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LEGO The Incredibles Nintendo Switch Review

LEGO The Incredibles Nintendo Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: TT Games


Publisher: WB Games

Release Date: July 15th, 2018


Price as of Article: $59.99 USD, £49.99 GBP

Rating: E10+


File Size: 9.7 GB

Game code provided by WB Games for review

LEGO Incredibles
In a society that has turned its back on its heroes, what should they do?

LEGO The Incredibles follows the story of The Incredibles 2. If you haven’t watched the movie as of yet, it may be wise to wait to play this one until afterwards if you want to avoid spoilers.

This games takes place after the story of the first Incredibles while “supers” are still being completely rejected by society. Our favorite family of heroes go about their daily lives while waiting for opportunities to use their powers to help save the citizens of their city. It isn’t long before they are found by a TV company who the owner of wishes to use his resources to restore the reputation of supers to bring them out of hiding and back into the mainstream.


I won’t get much more into the story as some people still haven’t watched the movie and may wish to avoid spoilers. But, I will tell you that the story is broken up into missions which you can start by going to an icon on the map then progress along in a set order.

LEGO The Incredibles driving
It may be a stolen car, but nevermind that!

The style of gameplay can be viewed as a sort of fusion of GTA and a 3D beat-em-up. You can roam around in a sand-box style version of the city Municiberg and can even steal cars from citizens to drive which of course is extremely ironic considering that you are playing as super heroes. As you drive around, you may find that you can destroy a fair amount of objects in the environment which break apart into dozens of small Lego blocks. Upon being destroyed, they will produce a large number of collectible coins.


Indeed, as with most Lego games, this is a collectathon of the highest order with varies things to collect such as the aforementioned coins that can be used to buy mystery bags containing things like new characters and can also be used to buy new vehicles. You can also use red bricks you find to obtain unlockables such as a jazzy swing song which will play as you roam the map. Your characters will even dance around to the music!

LEGO The Incredibles Character unlock screen
A staggering number of characters await being unlocked.

Getting back to the characters you can unlock via the mystery bags, there is an absolute menagerie of characters to unlock! As you can see in the above image, you will be consistently unlocking new characters to use, and many of them also come with their own abilities differentiating their selves from the rest of the cast. I won’t show spoilers among them, but I will say there are some great surprises among them. The very first random character I got was Dori from finding Nemo who even allowed me to swim underwater for some excellent exploration options!



LEGO The Incredibles Mr. Incredible
If you want to hit hard, look no further than Mr. Incredible!

When you enter battle, you will find something very reminiscent of traditional 3D beat-em-ups. You run around the environment lining up your attacks with the enemies who surround you. They will mostly just come at you using their basic attacks while you use combos against them. Your combos will mostly utilize the same buttons across all characters, but each one has a different feel thanks to their hugely unique powers. For example, Dash is able to run around at very fast speeds and can use those speeds to dash around his opponents for quick hits. Frozone is your typical ice man who can shoot balls of ice at opponents and can even use his ice powers to dash in mid-air as though he were on the ground. In addition to your basic combos, you can build a special charge which, when full, allows you to tap Y quickly to unleash a devastating super attack unique to that character.



LEGO The Incredibles Dash
Who needs a car when you have Dash?

While I didn’t feel like the gameplay was anything particularly memorable, I had a lot of fun experimenting with the various heroes to find which ones suited my play style the most. In the end, Dash became my favorite to use simply because of how quick he made everything. I never even needed a car to steal when I had Dash’s inherent speed at my disposal!

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If you are a fan of The Incredibles, you will be pleased to find the familiar voices of the cast and music similar to what is in the movies. And if you get tired of the general music that plays when you are exploring, you can switch up the tunes with the items unlocked via red blocks as mentioned in the previous section.

The music and sound otherwise is what you might generally expect from a sandbox game of this nature. Cars go vroom, rain goes pitter patter and enemies grunt when hit. Pretty standard fare here, but it certain does its job.


LEGO The Incredibles Elastigirl
Thanks to the visual design, the characters absolutely look like they have a plastic sheen.

While I wouldn’t describe it as visually stunning, it certainly has a nice look to it. The characters and set models have a decidedly Lego feel to them as would be suited to the concept of the game, and all of the assets are nicely details. Light reflects well off the characters which gives them a decidedly plastic feel which, again, is a target in a game where everything is made of Lego!

While I am unsure how it stacks up visually to the PS4 and Xbox One versions as I have not played those, I can say that it does have some framerate stuttering issues. I am generally not sensitive to this, but I noticed it quite heavily in this one especially when fighting several enemies at once. Also, I normally don’t notice the difference between 30 FPS to 60 FPS. I am not sure exactly what framerate this game runs at, but to me the input felt a little slow almost like it may have been running at sub-30 FPS. It was something I quickly adapted to, but this could be a deal breaker for some.



LEGO The Incredibles loading screen
Grab yourself a cup of tea. You will be here a while.

There was one other issue I found which bothered me greatly. I noticed that it seemed to take quite a long while to get into the game from the main menu. After using a stopwatch, I found that it takes a whopping one minute and fifty four seconds to load the game! This alone discouraged me from even putting the game in sometimes, so just be aware that you will be sitting on that loading screen for quite a long while every time you start the game up. Once you are actually in it though, the load times are much more reasonable. At least enough that I never felt compelled to time it.

LEGO The Incredibles Chicken Man
“Buy the game…” says Chicken Man.

For the cost of $59.99 in the US or £49.99 in the UK, you are looking at roughly 7 hours of gameplay to complete the main story and about 20 hours in total to get most of what the game has to offer. You will have a ton of collectibles to find as well as fun and quirky characters to unlock. For some, this price may be a little steep for such an experience, but if you are a fan of The Incredibles and enjoy the LEGO titles, then this one will be a no-brainer for you.


Huge Cast of Characters


Great Humor

A Lot To Discover And Collect



Battling Can Get Repetitive

Long Initial Load Times

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