Saving is always fun. Games are fun as well. If you now can combine both with each other on the Nintendo eShop, it sure is great! We at SwitchWatch prevent you from spending your cash on bad games, but also encourage you to do so on good ones. But how about those hard-earned My Nintendo Points?

With the news channel one year in the making, Nintendo’s reward programme took its sweet time as well. Launching today, the new service allows you to use gold points on your next purchase. Nintendo is pushing this new instalment with your digital purchases more so than on the ones you actually own as a retail version. For buying one game physically you will earn 1 % of the game’s cost. Going digital will reward you with 5 % of the price.

My Nintendo Image 2

Earning points with game purchases from Nintendo

This sounds quite reasonable at first. If you spent $40 USD / £40 GBP, you get 200 points in reward to use on your next purchase. This means a discount of $2 UDS / £2 GBP.

But if you actually buy the game physically, you will earn much less. An example: Spend $40 USD / £40 GBP on a retail version and you will get 1 % back, which means 40 points or $0.40 USD / £0.40 GBP. Those points do have an expiry date, though. You have to spend them within one year after you had earned them, so be aware of that.

Will this system from Nintendo encourage you to buy more games online? Or did you in the first place? Share your thoughts and stories down below!