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SwitchWatch’s 10K Subscribers MEGA Giveaway!

Thank you. Thank you so much. We’ve reached 10 thousand subscribers on our Youtube channel! It’s a huge milestone and as teased and promised over the past month, yes we are doing a giveaway. And when I say giveaway, I mean MEGA GIVEAWAY. I reached out to our publisher friends in advance and told them how amazing you guys are and how we wanted to reward you for watching our videos, leaving comments and subscribing to follow us on our Nintendo Switch reviewing journey. I’ve got to admit, the response from the publishers has been AMAZING. We’ve got over 40 (YES, FOURTY) Nintendo Switch games to giveaway to you guys. After I stop telling you about how to enter, you can see a selection of the games we have below.

To enter to win one of these games at random, just follow the link below and enter via Gleam. Now don’t worry, Gleam is really awesome and helps us organise this competition so much easier than if we did it manually. If we didn’t use Gleam then I’m pretty sure it would be impossible for us to do this.


Now, due to limitations we’re going to have the giveaway in 4 parts. 10 games in each for 4 weeks. You can enter into all of them.

There are a variety of different things you can do to enter. There are two mandatory actions, one is tweeting about the competition and the second is that you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, because really, this is for the subscribers. There are bonus things you can do like visit our website right here, watch a certain video, follow us on Twitter and so on. If you already do these things then Gleam will just verify that, it’s super clever. Anyways, the more things you do, the bigger the chance you have of winning. It really couldn’t be easier. We have some extra special things aside from codes to give away that we will talk about with you very, very soon. In the mean time. Thank you so, so much. Here are the games we have to offer, and the very kind publishers who donated them for you guys.



The guys at Digerati have been true heroes. I had to start with their contribution since they generously donated 12 (TWELVE!) games for this giveaway. They’re a prolific publisher with some very interesting and diverse games. Here they are:

Slain: Back From Hell (x2) – Slain is a brutal but rewarding game that looks as nice as it plays. Juan battled his way through the game in his review and gave it a solid recommendation.

The Coma: Recut (x2) – Ah, my first ever review for Switch Watch. A hugely promising premise let down by a few dodgy mechanics. Still worth a play through if you win it, no question!

Bleed (x2) – Once again Juan battled through this game, thoroughly enjoying the action and tight controls. “Something everyone should consider”.

Bleed 2 (x2) – Passing on the Bleed baton to Jennifer, she loved the sequel even more than Juan liked the original. Need we say more?

Letter Quest Remastered (x2) – Well we didn’t review this one, but we know it’s a very solid title for word fans!

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut (x2) – James claimed this to be a solid little puzzle game with a great theme and a lot of content.

digerati giveaway competition

Forever Entertainment

Forever Entertainment are a highly prolific publisher on the Nintendo Switch as they steadily bring their entire, vast back catalogue to the system. It’s not only ports though as they are committed to bringing their new games to the system too, including their collaborations with Square Enix. Very Exciting! The kind folks handsomely donated 4 games for you guys, some of their bigger titles too!

Fear Effect Sedna – The long awaited return of the Fear Effect series brought much anticipation and excitement to the gaming world. We are also looking forward to the remake of the first game due some time in the future!

Goetia – At the time of writing I have yet to boot up Goetia for review, but this horror themed point ‘n click adventure seems right up my alley. Look forward to a review from me soon!

Hollow – Okay, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. You may have seen my review of Hollow, it was kind of popular. I didn’t particularly enjoy this title. Many people disagreed with me saying it wasn’t that bad or indeed that it was actually pretty good. So now it’s your chance to join in with the debate!

Timberman VS. – A well regarded, simple title that’s Forever Entertainment’s most recent release on the Nintendo Switch. It’s also really cheap and may be worth a look.

hollow goetia fear effect timberman



Team 17 are starting to become quite prolific publisher on the Nintendo Switch with a solid lineup of games out for the system already, plus an enviable selection of upcoming games with the likes of Raging Justice and Yoku’s Island Express which are releasing in March. The generously donated three games to you guys:

Worms WMD – James reviewed this one, sampling the classic Worms gameplay for modern systems. The perfect party game!

The Escapists 2 – Another James review, praising its fantastic premise and how it built upon the original game. Certainly worth a look!

Overcooked Special Edition – This one is one game we didn’t review, which is sad because we know it’s fantastic multiplayer mayhem. Just don’t blame us if it ruins your family relationships.

team 17 giveaway


Panic Button

Panic Button are mostly known for their tremendous port work of big third party games to the Switch. With Doom and Rocket League under their belt, they’ve almost finished tweaking the upcoming port of the latest Wolfenstein game. Few people know that actually they do make their own games, including this one they kindly donated.

Astro Duel Deluxe – My favourite competitive party game. While I didn’t review it for Switch Watch, I reviewed it back on my old venture early in the Switch’s life. I may also have mention it a few times here and there. It’s great and I hope you win this one.

astro duel panic button


Lienzo were kind enough to donate a copy of their Mexican culture inspired action game Mulaka. An incredibly interesting game that’s definitely worth a look. James wrote “Mulaka is a wonderful view into the Tarahumara with a very strong and unique style.”

mulaka switch review

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Handy Games

Handy Games provided a copy of their great multiplayer shmup Aces of the Luftwaffe. Juan reviewed this a loved the multiplayer action on show here and hailed it as a solid choice in the busy Switch shmup library.

Aces of the Luftwaffe special attack

Monkey Stories

While we didn’t review Heroes of the Monkey Tavern here at Switch Watch, once again I reviewed it back on my old channel and enjoyed it despite initial trepidation. Heavily geared towards old school dungeon crawling aficionados, this could be either the perfect game for you, or a peculiar one. Certainly worth a look for the retro gamer at heart.

monkey tavern switch

Four Horses

Four Horses did a nice little job bringing over the auto-running platformer, Kid Tripp, to the Nintendo Switch. They kindly donated this cute little game to our cause. We didn’t review it here at Switch Watch, but I did for WhatAboutTheGame? and enjoyed the fiendish challenge. Look out for sequel Miles & Kilo coming to the Switch soon.

Kid tripp four horses


Publishers of the lovely Shu and Clusterpuck 99 truly wanted to provide codes for a giveaway but were all out… luckily I still had a spare code myself for Clusterpuck 99! Juan reviewed this and described it as a solid, excellent party game.

Coatsink were so eager to help out we may have something a little extra special from them in the near future!

Fully Illustrated

This is kind of cheating, but the creator of Wulverblade granted a giveaway code a while ago. I thought I’d save it for a rainy day because Wulverblade is a special little game that deserves to be part of something big. Switch Watch gave it a 9! and I gave it a very high recommendation previously.


Thank you to all of these generous publishers.

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So that’s not quite 40 games. Where are the rest? Well, hopefully this image can give you some hints at the other half of the games available. 

collage of games to giveaway

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