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Tower Princess Live on Kickstarter
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Back in November of 2018, I wrote a “First Look At Tower Princess”. It was AweKTeaM that originally reached out to me to publish that article and, since they liked it so much, they have asked me to do a follow-up now that Tower Princess is ready to hit Kickstarter to get the last of the funding needed to make their hard work pay off. Thank you for trusting me again. Now onwards fair Knights and Knight-esses to the top of the Tower! Well soon… March 2020! But who’s counting… right?


What is Tower Princess?

Lets recap for all you wannabe Knights who believes you can save the Princess (I use that term loosely) and vanquish the Dragon. Yes, the Dragon! Did I forget to mention that earlier? 

All you need to know is listed below on the Official Knight Handbook Parchment.


So What Even is This!?

Tower Princess is a third-person, 3D, action game with rogue-like elements and a twist. It’s heading to the Switch along with PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Tower Princess is a different take on the old stories where a Knight rescues a Princess from the castle after slaying a dragon. In Tower Princess, not only does the Knight, or Knightess, have to save one of the many Princesses (or Princes), they also have to win their hearts.

While trying to escape the ‘Dragon’s Domain’ with one of the many trapped Princesses that are being kept in the Domain, the Knight has to manage a ‘date’ and be attentive, all the while avoiding traps and dispatching any enemies that want to stop you from escaping. Each Princess has her own likes and dislikes. Having an understanding of each Princess is key… if you can escape, that is. An escape won’t be easy – if you manage to survive the Princesses’ needs, there is still the matter of the Dragon. You will have to fight the Dragon in order to escape with your life and, hopefully, with the love of your Princess.

Here are a few awards it has been up for and won.

To make things even more interesting, there are over 15 different princesses that you can encounter, each distinct from the last. There are also 30 enemies. The game is set in three different areas: castle, courtyard, and the Dragon’s lair, each procedurally generated. The Knight seems to be randomised as well, making each run different and entertaining. Not only this, crafting and upgrade systems will also be in place, as well as unlockables, mini-games and more. Did I mention it has time attack, too? Take too long and the Dragon is having roasted Knight and char-grilled Princess for lunch.

Do not fret, intrepid Knight, you shall not be alone – you can play with others to work with, or compete for, the heart of the Princess.

Ok, so I stole this from my own article, i just like it so much. – Shh, don’t tell me.-

So what’s new?

Not sure? Notice anything? More Princesses to date and save, oh and a Frog Prince. The best thing about Tower Princess is there are 15 different princesses and princes, all of them will like different things, move differently making each run different and maybe frustrating. We will need to wait and see.

The Knights have randomly generated cosmetics as well as the weapon they come with. The main changes are the constitution (Health & Speed) and the weapon (Mace & Shield, Bastard Sword and Musket). This will also make runs differently. I can’t wait to try these weapons out. 

There is an upgrade system in place allowing you to tailor the current knight. Such as upgrade weapons and your defence. It would seem that all the weapons types will have their own upgrade tree too.

To The Kickstarter Details

The Kickstarter campaign starts on the 5th February 2019 at 6 pm. The page is full of information on what to expect from Tower Princess, Check it out here. This is one of the best looking Kickstarter pages I have seen. 

Here I will outline the backer tiers and rewards;

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Well, there is nothing like choice! I am sure that whoever you are and whatever the budget you have, you shall find something to suit you. For more information on the rewards please go check out the Kickstarter page.

After reading the Royal Pledges even the battle-hardened Knights need a sit-down.

Who are AweKTeaM?

They are 3 developers working out of Spain to create a game that is fun and different. I have been talking to Marcos, the tech artist/PR from the team. I know for certain that they are working hard on Tower Princess. 


I for one am really excited to get my hands on Tower Princess in 2020, I feel it is going to be loads of fun, and I will be sure to keep you all updated on everything new…well what I will be allowed to tell you at least. 

I thank Marcos and the team at AweKTeam for talking to me and believing in me to write an article that not only you will like, but they will too.

Go check out the Kickstarter page and back it.

Or Else….*

*Switchwatch always advise to think carefully before contributing to Kickstarter campaigns and that you are aware of the risks involved. 

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