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Bleed Nintendo switch review

Bleed Nintendo Switch Review



Publisher: Digerati

Release Date: Out now


Price as of Article: $14,99,£13,49

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Wryn can only be described as a bad ass pink haired lady wielding all sorts of mass destructive weaponry! She wants to be a hero and here she gets her chance. Six heroes of the past have become monstrosities of their previous selves and it’s up to you now to take them down over seven action orientated levels that never ceases.


The audio here is very pleasant with a cool retro music accompanying your journey through the 7 levels. If you’re not firing bullets or missiles constantly then your not playing Bleed to the maximum. Guns have a satisfying machine gun type sound and missiles sound like they are being fired out of the near the missile launch pad. Going into your jump dash move sounds dashing and blasting enemies to pieces sounds satisfying.

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There is nothing incredibly flashy about the look of this game. It’s not the prettiest game you will see this year or next for that matter. The flashiest thing you will see here is the pink hair on our protagonist and to be fair the bosses, and enemies look cool and what’s impressive is each of the seven levels has it’s own theme and enemies to match.



What stands out is how fluid this game runs and how fast it is. This runs at 60FPS and is as smooth as silk. There is no stutter here and no missed frame rates, this is the perfect port in terms of performance. Both docked mode and handheld are a pleasure to play and I loved taking this game on the move just to have a quick game of Bleed.

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This game is not unique but it sure does feel great because of its excellent controls. Here we have a 2d platformer but with twin stick controls. It’s fast engrossing and challenging. If you’re not constantly firing bullets at enemies then you may as well be dead because one way or another the enemies will make you bleed. This game is intoxicating from the moment you begin to the moment you become the ultimate hero you are striving to be. The game doesn’t last long but oh! what a journey.


Wryn’s abilities and how you perform them will determine how well you do. Wryn can jump but not just jump, she can triple jump. Double jumping will no longer do. Jump up, and whilst in mid-air you can tap the jump button and direction on the analogue stick to direct Wryn mid-air to where you want to go, being able to do this a third time makes for some absolutely essential air battling time. Master the triple jump, while firing bullets accurately at your foes and soon enough you will become deadly slicing through levels like a death-dealing precision machine. You have the ability to slow down time for a short period. The yellow bar will dictate how long you can slow down time for and when the bar runs out time gets back to normal.

It’s the combinations which you can pull off which makes this game so memorable. On a racing train high up on a carriage but there is tunnel about to tear your head off. No problem slowdown time and triple jump forwards while dodging a whole host of bullets and enemies to make the next carriage lower down just in time to make the tunnel, leaving all enemies splatted in your wake. Awesome! Need to dodge a boss who can rush you at the speed of light? No problem jump up as the enemy flies at you, slow down time, jump up again and then use your third jump to go left while dodging all sorts of naughty attacks while firing your guns at the boss. Fantastic stuff!


People have differing concepts of value. At the end of the day it’s about what you are prepared to pay for something. This game can be completed within an hour on normal mode and quicker on easy. For some the game may be considered too short. Thing is the product is of such quality you will not be able to help coming back for one more blast but it is on the expensive side. The game is priced at £13,49 or  $14,99 and there is a premium to pay for these games on Switch right now. I don’t think anyone is under any illusions with that. If you value portability above all then there isn’t much choice. If not, you can buy the game for $4.99 on steam which is obviously a lot cheaper.

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