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A New Game from People behind the Original Prince of Persia!

Another Sight is the upcoming debut title from Lunar Great Wall Studios, who consists of an all star cast of developers, one of which, among other things, worked on the original Prince of Persia. This so called super-indie team however, won’t give up what else they have worked on in the past, which to me seems like a bold but admirable move, that you don’t want your game to be popular just based on what you did in your past as individuals, but that you want your new game to do well on its own, based on what you have now accomplished as a team. Let’s hope this works out for them!

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Another Sight is going to be a 2.5D puzzle platformer that will center around a visually impared girl named Kit, and a cat that she meets, named Hodge. Kit will be able to push large objects that the cat can’t, with the cat on the other hand being able to enter places the girl can’t, while also acting as her guide in the darkness. The screen gets darker when the girl is in control, being incapsulated in a sphere of light representing her field of vision.

The team has done thorough research into how blind people perceive the world, and have effectively worked that into the gameplay, having sound play an important role into what Kit can and cannot do at any given moment.


Not many games explore the aspect of being blind, Beyond Eyes and Perception being a few that comes to mind, and it truly seems like Another Sight is going to give us a fresh original take on the idea.

For an indie game, it really does look quite stunning and full of potential, if a little rough around the edges, but hey, it isn’t even out yet. We’ll keep a close eye on this one for sure, and definitely think it is one you shouldn’t lose sight of!

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To stay up to date, please follow Lunar Great Wall Studio on their twitter and website, and look out for our coming review!


Source: GameXplain


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