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Physical Releases for Switch – Let’s Get Physical!

Jordan at SwitchWatchTV has given us another dose of physical releases for Switch this week. I wonder what goodies we can get from around the world! Check out the video below, and view the transcript under the video. Enjoy!

Let’s get physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this week’s update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. January 27th until the 31st. Week 5 of January. We’re almost out of the misery month guys! As always, we’re taking a look at all the physical retail releases, all the low print games up for order, and some juicy imports.


Remember, if you want to support this little series, leave us a comment with what you’re playing in your backlog, and what is the most recent addition to your collection. Personally, I didn’t pick up anything. It’s Chinese New Year here and things have kind of slowed to a halt. Pretty much Chinese version of Christmas, and that will give you an idea. Plus I’m currently bordering up my windows to survive a deadly plague. Fun times. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on Romancing SaGa 3 and the Kemco Collections once thing have calmed down

Anyways, this Week’s Physical Releases!



Heroland! is seeing a physical release in Europe this week after already being released in North America. Featuring a very unique art style and gameplay that seems to be channeling something of a mix between Paper Mario and Earthbound. This game looks to be a nice attempt at an RPG where customization is king. If anyone in North America picked this up late last year, give us a heads up about its quality. I’m intrigued to know myself!

Ash of Gods: Redemption

If you’re looking to scratch that Banner Saga itch, well, after you’ve played Banner Saga trilogy on Switch, then you may want to turn your attention to Ash of Gods: Redemption. This is pretty much the same thing from different people. A slow, methodical turn-based strategy RPG that could be a decent time-sink for those interested in the genre.


AO Tennis 2

physical releases

AO Tennis 2 released digitally already, but now seems to be getting the physical treatment this week, in Europe at least. While it’s not immediately clear, I believe the North American release is in early Februray. Could be wrong on that, as information is all over the place. Now, the gameplay is supposedly very solid in this one, especially on the simulation end, but it does reportedly suffer from a lot of performance issues. You should be a bit wary before taking the plunge. Perhaps read up on some reviews first.


Right, that’s it for western retail. Before we head into the low print games, don’t forget that if you’re new here hit, that subscribe button (On the YouTube channel) for all the latest Switch content, plus we will be giving away a Nintendo Switch Lite when we get to 50,000 subscribers. We’re nearly there! Spread the word to get that Switch Lite faster!

LOW PRINT – Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games announced their latest pre-order. This time for the critically acclaimed The Missing, or if you want to use it’s long winded title – The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories. This is a puzzle platformer from the same director as Deadly Premonition. I know people who are big fans of this one and the hard hitting subjects that it tries to tackle with its horror elements. Pre-orders open on the 31st of January. And there’s a standard edition as well as a collector’s edition.


LOW PRINT – Strictly Limited Games

Strictly Limited have announced their next title; Xenocrisis. Built originally for the 16-Bit Sega Mega Drive, this arena shooter is a love letter to games of the era like Smash TV, and it’s as authentic as they come. Excellent pixel work and classic old school gameplay. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to this. There’s both a standard version as well as a collector’s edition.

LOW PRINT – Super Rare Games

Super Rare Game’s next release, in order to ramp up their output to 18 Games a year instead of 12, is Octahedron, a trippy neon-lit disco trip of a platformer. I may be wrong, but I believe this was originally published under the Square Enix Collective. Basically Square Enix’s indie branch, which perhaps bodes well for other Square games seeing a release in the future in Low Print releases. Although, let’s be fair, we’d all prefer them to be standard retail. Orders for this one start on January 30th with 4000 copies available.


LOW PRINT – Pixel Heart

Also, I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to become aware of Pixel Heart, but this week I bumped into their website. And if the name may be familiar, it’s because they were the publisher of the weirdly limited release of Gigantic Army on Play Asia. Well, they have similarly low print games up for pre-order on their website. Although, it’s not exactly clear if these will make it to other retailers at some point. I think they will, but in limited quantities. Anyways, just head over to check out the four physicals they have up for pre-order. Guns of Mercy, Shmup Collection, Finding Teddy 2, and Super Trench Attack. I mean, I have no idea of the quality, so order at your own risk.

I believe the North American distribution of some of these titles are being handled by VGNY.



Before we get into imports, just a heads up that all the games mentioned here. If any take your fancy, we have links below as to where you can find them for yourself to purchase. They are affiliate links, so any purchase you make using those links will also help the SwitchWatch team out massively and we very much appreciate all of your support in this regard. You know, January is an incredibly rough month for any Youtuber, so you’re support in this measure really helps us out. You guys have been amazing, and it really helps push us forwards. And I hope we can have something lined up for you to show our thanks. So anyways, imports.

Kemco RPG Selection/Ominbus


After last week’s Asian compilation of some Kemco games (a release that I can’t seem to get my hands on by the way), Kemco now have a Japanese release which is 4 more games – 4 different games this time around – some of their better known titles for sure. They are Revenant Saga, Dragon Sinker, Antiquia Lost, and Asdivine Hearts 1. 4. They are budget style JRPGs, perhaps not exactly a must-have import compared to like the Dragon Quest Trilogy, but I do love a good quirky release. As long as I can find it, then I may just have to pick this one up along with the Asian release from last week.

Oh, and by the way, for some reason there’s still no confirmation of English being on the cartridge, which I find really quite weird considering all 4 of these games on the Japanese eShop have English. So I have no reason to believe they don’t, but just be aware. I’ll try and get this myself and tell you if they have English or not before you purchase. Stay tuned! Like I said, Chinese New Year, deadly plague, and all that, so things are grinding to a halt for a while here. Bear with me!

See Also

Kemco RPG Selection Vol 1.: PLAY ASIA LINK


Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk looks set to be an interesting visual novel. I don’t know the history behind this one, but I would be shocked to hear if it wasn’t inspired by the excellent VA-11 HALL-A. Serving up drinks in a trendy futuristic bar full of cyberpunk-esque characters, this could be a great one as long as the writing is up to scratch. I’m sure this is going to be a must-have for fans of visual novels with an added gameplay twist. I’d love to know your thoughts on this one. Perhaps you’re picking it up digitally or physically as an import. Let us know! English is on the cartridge, so it’s a nice friendly import.



Rever d’un Menage

Rever d’un Menage is a very French sounding visual novel, not a whole lot to say. There’s a standard edition and a limited edition, but there’s no English on this release.




KOI NO HANASAKU HYAKKAEN is another visual novel experience. There’s no English here either, so I’ll just leave it at that.



Right guys, hope you enjoyed this episode of new Physical Releases. What has taken your fancy this week? Be sure to check out last week’s episode in case you missed it. Check out the list we put together talking about the best Visual Novels on the Switch, and don’t forget James’ bargains video telling you where best to spend your money. We’ll see you over there!

Thank you for checking out this physical releases video and article on Hope you find it helpful and insightful. Let us know in the comments which of these games sparks your interest. Happy gaming, everyone!

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