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Gear Up On The Mario Tennis Aces Online Tournament Demo!

Nintendo made sure to treat fans with a lot of multiplayer compatible games like Kirby Star Allies and ARMS or Splatoon 2, but the whole SwitchWatch team is excited about Mario Tennis Aces. Nintendo announced today, that the Pre-Launch Online Tournament demo will be available early next month. If you participate, you can test your skills against others and also see if the game is your cup of tea.

The time frame for you to play the game starts at 1st June at 3 pm UK time to 4th June at 11:59 pm UK time. As playable characters, you will get Mario (of course), his damsel in distress Princess Peach, his loyal friend Yoshi the dinosaur and, last but not least, his everlasting nemesis Bowser.


If you have played a few rounds, do not panic. In that early days of June, you can play as much as you like. Which is convenient, because as you proceed through the tournament stages, you gain points that allow you to unlock other playable characters (five additional ones in total).

But the reward does not stop here, oh no. If you are playing the demo, your save data will be available for the full version which also rewards you with a Mario costume. Dressed upright for this tennis battle, it is possible to unlock the traditional plumber outfit we all love and grew up with.

Mario Tennis Aces Image 2
Highly concentrated not just during plumbing: our lovable Mario in Mario Tennis Aces.

In Japan, Nintendo provides a special tournament for the top best eight players at Jisedai World Hobby Fair 2018. This ‘Mario Tennis Aces Top Players Tournament’ will be held at June, 24th. If something similar is going to take place in America or in Europe is uncertain.

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Are you into sports or will you give this Mario game a pass? Why don’t you take a look at the Japanese trailer here and let us know in the comments what your opinions on that game and the demo is:


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