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Golden Joy Stick Winners
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Last night, 16th November 2018, was the game industry’s conveted Golden Joystick awards.

We have compiled a list of all the winners, below. It seems like the night belonged to God of War, picking up four awards. 


But here at SwitchWatch, we would like to congratulate Dead Cells for Best Indie Came and Octopath Traveler for Best Nintendo Game.

On top of this, a massive congratulations to Hidetaka Miyazaki (FromSoftware) for receiving the Lifetime Achievement award. This is more than warranted for his Demon Souls game, as well as his Dark Souls franchise. 

See Also

Best Storytelling – God of War
Best Competitive Game – Fortnite Battle Royale
Best Cooperative Game – Monster Hunter: World
Best Visual Design – God of War
Best Indie Game – Dead Cells
Best Audio – God of War
Still Playing Award – World of Tanks
Best Performer – Bryan Dechart (as Connor from Detroit: Become Human)
Esports Game of the Year – Overwatch
Best VR Game – The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR
Studio of the Year – SIE Santa Monica Studio
Best New Streamer / Broadcaster – Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire
Mobile Game of the Year – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile 
PC Game of the Year – Subnautica
PlayStation Game of the Year – God of War
Xbox Game of the Year – Forza Horizon 4
Nintendo Game of the Year – Octopath Traveler
Breakthrough Award – Unknown Worlds
Most Wanted Game – Cyberpunk 2077
Critics Choice Award – Red Dead Redemption 2
Lifetime Achievement – Hidetaka Miyazaki (FromSoftware)
Outstanding Contribution – Xbox Adaptive Controller
Ultimate Game of the Year – Fortnite Battle Royale



For more Dead Cells, Dark Souls and Octopath Traveler coverage, Switchwatch is the place to be. Check out our written review of Dead Cells, or head over to our YouTube channel to see our video review. We’ve also got a written review of Octopath Traveler right here, and an extended gameplay and impressions video for Dark Souls.

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