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Best Bargains on the eShop – Sales Galore!

It’s that time of week again where the guys at SwitchWatchTV scour the world’s eShops for the Best Bargains! There are some pretty good deals this week. How about you take a moment to watch their video or read the transcript below? Enjoy!

Hello and welcome back to our weekly roundup of the best bargains, eShop games that are on on sale worth considering. Each week we give away a $10 eShop voucher to one person who shares their pick of the week in the comments, so be sure to share! Let’s jump in and find out what bargains we have this week!


Super Chariot

James here! Kicking things off with my pick of the week on bargains, and it’s a pure value! Super chariot, the platformer puzzler from Microids, has a staggering 90% off discount. Playing as a princess and her fiancée, you need to drag a chariot with the late king’s remains through 25 subterranean levels to his final resting place. Along the way, you are taunted by the ungrateful king’s ghost, face enemies, gather loot, and do physics-based puzzles. It’s a well accomplished game that has replay value and plenty of fun moments and secrets to find. It is decent on your own but is a real treat in local coop either in tabletop mode or on a TV. This is a solid package, and at this low a cost you really cannot go wrong!

£1.79 90%
€1,99 90%
$1.99 90%


Jordan and Juan, what are your picks for this week’s bargains?


Hey, guys! Jordan here with my pick of the week for bargains. This time I’m going to go for an indie title that I feel needs more support. FutureGrind is a unique game. A trick-based, on rails racer-type thing that is sure to have thrill-seekers hooked. Our review on our website gave it a nice high score and praised it very highly, only remarking that the price was a little high.


And that was reflected in the sales, because the developers recently admitted that the game sold very poorly. So they decided to slash the price so that it can be experienced by more people rather than getting ignored. It’s now 85% off everywhere. That is an easy pick-up price. I know tons of games get even more discounts than this, but in terms of quality, this is going to be one of the best you’ll get. I mean, it may not gel with everyone, not everyone is into the trick score genre. But at that price, it’s definitely worth a shot and you’ll be supporting the developers at the same time. Anyways, that’s my pick of the week.

£1.34 85% off
€1,49 85% off
$1.49 85% off


Killer Queen Black

best bargains

Juan here! I have chose Killer Queen Black this week for Bargains, because it’s an awesome game to play with friends. This is a proper team strategy game where you have 3 ways to win each battle, and there is 6 differing battle fields to choose from. You can win by hopping on a snail, hoard cherries, or wipe out the enemies queen three times. It makes for some great frantic battles. There are 3 differing rolls each with strengths and weaknesses such as the Queen, soldier, and workers. 4 on 4 combat is where it is at.


This is great online with 3 different modes at your disposal such as unranked where you can play solo or with friends. These don’t affect your rankings like the online ranked matches do, which is the games other online mode. Lastly, you have custom matches where you can set up a private game where you can practice versus bots or play with 7 other players. A great game, especially to play online. And now with 50% off, this is the time to try it if you have not done so already. See you next week!

$9.99 50% off


Fantastic picks there, guys!

Aperion Cyberstorm

Next up on bargains, it’s Aperion Cyberstorm. Forget story, this is all about neon, Tron-inspired mayhem! It’s a twin-stick shmup that sticks to a traditional chaotic template. There are things to dodge and shoot all over the place, and it controls very well.


I love the way music flips between melodic chilled tracks and then suddenly to some pumping house tracks in bigger rooms. It’s cleverly done and really builds up the action. The game has 3 modes – campaign, versus, and onslaught. This is another game that really shines when played in local coop mode. You can play as a squad of 5 each using a pro controller or just a single joy con, and the more people you throw into the mix the more visceral the experience! With 65% off, this is a great pick if you’re looking for a game to play with friends over the weekend.

£3.84 65% off
$5.24 65% off
€4,37 65% off


Evoland Legendary Edition

Picking up Evoland is like taking a history lesson through the evolution of RPGs. It’s an interesting concept, and in this legendary edition you have the first and second titles to enjoy. The first starts all the way back at pixelated, monochrome, top-down, Zelda-style gameplay moving all the way to 3D, turn-based JPRG gameplay reminiscent of the Final Fantasy series. It’s a bit of an in-joke, poking fun at the genre’s history while paying homage, but it doesn’t particularly excel. Part two is more accomplished. It has more to offer with its story, and while it’s quite a vanilla experience, it’s an enjoyable one.

$4.99 75% off


Death Squared

Death squared is a cooperative puzzle game that involves working closely together. There are 80 levels in the campaign for you and friends to enjoy, plus an additional forty 4-player party levels to experience as well, making this a solid pick at a whooping 90% off.

$1.49 90% off


Blazing Beaks

best bargains

Blazing Beaks is a great little game to play with friends. Levels are randomly generated, and you can play story mode with a friend cooperatively or alone. Either way, it’s a blast. If you want to compete against friends, then there is a tournament mode too to test your skills against each other. For us, we loved how simple it was to pick up and play and get into. Blasting foes is super fun and reminded us a little of Enter the Gungeon just not quite as good.


$2.99 80% off

Crystal Crisis

Crystal Crisis is a lovely little action puzzle game. Featuring a crossover of many niche characters, especially those that publisher Nicalis have worked with over the years. It includes Binding of Isaac, Astro Boy, Cave Story, as well as a few others. It’s a color-matching game that gives the illusion of a 1 vs 1 fighter harking back to a once popular genre. It’s chaotic but very fun, it was recently on sale in the US, and now it has 50% off in the EU and UK at it’s lowest cost to date. A really nice bargain!


€9.99 50%
£8.99 50%

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a special title. The spiritual successor of the Wonder Boy series, this metroidvania platformer is one of the best there is with excellent controls and wonderful gameplay supported by beautiful graphics and one of the very best soundtracks we’ve heard on the switch. This is not one to be missed! Everyone can enjoy this regardless of age or skill level.


$19.99 50% off

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ is a dungeon crawler and roguelike game in which you control Isaac who found a labyrinth beneath his own house. Created by none other than Edmund McMillen. In Afterbirth+, there are over 13 controllable characters, 600 items, and 90+ bosses with 20 different endings. An epic little twin-stick shooter that oozes character and is a blast to play.


£17.99 50% off
€19.99 50% off

Hyper Sentinel

Hyper Sentinel is a shmup modeled on Uridium and other classic shooters from 30 years ago. It’s fast paced with twitchy controls and is unforgiving. There are bullets flying at you from everywhere as you take on giant dreadnought ships and their minions and defenses. This one is best enjoyed on the move where you feel zoned in on the action. There are a lot of lovely little details such as being able to change the color scheme to match, for example the ZX spectrum and other platforms. This is a trip down memory lane, but it’s simple, reaction-based mechanics are timeless and at under $1 you really can’t go wrong.


$0.77 94% off

Sword of the Guardian


Sword of the Guardian looks straight out of the 90s, at the time beat em ups like Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, and Golden Axe captured me and millions out there who sat down with a friend and sank hours into these titles. This is exactly what the game is reaching for, that local couch co-op feel. The problem is at $15, it’s hard to justify the price versus the competition. It’s not a bad game, but it doesn’t particularly stand out. At $3.99 on the other hand, it’s something you can play together in one evening and not regret the purchase. Credit to the developer, Billy Chan, who made this by himself, and at this price you might want to check it out. It’s the equivalent of a B movie. Enjoyable, but you know it’s not great!


$3.99 73% off


Cave Story

Cave story was originally released back in 2004 to well-deserved rave reviews. Fast forward and it’s been highly polished and well ported onto the Switch. It’s a highly addictive action adventure metroidvania experience with a fabulous retro feel to it. It’s a must-buy at under £10, and though it’s not on sale in the US don’t forget that you can pickup games from any eShop so anyone can take advantage of this great bargain.

£8.99 67% off
€9.99 67% off



Northgard is a Norse-inspired RTS game that fills an under-represented genre on the Switch. A lot of real-time strategy games don’t port well onto consoles because of the fast paced nature of them, which can be difficult to map to a controller. Thankfully here, the gameplay is a bit slower, lending itself well to the Switch. The cartoon style is reminiscent of mobile phone games, which some will like and others won’t, but the gameplay is solid, combining action strategy and 4x simulation building like civilization. It’s engaging without being too heavy, making it well balanced for genre pros and those simply curious to try something new.

£12.59 60% off
€13,99 60% off



INVERSUS Deluxe takes a simple idea and forms it really well. It has a simple vision that is realized and executed leading to quick bursts of enjoyment either alone, online against others, or my personal favorite, with and against friends. It’s a peeled-back negative space shooter with a minimalist style and pumping soundtrack. It’s one of those unassuming games that can catch you and have you competing for hours.

$4.49 70% off


Code of Princess EX

Code of Princess EX is a flawed game with a lot of charm. When compared to the 2012 version, performance has been improved, but it lacks in other areas. It’s best played on the move, and fans of Guardian Heroes will likely enjoy this one. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and there is certainly a lot of content if you want to get stuck in it, but the price tag is hard to get past. At 50% off, it’s a bit more interesting, one of the more polarizing bargains.


£17.99 50%
€19,99 50%

Super One More Jump

First and foremost, this is a one-button platform game. The rest is about timing that button press to make your sprite jump at the right time. The controls feel really good and responsive, and any death here is going to be your own fault. Sounds like it’s the most simplistic game in the world, and there can’t be much too it. Like any good addictive game, it absolutely gets the mechanics and controls bang on. It is a quality game on Switch that everyone should try especially at this price. It’s easy for these games to get lost among all the other titles, but it would be a shame to miss out on the quality and fun for all the family this delivers throughout. One more jump? I’m in all the way on this bargain.


$0.69 90% off

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a crowd-funded point-and-click adventure that looks a bit like South Park and certainly has a good sense of humor. In terms of gameplay, it plays a bit like broken sword with its item management and sometimes obtuse puzzles. It can be frustrating and is a bit rough around the edges, but come on. This is $0.12! If you are a fan of the genre, give it a try. There’s genuinely nothing to lose!


$0.12 99% off

Okay! Thanks everyone who made a pick on last week’s bargains episode. There were some great comments as always. This week’s winner is David Perez! Congratulations! Please email us so we can get your $10 eShop voucher to you. Let us know your picks this week in the video’s comments and be sure to subscribe if you enjoy this series. We will see you again next week.


Thank you for stopping by to check out Best Bargains. Have a great week. Happy gaming, everyone!

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