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A Pokemon Snap Sequel Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Yes, this isn’t a drill! Pokemon Snap will be returning with a new entry, simply called New Pokemon Snap! No release date has been given for this sequel. It was just announced during the latest Pokemon Presents!

Set on a new island, both old and new Pokemon live together, and it is your job to take pictures of them. Sporting a fresh graphical style that may please Pokemon fans who were disappointed with Sword & Shield, this sequel is looking pretty awesome. The game is being developed by Bandai Namco.

Not many details were shared about this title, but the game’s fundamental gameplay mechanics seem to be intact. You will be on a linear route, you can throw food at the Pokemon around you, and you can zoom in to help take the best picture you can. The trailer starts at 5:22!

A new Pokemon mobile game was announced called Pokemon Cafe Mix. You own a cafe that Pokemon visit, and to fulfill their orders, you play a puzzle game, in which you link icons together. It looks like standard mobile game affair, but the art style is super cute. You can also hire different Pokemon that can bring different skills to the puzzle gameplay. This will be a free-to-start game that will be avalable “soon” and you can pre-register for it today.

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Pokemon Smile was also shown, which is an app that helps kids brush their teeth properly and look forward to it every day. It’s available for free today.

An announcement of a big project will come in a week’s time on June 24th, 2020. This could be the next mainline game or a much talked about Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remake. What do you think it could be and what other spinoffs would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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