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Debris Infinity Switch Review
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Debris Infinity Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: SVC Games


Publisher: SVC Games

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Release Date: Out Now


Price as of Article: $4.49 USD, £4.49 GBP

Game code provided by SVC Games for review

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Debris Infinity is a pure, adrenaline-fuelled shooter that focuses on intense dodging, shooting multiple incoming asteroids, and destroying approaching enemies within a contained arena.

You’re a small ship that can fire out a constant hail of bullets. Though you may be heavily equipped, you can earn extra weapons to help you stop the flow of incoming asteroids and enemy fire. You also need to learn how to dodge, as you will be constantly bombarded by tiny, small, medium, and large asteroids. You can shoot at them to dwindle their size, but you just create more objects that will be flying around to potentially hit you.


Keep shooting and destroying all incoming projectiles to increase that multiplier! Get hit and you can kiss that score good bye.

Debris Infinity Screenshot


3’s the Magic Number!

There are 3 modes that you can play in Debris Infinity on Switch, they are: Time Attack, Normal, and Power Wave.

Time Attack is all about scoring BIG within the allotted time limit. Waves come thick and fast, and the name of the game is: maximising your score, hitting all targets as quickly as possible, raising that multiplier, and increasing your overall points.


Your best score can be saved on the online leaderboards, as well as the weekly leaderboards too. On the main menu, your world rank score will be visible to you below mode selection. This is great if you don’t have a lot of time and want to blast through a few times on your way to work or on a lunch break.

After you complete the mode, you can view the results screen. Here, you can see how efficient you were and how many enemies you’ve downed. Also, there’s a map of the arena you were in and your movement pattern during the play session – it’s all recorded which is a nice touch. Your overall score will be visible too.


Normal Mode is all about survival. Last as long as you possibly can against approaching enemies. Acquire new weapons such as the Vulcan gun, spread, and rapid fire to destroy anything that moves into view. Once you hit a certain point, you will level up which means new enemies will be introduced and the chaos intensifies!

Power Wave mode is focused on destroying each successful wave to obtain more time. But as you progress, the waves become denser and it’s going to take more time to destroy every last one of them! Using special abilities here will be required to achieve the best possible time bonus. New enemies will appear and your tactics will have to change for each one, as every wave becomes more difficult.


Debris Infinity Screenshot 2

I’ve got the power!

You’re not totally defenceless – you have a shield that protects you from a few hits, or you can deplete it and use your two unique specials.



Incoming objects about to ruin your perfect score? Don’t fret – just press the ZR trigger to activate slow-mo, letting you precisely move out of the way or through the tightest of gaps, effortlessly. Look’s really cool too!


Enemies overwhelming you and got nowhere to go? Stop panicking and hit the ZL trigger to destroy everything on-screen immediately… enemies won’t know what hit them!


Take control!

Controls are really simple to use in Debris Infinity. You move with the left analogue stick and fire your weapon 360 degrees with the right analogue stick. You can use ZL or ZR triggers to unleash your blast or slow-mo, while you have available energy. Your energy gauge is located on the left side of your ship and your health is located to your right.

Development – SVC Games – Developer.

I spoke to one SVC Games Developer about why he created Debris Infinity and he had this to say:


“With Debris Infinity, I aimed to create something that could be played in its own cabinet if arcades were still popular: A polished experience that people could come back to every day or years later. Back in the 90’s, all those arcade games had those bombastic effects, over-the-top 3D animations, and logos that immediately caught the eye and gave you an adrenaline rush just by putting a quarter. I wanted to capture that magic and put a lot of love in the overall presentation and game feeling, to stand out in a market and price point that regrettably not always have that attention to detail of yesteryear.”

Thanks to SVC Games – Sergio del Valle for taking time to add to this review.

Retro goodness!

I can’t deny, I’ve had a lot of fun with Debris Infinity. I really love a good score-chaser shooter, and with the online leaderboards, it’s one of those games that needs repeated plays to get the best score possible, then even more to try and beat your previous one. My favourite modes has been Power Wave mode and Time Attack. Trying to increase your multiplier without getting hit is difficult, but I’m sure with some practice, I will improve.


There’s an area in the game which reminds me of Geometry Wars: Galaxies. I think it’s the intense nature of the title and the neon visuals that make me nostalgic. Of course, these two games, while similar, are also very different. Debris Infinity is a lot more accessible in my opinion than GW.

Debris Infinity Screenshot 3




The game also supports a 2-player mode which is a fantastic inclusion, especially for the low price tag. You can play co-op or versus which are both great fun. What’s really exciting here is the Co-op mode, where one player will be the gunner, while the other is the pilot. Each player has a role to play. The gunner can shoot and use the blast ability, while the pilot can move and use the slow-mo ability.

You’re going to be working together to move and shoot with one ship, and it will require good communication between the two of you to achieve the best score possible! It’s loads of fun to play. My friend and I had a good few laughs over it. You can play co-op in all 3 modes, which is a nice bonus.


The alternative mode is versus. This is where two ships fly about and try to get the highest score possible to defeat the other player’s score. It’s hectic and it’s even more fun than co-op, as this time it’s every man for himself. While there’s only 1 mode to play here, it’s more focused on the good old fashion score chasing, and I liked it a lot. It’s fun trying to survive longer than the other player and get the higher score.


When asteroids and enemies are destroyed, they explode in massive firework displays. Not only is it really cool, but having multiple fireworks going off on screen all at once can be quite spectacular! I’ve hit the video capture button more than once while playing. Debris Infinity also supports screenshots and video capture.

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I feel like I’m in a club, listening to Debris Infinity’s soundtrack. It’s pumping and it has a strong beat to it, and that’s just the ticket when you’re destroying countless enemies and asteroids. All the sound effects are good and have a nice punch to them.

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The visuals in Debris Infinity remind me of the arcades of old. I could totally see this in an arcade cabinet, with bright neon lights beaming out of it! It looks great in motion and everything just pops. When the screen explodes in colour, it looks great! It was also really sharp in handheld mode, too. Performance has been great as well – no issues whatsoever. The game additionally supports pro controller.

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For £4.49, it’s a bargain, especially if you love score-chasing or shooters. It has an appealing neon visual look, three modes to play – each with online leaderboards, which is great for any shooter – and it has that one-more-go-type of gameplay. It just makes it hard to put down, once you’re in the flow, scoring big and wanting to improve.

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Neon visuals are a delight to the senses

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3 modes – Time, Normal, and Power Wave

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Online leaderboards

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2-player, co-op, versus

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Pumping soundtrack

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Only 2 players

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