it to one of you. You get a nice little soundtrack CD with 13 tracks, an acrylic keychain, an Adventurer’s Guidebook, a numbered certificate card, and a logo sticker. Not bad for the price at all.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning it, head over to Twitter. There’s a link below to a tweet that will be sent out the same time as this video. All you have to do is follow SwitchWatch and 1Print Games, Retweet the Tweet, and tag a friend who you think would enjoy something like this. Tag as many people as you want, as long as you think they would like it.


Right guys, hope you enjoyed this episode of New Physicals. What has taken your fancy this week? Be sure to check out last week’s episode in case you missed it. Check out our review of Saints Row 4, Deep Sky Derelicts, and of course James’ bargains video. We’ll see you guys over there!

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