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The Last Crystal: An Epic Co-Op Adventure on Kickstarter

Falling Flames Games, a young indie company, is prepping the launch of a new title that will be available on the Nintendo Switch, among PC and other consoles. That game is called The Last Crystal, a adventure specifically designed with co-op at the heart, and it looks to be a lot of fun!

This is a quote from Marc-Antoine Desbiens, one of the co-founders from Falling Flame Games:


The Last Crystal is a co-op adventure game for PC and consoles completely designed around collaborative gameplay. Our mission is to make couch co-op a core gaming experience. We have an extended Demo on Steam with thousands of downloads, as well as great feedback and people adding the game to their wish list.

If you have a STEAM account, you can check out The Last Crystal for yourself right now, so why not give it a try?

But what exactly is The Last Crystal and who exactly is Falling Flames Games? Well, let me help introduce you to the two.


The Last Crystal is a co-op adventure game for 1 or 2 players. You team up to explore a dangerous magic temple with a lively forest and dark caves, defeat epic foes, join helpful allies, acquire unique powers, and solve enigmatic puzzles to unravel the secrets behind the last and most powerful crystal of them all.

It is also free exploration where you unlock new areas as you progress through the game, similar to that of a Metroidvania or Zelda-like title.


On a quest to retrieve the last and mightiest crystal, you and your friend arrive at an ancient temple, rumored to be built and guarded by a powerful wizard named Aechuporith the Great. Only two people are allowed to enter the temple at one time. You have to prove yourselves worthy of the last crystal by overcoming many challenges together as a team. Thousands of previous explorers had failed miserably and were punished with terrible curses. Will you be the one to succeed? Now, it’s your turn to find out.

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The team behind this project is Falling Flames Games, a young team of incredibly talented people with a passion to create. The team is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and they are led by Marc-Antoine Desbiens and Helen Lien Nguyen. The team consists of seven people, and numerous other contributors have already lent a helping hand to the project.

In other news, Falling Flames Games has launched The Last Crystal on Kickstarter! There are a lot of tiers you can back, and there seem to be a healthy amount of Stretch Goals to add more to the experience. If you are interested in learning more about the game or want to back it yourself, head on over to their Kickstarter page HERE to find out more.


Thank you for stopping by to learn about The Last Crystal, its team, and the Kickstarter launch. Like with any project like this, we wish them the best of luck and look forward to seeing the game in its final form some time down the road. Happy gaming, everyone!

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