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The Last Faith – A Dark, Gothic Metroidvania

There is a beautiful looking new metroidvania up on Kickstarter right now, and thank the sun! Only a couple days in, and The Last Faith is already successfully funded and on its way to unlock some sweet stretch goals. There is even a physical version for the Nintendo Switch for those who love to collect, and the comments on both the Kickstarter page and the YouTube video are incredibly positive.

The Last Faith takes you to a rather mysterious world where you are living an adventure on the edge of reality in a dark and gloomy world drowning in superstition. It is otherworldly, and it is right at the epicenter of a supernatural vortex that leads to the unknown.


You will be fighting and slaying monsters and night creatures, each one bigger than the previous one you encountered and more fearsome. You will be required to master several different weapons, each of which have their own style and move sets. Magic also plays a key role in The Last Faith, and you will be able to cast spells and increase the power of your weapons by buffing them with ancient elemental powers.

Since this is a Kickstarter game, Stretch Goals are also present, and the game has already unlocked two, including a Boss Only Mode and Extra Buff Powers on Weapons. They currently have three more listed, with New Game+ unlocking next, following by Tower of Despair (Survival Mode) and Pixel Art Animated Cinematic Scenes. Those sound like some really awesome Stretch Goals, but as the game continues to find success, more Stretch Goals will be revealed.


This is a game that screams Castlevania as it clearly pays homage to the classic franchise. The beautiful pixel art and the dark settings of old English horror tales make for a grand foundation for the genre, so The Last Faith seems to be joining a strong list of gothic metroidvanias.

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If you want further information about the game, I highly recommend heading over to their Kickstarter page and checking out the details regarding the story, the main character, combat, elemental buffs, and magic. There are also tons of screenshots to get a better idea of what the environments will look like, so if this game interests you, definitely head over there and consider backing the project.

Thank you for visiting for news regarding Kickstarter projects worth checking out. I think this is a fantastic looking game, and I am absolutely backing it. How about you guys? What do you think of the project? Let us know in the comments below. And happy gaming, everyone!

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