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Invisible Inc launches on Switch today with it’s DLC included

Invisible Inc launches on Switch today with it’s DLC included

  • Invisible Inc gets a Switch release today
  • Clashes with Pub sale on steam where the game is 78% off
  • Includes DLC on launch

Invisible Inc, the turn-based strategy spy game from critically acclaimed developer Klei Entertainment didn’t launch on the best day to say the least. It turns out that moments after tweeting about the Switch edition launching today, the developer started a Steam sale which they also tweeted about.

The publisher was kind enough to include the DLC with the game in a single package on launch day. The problem? The same game + DLC combo just became 78% off in the publisher sale over on Steam.


So while the game is a smooth £4.26 on the Steam store for PC players, it’s up £17.99 for us on Switch. Sure, playing a game on Switch is definitely a premium experience, and sure, the developers probably had to invest some cash into porting the title, but £13.73 more expensive… this just feels like a poorly-timed, although good intentioned, launch from the developers.

The game focuses on repeatability, including 10 agents to choose from during character selection and wide possibilities from playing different strategies to using different items. In addition, there’s 5 different game modes to try out, and what’s more, the levels are randomly generated, from locations to loot, to make sure you’re always on your toes.

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Does this title look like a game you might pick up? If so you can grab this 628MB game file on the eShop today! Klei are also behind Don’t Starve, so check out our review of that one from back in 2018.


Klei Links:
-Invisible Inc US eShop, $19.99
-Invisible Inc UK eShop, £17.99
-Klei Steam Publisher Sale
Klei Twitter

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