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Best Bargains on the eShop – Resident Deals!

James and the SwitchWatchTV guys are back for another episode of Best Bargains on the eShop! This week, there are a lot of Resident Evil bargains, but those are not the only ones. There are lots of bargains this week, and there are ones for everybody! Check out the Best Bargains video below, or you can continue to read about all of these lovely bargains here on if you keep scrolling. Enjoy!

Hello! How are you doing, everyone? Yesterday, Juan introduced us to some exciting Switch games coming out this week, and tomorrow Jordan will tempt us with the physical releases dropping as well. I’m James Romero, and today we are back uncovering the very best eShop Switch bargains that are worth picking up across the UK, EU and US eShops that won’t bust your wallet! Be sure to let us know your pick of the week in the comments as each week we pick someone to win a $10 eShop voucher. We will announce last week’s winner later on. But first, let’s jump in and find these bargains!



Kicking things off with my pick of the week for Bargains, and it’s Moonlighter. Moonlighter is a quirky title that combines managing a store and randomised dungeon crawling, the result is a fantastic experience. You play as a young man who has inherited a shop in a town that’s run down, it’s claim to fame are the mysterious dungeons that draw brave explorers from around the world looking to tackle its depths and shop goers from far and wide who want to purchase the dungeons wonders. Not content with simply managing a shop you take the plunge and the games loop of delving into the dungeon, battling its beasties and plundering loot which you then figure out how best to sell, using the earnings to improve yourself before diving back in is very addictive. A strong RPG / sim crossover that is a bargain with 60% off. Jordan, Juan – what are your picks this week?

£8.99 60%
$9.99 60%
€9.99 60%


Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa

Jordan: Hey, everyone. Jordan here with my pick for Best Bargains this week. Now, I’m not going to pretend that Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa is the best visual novel the Switch has to offer. In fact it wasn’t even in our Top 15 list that we put together. But there are fans out there, and with an absolutely ridiculous 95% off, it’s just £0.79, $0.99, and €0.99. I’m pretty sure everyone has that in gold points saved up that they can give this a try, pretty much risk free. It’s got all the fan service you’d expect, dodgy dialogue and even a match-3 puzzle element to it. I’m going to give it a shot, it’s worth a risk at that price.

$0.99 97%
£0.79 97%
€0.99 97%


Resident Evil 4

Juan: Resident Evil 4 is one of my all time favorite survival horror games in the Resident Evil series, and it is definitely my pick for Best Bargains this week. The flip to over the shoulder perspective gave the series a breath of new life with fantastic controls, a stronger narrative, and some great action. For me, it had a great blend of horror, action, and story, and now that it is on Switch with 50% off. If you have never played it, then it’s a must, and even if you have then maybe it’s time for the double dip for on-the-move Resident Evil 4 play.

£14.99 50%
€14.99 50%


Thanks guys solid picks for Best Bargains there, guys!

Horizon Chase Turbo

If you remember games such as the Lotus series and Outrun well this game took me back there in an instant, a racer inspired by the 80s and 90s. This is classic arcade racing and if you enjoy that type of racer then this has to be in your collection now that it has 70% off. The devs are constantly making updates for this and there is a passionate team behind it. Play this with a few friends in couch co-op using split screen or on your own with multiple modes where you can partake in a world tour or go for endurance. Then there is also thew all new playground mode which has a you racing against a changing set of races with twists included such as time attacks, changes to weather and much more. Here you compete to beat other players and reach that elusive top 50. Fantastic 16 bit visuals bring the places you travel too to life and an awesome soundtrack.


$5.99 70%

Planet Alpha

I feel as though Planet Alpha is the kind of game that went a bit under the radar, it’s a platformer that is both unique and shows it’s inspiration at the same time. Landing on an alien world and without any weapons or traditional means of defence or attack you largely use the stunning planet itself to achieve success, there is a true alien feel reminiscent of the odd World Series and another world – giant creatures roam the land and there is an abundance of vegetation unlike on our home planet. The story is linear and enjoyable and what makes it stand out is the clever use of the day and night Cycle which you can control and manipulate in order to solve puzzles, the graphics are low-fi but stunning in my opinion and this is one to enjoy solo from start to end.


£3.99 75%
$4.99 75%
€4.99 75%

Save Me Mr Tako!

Save Me Mr Tako! is a labor of nostalgic GameBoy-esque love produced over 4 years by one man, Chris Galati. In it, you play as the titular Octopus Mr Tako – the cutest darn Octopus you have ever seen! This is a platformer from days gone by done exceptionally well, set across 6 worlds each linear level is lovingly crafted and I had a smile on my face from start to finish – this is one not to miss!


£5.75 50%
$7.49 50%
€6.39 50%

Raging Justice

This is your typical arcade beat em up. You choose your cop and then take out all the foes by kicking, punching, using weapons and mowing them down with vehicles which are controllable from time to time. With coop, online leaderboards and a cool arcade look and tunes, all for under £3 it’s a solid offering


£2.99 70%
$4.49 70%
€3.89 70%

Resident Evil

Resident Evil was remastered back in 2015 and has now been ported onto the nintendo switch, the grandfather of survival horror this game is all about the tension it builds. The controls and mechanics are largely unchanged from the 1996 original and the old school style adds to the tension further! Ultimately it’s still a brilliant game, one that every gamer should try!


£12.89 57%

Resident Evil 0

Another Resident Evil game and this times its Zero – the prequel to the first title that outlines the story of how the events of the first came to be. It looks great on the switch as well.


£12.89 57%
€12.89 57%

Resident Evil 5

The final Resident Evil game in this weeks video its 5, this is the point where Capcom really focused on the action side of things – less survival horror this time around its about unleashing bullets into hordes of enemies. For some this was a great change whilst for many it took it a step to far, either way this is an enjoyable game – especially if you play this in coop from start to finish.


£14.99 50%
€14.99 50%

State of Mind

With a Blade Runner-vibe, State of Mind is a narrative driven story adventure set in 2048, Berlin. The story is predictable but enjoyable – like watching a cheesy sci-fi flick whilst eating popcorn on your couch! The visuals stand out as stunning, the look of the world is wonderful and its a high point – throughout the game you are a passenger, you will interact with a few puzzles here and there but ultimately you are along to see the journey. At its original price its just way too much to ask of this 10 or so hour journey, at a much more reasonable $9.99 its worth a look.


£8.99 75%
€9.99 74%

Dragons Dogma

Dragons Dogma suprised everyone when it came out as one of the top modern RPGs, from Capcom no less – a developer we don’t typically associate with RPGs, there are some similarities with their monster hunter series – it features gigantic enemies including… you guessed it dragons and a huge open world but there are deep systems here such as crafting and a large world full of characters to interact with. It’s pawn system and excellent action orientated combat set it apart – this, is not one to miss!


£16.61 34%
€19.94 34%

Thief Simulator

Thief Simulator does it exactly what it says on the tin! Playing as the thief you are introduced to the mechanics of your trade, there is no deep story here this is a sandbox game that slowly adds more and more dastardly skills to your repertoire. When it came out Jordan gave it a 6 because it had performance issues and felt like a good idea that’s still in development, since then the developer has added some more content and improved performance but there are still issues – at 90% off though it’s an interesting game to try out.


£1.79 90%
€1.99 90%

Blazing Beaks

Blazing Beaks is a great little game to play with friends. Levels are randomly generated, and you can play story mode with a friend cooperatively or alone. Either way, it’s a blast. If you want to compete against friends, then there is a tournament mode too to test your skills against each other. For us, we loved how simple it was to pick up and play and get into. Blasting foes is super fun and reminded us a little of Enter the Gungeon just not quite as good.



£1.79 87%
€1.99 87%

Death Squared

Death Squared is a coop puzzle game that involves working closely together, there are 80 levels in the campaign for you and friend to enjoy plus an additional 40 four player party levels to experience as well making this a solid pick.


$3.89 74%

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is a survival horror game that harks back to the basics, resource management, a sense of being crept up on and an interesting plot combine for an interesting tale – is specially with 75%


£2.24 75%
$2.49 75%
€2.49 75%


Steamburg is an interesting combination of puzzle based gameplay and action thrown in – the premise is that you need to protect the city of steamburg by luring foes to a Tesla coil. The game has great style and personality with a nice story and a great soundtrack, the gameplay is interesting but certainly has some flaws – with 90% off at just $0.49 its a lot of game for such a low price.


$0.49 90%

Bleed Complete Bundle

The original bleed is a tight, focused twin stick shooter with platforming thrown in for good measure. There is no filler, its fast paced action at its finest. In this bundle you get the original title and its sequel which offers an ever better experience, if you are after a solid action game to enjoy from start to finish then this bundle is a great choice – throw in coop and multiple difficulty levels that unlock additional items and you are on to a winner.


$4.19 85%

Super Bloody Hockey

If you like sports games, then Super Blood Hockey is an excellent little game which is tight to control, is violent if you want it to be while you can turn the blood off for the hockey fights if you are squeamish. This is best experienced when plying against a friend and is very addictive indeed. Everything in this game just feels right to play and that’s all the matters here – this is simply fun to play. With 66% off now this is the time to buy.


$5.09 66%

Pixel Gladiator

As the sole human survivor on an alien planet you must survive as long as possible, delaying the inevitable death that must come. You do this by defending your base with your weapons and by upgrading your base itself as enemies approach from both sides in waves, think; kingdom lands but with a sci-fi setting and more emphasis on your own attacks as opposed to the bases. For a simple game it has a decent amount of depth and you cannot go wrong at this price point.


$1.49 79%

And there you have a bunch of eShop bargains worth considering! What is your pick of the week? Let us know down below! Thanks for hanging out with us today. Tomorrow we will be back with our physicals round up. In the meantime, congratulations to Raven Nyte, this week’s winner! Please email us, and we will get you that voucher. Stay safe, everyone. Take care.

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