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Super Mario Maker 2 Final Update – World Maker

Everyone. You need to sit down, because Nintendo just dropped a bobombshell today! Super Mario Maker 2 will be receiving its last major update, and it will transform the game in such a way that it will be a totally new experience.

Please check out the tweet and video below from Nintendo!


The new update is loaded with new content for Super Mario Maker 2 players, and Nintendo did not hold back one bit. This is the biggest update yet, and it is adding a little bit of everything. Let’s break it down!


super mario maker 2

First off, Nintendo shows off so many new power-ups coming to Super Mario Maker 2. Shockingly, Super Mario Bros 2 stuff is just magically showing up in the game now, something fans have been begging for since the release of the game.

So what power-ups are we getting? Well, we are getting the SMB2 Mushroom that turns us into SMB2 Mario! It allows us to jump on top of enemies and other various things and pick them up, just like in the original game! It looks like the game will allow for some fun mechanics thanks to this, and I look forward to what the community will create.

On top of the SMB2 Mushroom, Nintendo just starting showing up and announced that the Frog Suit from SMB3, the Power Balloon from SMW, the Super Acorn from NSMB, the Boomerang Flower from Super Mario 3D World, and five more weird wearables like the Cannon Box, the Propeller Box, the Red POW Box, the Goomba Mask, and the Bullet Bill Mask. All of these new power-ups will add so much more to the Super Mario Maker 2 community, but this is only the beginning of what Nintendo shared!


On top of all the new crazy power-ups and items, more bosses have entered the fray, with all of Bowser’s children finally joining the Super Mario Maker 2 family! Larry, Wendy, Morton, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, and Ludwig will all be added to the creator, and based on the video, it looks like we will be able to add a lot more bosses to the screen than before, as all 7 of these Koopalings were on the screen at the same time during the presentation.

New Parts

Next, we have more items and parts to include in the stages, such as the Cursed Key. This is the second Super Mario Bros 2 item to show up in the video, and it is wonderful to see! Whoever carried the key will have the phantom chase them, which will make multiplayer matches so much more interesting and fun.

On/Off Trampolines are also making their debut, which should add some fun mechanics to creators’ levels.

super mario maker 2

MechaKoopas are a new enemy for Super Mario Maker 2, and they are a welcomed addition. These SMW enemies are some of the most unique in the Super Mario series, so I cannot wait to see how they will be used in stages. Not only will the normal green MechaKoopas be included, but there will be red and blue ones as well. The red ones shoot homing rockets while the blue ones shoot laser beams. In night mode, these guys get even more interested, as they come equipped with rocket boosters!

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World Maker

Finally, we get to the biggest announcement. Just when you think Nintendo could not announce more for Super Mario Maker 2 and its new update, they drop World Maker on us and blow our minds.

Nintendo is finally allowing us to create our own Super Mario Worlds, where we can design the little maps and routes and add our own levels to give them more personality.

There is so much to do in World Maker that it basically turned Super Mario Maker 2 into a new game. Thankfully, you are able to share your created worlds online, and who knows how Nintendo is going to handle that!

That is basically it for your final Super Mario Maker 2 update. The game was already amazing on release day, but on April 22nd, it looks to become one of the most essential Nintendo Switch titles on the market.

What did you think of this huge announcement for Super Mario Maker 2? Are you excited? Disappointed (You better not be!)? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading on! Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel as well. Happy gaming, everyone.

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