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Slayaway Camp: Butchers Cut Review

Slayaway Camp: Butchers Cut Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Blue Wizard Digital

Publisher: Digerati

Release Date: March 20th 2018

Price as of Article: $5.99 USD, £5.99 GBP

Game code provided by Digerati for review

In Slayaway Camp you play as Skullface, a mask wearing, machete wielding serial killer straight out of the 80’s!

The game plays out across multiple levels making up chapters of a film and on completion you unlock more movies in which you kill people in the most grotesque ways possible, welcome – to Slayaway Camp!

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, it plays out as a dark comic horror poking fun at the troupes of horror films from Jaws and Friday the 13th to some of the B movies of the era like Chopping Mall and The Final Terror.

SlayawayBC nintendo switch

The music is produced by GNÜ TRUNTION – a Canadian hair metal band and the music works well for nostalgia trip.

The star of the audio though is the narration and sound effects, both have been lovingly crafted. Mark Meer who voice acts commander Shepard from Mass Effect plays Skull Face really well and is suitably creepy. There are over 90 different ways to kill your victims each with some excellent chopping, slicing, screaming and dripping.

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Slayaway Camp: Butchers Cut is very gory but its quite comical because of the Lego like blocky characters.

You can actually choose R-rated or PG rated if you find the gore a bit much. The game is played in an isometric small map and these look pretty good in a Minecraft sort of way.

The style of collecting VHS tapes and the little movie intros and ending sequences make the game.

Whether docked or in handheld there is no dip in quality or performance as you would expect from a low fidelity game.

Slayaway Camp Nintendo Switch Review

Slayaway Camp: Butchers Cut is a slide puzzler where you have to perform the right sequence in order to progress – in this case its to slash your victims, oh fun!

You can slide around using the D-Pad, Touchscreen or the Analog Stick with the D-Pad being the most precise and as a result my personal favourite. Mercifully you can rewind steps or head back to the beginning of a level and in keeping with the style rewinding looks like winding back a tape – this is a good addition and something I missed in the recently reviewed Swim Out.

With each new Horror Film comes gradually increasing challenge, keeping you from boredom over the games 300 or so levels. Cops are introduced that will spot you if you stop in front of their field of vision, bookcases are strategically placed and must be used to either squish a victim or create a barrier to stop your slide, holes and even cats are introduced later on.

Slayaway Camp Butchers Cut Nintendo Switch Review

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On each level you get a small mini game at the end when killing the victim, timing it correctly rewards you with coins that you can spend in the store to unlock additional slashers, movies and gore packs which are hilarious and imaginative ways to murder victims. These are randomised in levels and keep things fun and varied.

When you think about the fact that the game is very simple, the developer has done a good job adding a strong setting and additional features to keep you entertained.


The game is £5.99 in the UK and $5.99 in the US so I would recommend picking this up from the US store.

As well as the base game this version includes the Deluxe Edition, My Gory Valentine, HellCamp, Monthly Murderers Series 1 & 2, Supernatural Forces, and Santa’s Slay so there is a lot of additional value.



300+ Levels

Hilarious gore fest

Challenging puzzles


Repetitive after a while

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