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LEGO Super Mario Launching Soon… in Japan

Back in March, Nintendo and LEGO teased a new relationship between the two companies, and shortly afterward, the revealed that the relationship is in the form of a new toy line featuring everyone’s favorite plumber, Super Mario. Since then, we have gotten a good look at LEGO Super Mario, but today they showed off even more and announced when the toy lineup will be releasing… well, at least in Japan.

Nintendo plans to begin selling the Starter Course and two expansion sets that include Piranha Plant Power Slide and Desert Pokey Expansion. These sets will go on sale in Japan on July 10th and will be available at all retailers across the country, including LEGO stores and Nintendo Store Tokyo.


Nintendo is planning to release the sets in North America on August 1st.

8 New Expansions Announced

Nintendo showed off 8 new LEGO Super Mario expansions that will bring even more characters to the LEGO world (And burn some even bigger holes in your pocket.). These expansions include:


  • Mario’s house featuring Yoshi and a Goomba
  • Koopaling Castle featuring Bobomb, Piranha Plant, and Koopa Troopa
  • Water stage featuring Shy Guy and Bullet Bill
  • Toad houses featuring Toad, Toadette, and Goomba
  • Desert stage featuring Pokey and Goomba
  • Castle stage featuring Thwomp and Podoboo
  • Bowser’s Castle featuring Bowser, Boo, Podoboo, and Dry Bones
  • Another Desert stage featuring 2 Piranha Plants, Goomba, and Koopa Troopa

You will need the Starter set in order to access the features in any of the expansions, due to the fact that the Super Mario figure with the LED screen and electronic components only comes in that set. There are also power-up suits you can buy for roughly $10 USD a pop, so this looks to be a huge collaboration and something Nintendo and LEGO put a lot of thought into.

Thank you always for stopping by for all of your Super Mario and LEGO news and needs. What do you think about this collaboration? Will you be buying any of this? I am afraid my son will be begging for some of these sets. Nintendo and LEGO are already expensive on their own. This is going to hurt my pockets. Mamma mia! Happy gaming, everyone.

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