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Qubic Games to Give Away 10 Switch Games Free in the Run Up to Christmas

To celebrate their 15-year anniversary, the Polish studio Qubic Games is giving away 10 games for the Nintendo Switch, one game every 24 hours, starting from the 15th of this month. Think of it like an Advent Calendar. Alongside the giveaway they will be hosting a massive sale.

However, there is a catch. Well, technically two of them. First, in order to qualify for the free games, you must have a Qubic developed game in your Switch account before the December 15. You can find a list of them here, but make sure you do not buy one of the ones they are giving away.

Secondly, to unlock each day’s game, you must have downloaded the previous day’s game (See the FAQ for more details). These two points seem perfectly fair to me considering that they are giving away much of their work on the Switch over the span of their existence.

Robonauts from Qubic Games

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You can find a list of the games to be given away and the day of each one here.

Personally I happened to have picked up Mana Spark (Dec 23rds free game, unfortunately) just before we received this announcement, so I’m going to try and get all the way to the Dec 24th mystery game. James gave that one 55% in his review. If you go to the bottom of the page, click the second link and you can find all the deals, some of the games on sale are going for under £1, so everyone can join the festive fun.

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