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Graceful Explosion Machine Gets Nintendo Switch Physical Release

Graceful Explosion Machine is gracefully exploding into its physical form on June 18th. Developer Vertex Pop (WE ARE DOOMED & Super Crush KO) have partnered with Switch physical edition company Super Rare Games to make this happen.

Only 4,000 copies have been manufactured for this release by Super Rare which has also made physical versions of titles such as World of Goo (£30), The Sexy Brutale (£30) & an OST for Snake Pass (£30).

Graceful Explosion Machine Crazy Colours

Sticking to the pattern you may have noticed so far, Graceful Explosion Machine is £30 and can be pre-ordered on the 18th for shipping by the end of June. The title feels very similar to ProtoCorgi which I covered recently. However, unlike ProtoCorgi, Graceful Explosion Machine‘s art scheme reinvents the wheel opting for more vibrant colours, bold lines, and geometric enemy designs.

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The game is quite a bit cheaper on the eShop if you still want to pick it up but can’t stretch to the £30 physical price tag. At only $12.99 in the US or £9.99 here in the UK, this is a great little game at its digital price.

If Graceful Explosion Machine looks like something you would pick up physically, let us know in the comments (We reply to every comment!). And stay safe during the remainder of lock down.

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