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Dead Cells 1.1 Update
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It has been a few months now since I posted the first Dead Cell update post here. It is time to update that.


I have been told by Motion Twin that Patch 1.1 will be hitting the Nintendo Switch in a matter of weeks. It will be the same Patch as the PC with just a few extra minor bug fixes.

Here I will list the major changes here:


“A vast number of items have been updated to make them more useful or powerful. The idea here was to make many “auto-recycle” items much more interesting.

New custom game mode released! You can now customize your runs the way you want, like unlocking/relocking items, enabling special gameplay adjustments, changing rules etc. You are under control, have fun!

Homunculus skill has been vastly improved: you can now grab your own turrets, cancel a grab, it deals more damage, breaks invisibility, etc.

Most mutations have been reworked & balanced in order to make some of them more useful. See other notes for more details.

The “mob auto-scaling” mechanic has been removed completely. All the levels now have a fixed “difficulty” that won’t adapt to you in weird ways anymore. This affects the game in the following ways: – in 0-cell mode: things will be a little bit easier (just a little bit) – in 1 & 2-cells modes:

Difficulty is roughly the same as before – in 3 & 4-cells modes: you’ll have to be really careful to be properly equipped before getting to late levels (picking cursed chests scrolls is highly recommended).

All the cooldown reduction mechanic has been redone from scratch. The mutations that granted free CD reduction (for active skills and grenades) were removed. They were replaced by 4 new mutations to give you new active ways to reduce your skill cooldowns: by killing enemies in close combat, by killing at distance, by parrying and by dealing critical hits. For example, one of these mutations reduces all your ongoing skills cooldowns by 2.5 sec for each successful shield parry, and this time value even increases based on your Survival stat. The one that reduces CD for each critical hit is a new colorless mutation that will scale on your highest stat.

Bosses no longer drop Legendary items, but 1 weapon and 1 active skill instead. Legendaries are now “world drop”, so you may encounter them when killing mobs or on the new “legendary altars”. The level generator has also been adjusted to ensure you find a “Legendary Altar” in most of your runs. You may also get legendaries as rewards of advanced challenges, like beating a boss without getting hit.

Damage Reduction has been heavily reworked. Most items no longer grant DR anymore, their power has been increased as a compensation. Damage Reduction is not a mandatory strategy anymore and the whole game difficulty has been rebalanced accordingly.

You can upgrade the Forge with the Collector and unlock the ability to upgrade an item quality more than once.

Balanced the way money profits/costs scale on higher difficulty settings. Costs now scale faster than profits. Also, Recycling profits are no longer based on the buying cost of the item, but on its reselling value, which scales slower (TLDR; recycling no longer breaks the whole economy).

New secret holes can now spawn below your feet. Pay attention to hidden runes in the ground and use your stomp move to break them!

Most mobs in 4-cells difficulty are now more aggressive: they can teleport, they have a better detection range, and they cannot be distracted by deployed traps.

New challenge doors in transition levels will require you to kill X enemies without getting hit in a row. Their rewards are equivalent to Timed Doors. Note you can get hit before or after a series of X kills, this won’t invalidate this challenge.

New challenge doors after bosses will grant Legendary items if you kill a Boss without getting hit once.

Timed doors have all been moved to transition levels. They now offer a multi-purpose reward instead of Scrolls. You can now choose 1 reward for free among 3 (picked among weapons, skills, and talismans). Their quality level (+/++/S) is guaranteed, based on the current difficulty setting.

Healing items (Tonic) & mutations (Necromancy, What doesn’t kill me) now heal a percentage of your max life and this percentage scales with your stats.

Elites enemies have been reworked. All of them will now have an additional random elite skill in addition of all their normal skills. Expect many different things, from lightning walls, clones, or shield pylons.

Community suggestion Killing a mob while the homunculus is stuck on it no longer triggers the homunculus skill cooldown, allowing you to use constantly, as long as your target dies. If you recall it before the enemy death, it will trigger the penalty cooldown.

You may now find Legendary Altars in some levels. They grant you a legendary item, but you’ll have to kill all the nearby enemies first. Version 1.1.2

Fighter Endurance is a new mutation that increases your HP by a percentage which scales with your Brutality. Version 1.1.3

Upgrading items in Forge now costs a fixed flat price that doesn’t scale with difficulty. Upgrading “from ++ to S” for example should now be more affordable in BC3 & BC4. Version 1.1.3

The Homunculus will now retract if it touches traps like Spikes. Version 1.1.3

The 5th money blueprint is now available ingame.

The way the player’s HP scales has been vastly rebalanced for Brutality and Tactic. You should have much more HP at higher levels, preventing from being one-shot (if your build is balanced). Brutality used to give extra HP until level 14, it now caps at level 45 (30 for Tactic). 

Increased HP given for each scroll you pick. The new values are +60% HP for Brutality, +50% HP for Tactic and +70% HP for Survival

3 shields are now Survival/Tactic: Punishment, Parry Shield, and Knockback Shield.”




Electricity based weapons now deal critical hits if the target is standing in water.

Elite sidekicks mobs can no longer be grabbed by Homunculus.

Increased (a lot) Homunculus DPS.

Using the Homunculus now breaks invisibility.

You can recall the homunculus when stuck on an enemy.

Fixed Homunculus enemy grab distance.

Magnet grenade deals electric damage (crits in water).

Fixed elite Inquisitor wake distance (at last!).

Countered bullets will now go back to the enemy that sent it (yes, we’re looking at you, Inquisitor!).

Fixed Lightning Whip not dealing electricity damage in water.

The frontline shield (which won the “Most useless thing” award in 2017) has been updated. It can now be held to grant invincibility, but this ability needs to be recharged (using parries or just waiting). It’s no longer a zombie blueprint.

Vampirism has been redesigned: it now causes bleeding to all nearby enemies and you get free healing when you kill them. It recharges when using your potion.

Tonic recharges when using your healing potion. It’s blueprint requirement was removed too, so it’s available very early in any new game.

“Combo” mutation deals much more damage but lasts less time.

Vengeance mutation now reduces damage taken by a fixed percentage after getting hit.

YOLO mutation now locks its mutation slot if it was consumed (you cannot remove it). You can still remove it if it wasn’t used.

You don’t get any healing from food when you have the “Dead Inside” mutation.

Increased damage reduction on “Tough Nut” mutation. It now grants you a move speed buff when you get hit by a trap.

“Ripper” mutation now removes up to 3 arrows from enemy’s body, dealing damage for each arrow.

The “Melee” mutation lasts a little bit longer if the conditions are not met anymore (2 mobs or mob around you).

New perk reset costs (very cheap on first use, very expensive for all the next ones).

“Gastronomy” mutation now grants a DPS buff when you recycle food. This buff lasts 5 min and stacks. It still increases food efficiency if you eat it.

“Counter Attack” mutation deals almost twice more damage.

Cluster bombs spread much farther and each sub grenade deals more damage. It also has a slightly higher attack breach chance.

Oil Grenade now applies oil on twice larger area, and it lasts longer.

Ice Bow now deals more damage but its freeze duration is now 0.5s. This weapon is meant to be an long-range “interrupt” weapon.

Fire grenade now scales its damage with the item level and no longer grants damage reduction.”

These are just some of the updates that will be hitting the console in a couple of weeks.

To read the full patch notes (there are a lot) I have linked the development log from Motion Twin below. This will give the full list of updates:



This patch is shaping up to be a real game changer. Let us know if you will be jumping back in for more Dead Cells action.


Thank you Motion Twin for having an open line of communication with myself.

Not sure what Dead Cells is or just want to know more about it? Then check out our review here.


For all things Switch and for more News and Reviews, make sure to keep an eye on our Switchwatch Site as well as your Youtube channel.

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