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First Look At Tower Princess
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Firstly, I would like to thank AweKTeaM for reaching out to myself with their first game so I can publish this article. Thank you.

first look at tower princess

Tower Princess is a third-person, 3D, action game with rogue-like elements and a twist that’s heading to Switch. Tower Princess is a different take on the old stories where a Knight rescues a Princess from the castle after slaying a dragon. In Tower Princess, not only does the Knight, or Knightess, have to save one of the many Princesses (or Princes), they also have to win their hearts.

While trying to escape the ‘Dragon’s Domain’ with one of the many trapped Princesses that are being kept in the Domain, the Knight has to manage a ‘date’ and be attentive, all the while avoiding traps and dispatching any enemies that want to stop you from escaping. Each Princess has her own likes and dislikes. Having an understanding of each Princess is key… if you can escape, that is. An escape won’t be easy – if you manage to survive the Princesses’ needs, there is still the matter of the Dragon. You will have to fight the Dragon in order to escape with your life and, hopefully, with the love of your Princess.

To make things even more interesting, there are over 15 different princesses that you can encounter, each different from the last. There are also 30 enemies. The game is set in three different areas: castle, courtyard, and Dragon’s lair, each procedurally generated. The Knight seems to be randomised as well, making each run different and entertaining. Not only this, crafting and upgrade systems will also be in place, as well as unlockables, mini-games and more. Did I mention it has time attack, too? Take too long and the Dragon is having roasted Knight and char-grilled Princess for lunch.

Do not threat, intrepid Knight, you shall not be alone – you can play with others to work with, or compete for, the heart of the Princess.

AweKTeaM is a small, three-person indie development team, working out of Spain. Each member of the team has prior experience working in the gaming industry, with this being the first game the team has worked on together.

The Demo

After my short time on the demo before my PC decided enough was enough, I have to say it looks damn good and plays really well and very fluidly. All the sprites are animated exceptionally well, along with good textures throughout the demo. Tower Princess has a sort of cartoon-ish appearance with fitting effects for attacks and death animations. The music is light and playful – it gave me a feeling of being in a fairy tale. The Sound effects are also well done.

It did take me a little while to get back into using a mouse and keyboard, but once I did, it was a smooth experience. Not to say it was easy, oh no, far from it.

This knight is carrying a sword and has a 3-hit combo, jump attack, and with two special attacks: a running sword thrust and a spinning attack, along with a health flask. I will assume in the full game it will have more weapons and usable items.

The enemies are not a cake walk. It will be a challenge more so with a princess in tow. They are very diverse, ranging from little Goblins that can spit plums of fire which can be dispatched in one hit, to towering knights with spears, wide sweeping attacks and powerful overhead smashes, needing multiple hits.

My run was littered with traps, swinging axes, spike bars (also swinging), and arrows being shot from faces carved into the walls. It all adds up to a fun, action-packed experience. There are simple puzzle solving aspects, for instance, finding a key for the door. I won’t give any spoilers but the end of the Demo is pretty funny.

You can try the demo your self at

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Tower Princess has also been published in the Square-Enix collective, allowing the community to give feedback, along with voting to be signed to work with Square-Enix. That, in and of itself, is a feat to be recognised.

Also, Tower Princess will be hitting Kickstarter in February 2019. AweKTeaM plan to support the Nintendo Switch.

I, for one, am excited to see Tower Princess come to Switch, I will be backing this in 2019.

I wish AweKTeaM the best of luck and thank them again for coming to SwitchWatch to post an article.

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