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Best Bargains on the eShop – I Have a Premonition

James, Juan, and Jordan from SwitchWatchTV are here again to show us the goods! All of the best bargains happening on the Switch eShops around the world. And there are some solid bargains this week, too! Let’s waste no time and dive right now.

Hello, and welcome back to our weekly eShop Switch games sale roundup, where we help you cut through the noise and find the best bargains across the UK, EU, and US eShops.

Let us know your bargains pick of the week in the comments as each week we give away a $10 eShop voucher to one person who shared their pick. Later on, we will announce last week’s winner, but for now let’s jump in and take a look at these bargains.


Kicking things off with my pick of the week for Best Bargains, it is Northgard. This is a Norse-inspired RTS that fills an under-represented genre on the Switch. A lot of real-time strategy games don’t port well onto consoles because of the fast-paced nature of them, which can be difficult to map to a controller. Thankfully here, the gameplay is a bit slower, lending itself well to the Switch. The cartoon style is reminiscent of mobile phone games which some will like and others won’t, but the gameplay is solid, combining action strategy and 4x simulation building like civilization. It’s engaging without being too heavy, making it well balanced for genre pros and those simply curious to try something new.

£15.74 50%
$17.49 50%
€17.49 50%

Juan, Jordan, what are your picks for this week’s Best Bargains?

Deadly Premonition Origins

Juan: Thanks, James. My pick of the week for bargains is Deadly Premonition, an open world survival horror game first released 10 years ago. I am sure many of you have heard of this game, and well it really is a love it or hate it type of game. There never seems to be much of an in-between when you talk to people. If you were to break this game down, it is technically flawed in almost every sense. You are probably thinking then, “Why on earth are you recommending it?” Well, it’s because it has a Twin Peaks vibe about it. The narrative is fun, even if it makes no sense, yet you somehow can’t forget it or the characters. You become drawn to Greeville, and the protagonist is someone who you cannot help but become invested in. Such a strange game, but one that lives in my memory when I think of gaming experiences.

Even Jim Sterling gave this a 10/10, and I bought the Physical Collector’s Edition, as that’s how special it is to me. And if you were ever curious why so many people either hate this or love this, then now is your chance to try it at 50% off. I will be looking forward to the sequel and will pick it up come soon!

£12.49 50%
$14.99 50%
€14.99 50%

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King


Jordan: Hey guys, Jordan here with my pick of the week for bargains. Now, I feel like I might have picked this one before too, but I have to recommend Blossom Tales. This is a game that very much wears its heart on its sleeve. If you’re looking for a classic top-down Zelda-style game on the Switch and you’ve already played Link’s Awakening, then look no further than here. Yes, of course the quality isn’t a match for a real Zelda, but it does a pretty damn fine job and you’ll definitely get a kick out of this one if you’re into the style of game. It’s now 50% off, which is definitely one of the top bargains this week! Alright, that’s my pick for Best Bargains.

£6.74 50%
$7.49 50%
€7.49 50%

Thank you for sharing your picks for Best Bargains, guys! Moving on.

Invisigun Reloaded

Invisigun is a VS title with a unique take on the classic Bomberman formula. Like Bomberman, you play against opponents on a grid, and your objective is to take them out and be the last man standing or to rack up the most kills depending on the mode you are playing. What is different is that you are all invisible! You only ever reveal yourself when you activate your unique skill or shoot your weapon, it makes it harder than most multiplayer games to pick up and play, but you soon get the hang of it and when you do, you are in for a treat! Your clues are subtle. You will hear and see water splashing or leaves being ruffled. It’s surprisingly great, and the stealth element really adds to the fast-paced frantic gameplay. This is a top notch game that is perfect if you have a few friends around.

£1.62 90%
€0.99 95%

Evoland Legendary Edition

Picking up Evoland is like taking a history lesson through the evolution of RPGs, it’s an interesting concept and in this legendary edition you have the first title and second to enjoy. The first starts all the way back at pixelated, monochrome top down Zelda style gameplay moving all the way to 3D, turn based JPRG gameplay reminiscent of the final fantasy series. It’s a bit of an in joke, poking fun at the genres history whilst paying homage but doesn’t particularly excel. Part two is more accomplished, it has more to offer with its story and whilst it’s quite a vanilla experience it’s an enjoyable one.

£4.49 75%
$4.99 75%
€4.99 75%

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a Stardew Valley-type game, except with dead bodies. While it doesn’t quite reach the levels of that game in terms of quality, it’s still a decent enough effort and there’s quite a bit varied fun to be had, especially with it now having 50% off. It was $19.99 and now it’s up for $9.99 which for us is an excellent value. We think this one is definitely worth a punt if you’re wanting something like Stardew but with a bit of a twist.

£8.99 50%
$9.99 50%
€9.99 50%

Human: Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is a silly, physics based game that sets you up for slapstick laughs. It will tickle you with the funny situations you end up In. You play as a play dough basic character and for its short campaign it’s fun but wears off after some time, there is local coop to extend the giggles and the developer has added online multiplayer – a welcome addition!

£7.49 50%
$7.49 50%
€7.49 50%

Streets of Rogue


Streets of Rogue is a rogue-lite that features fast paced action and is set in a city instead of the usual dungeon synonymous with these games, it looks a bit like enter the gungeon but this is all about choice – there are 24 classes, most of the unlocked as you start with just 6 and you can essentially be whoever you want to be and tackle the game however you want, it leads to intriguing runs and when you throw in multiplayer – with up to 3 friends alongside you this becomes even more exciting.

£8.99 50%
$9.99 50%
€9.99 50%


Inspired by the role playing champion dungeons and dragons, Unepic combines dice rolling, deep stat RPG mechanics with a silly sense of humor, poking fun and it’s inspiration. The references and in jokes are in your face so it’s easy to overlook what is quite a deep RPG experience with a retro look and feel.

£3.59 60%
$3.99 60%
€3.99 60%

Swords & Soldiers

Swords & Soldiers is a real-time, side scrolling strategy game – your aim is to make it across to the enemy and defeat their base or survive an onslaught with a few other win conditions thrown in. There are 4 factions – vikings, imperial Chinese, aztecs and chief meats army each with their own units and play styles, it looks rather cute, opting for that mobile look and feel – making it a great game on the move. There’s a campaign for each of the factions as well as being able to play skirmishes – one nice touch is the ability to play on a single switch in handheld mode – using the touch screen! At under £1 you cannot go wrong here.

£0.95 86%
€1.04 86%

Path of Sin: Greed

Path of Sin: Greed from Big Fish Games is a who dunnit. There’s been a murder, and you play as two rookie detectives trying to solve the mystery by finding clues, interviewing suspects and investigating hidden objects in scenes. This is your traditional murder mystery game and with 90% it’s a nice little time sink.

£1.34 90%
$1.49 90%
€1.49 90%


Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired style action platformer that combines the action-RPG genre with hack ‘n’ slash gameplay. It features 2D action, heroic characters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses and sadly, poor translation! This one has a lot of potential but is rough around the edges and I doubt the developer will go back at this point and fix some of the small bugs. That said even in this state it’s enjoyable for a short amount of time and whilst I couldn’t recommend it at full price – for less than the cost of a coffee it’s worth a shot.

£1.79 80%
$1.99 80%
€1.99 80%


I’m a massive fan of strategic card games and frost combines that with survival mechanics, your objective is to make it to the end and survive! It’s a nice premise – each game sees you face a challenge like being attacked by wolves or survive a storm. The games enjoyable but it won’t keep you coming back for more – it’s a solo experience that’s worth a play before shelving it.

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hatsune miku

£2.92 75%
$3.89 75%
€3.24 75%


INK is a fast paced, twitch controls platformer with a clever mechanic where you need to paint the stage to reveal it, there are 75 frustrating levels to get through and you will die along the way! Similar to games like super meat boy – if that’s your bag then this could be for you – especially with such a healthy discount.

£1.21 85%
$1.34 85%
€1.34 85%

Hand of Fate 2

Hand of Fate 2 brings more of the unique and engrossing gameplay to the table, a heady mix of strategic card deck building and role playing complete with a choose your own story style. The switch is the perfect home for this unique and deeply engrossing title, it’s only on sale in the US but as the switch is region free you can pick up games from any eshop region – you can check out a guide on how to do just that in the description below.

$11.99 60%


Moonlighter is a quirky title that combines managing a store and randomised dungeon crawling, the result is a fantastic experience. You play as a young man who has inherited a shop in a town that’s run down, it’s claim to fame are the mysterious dungeons that draw brave explorers from around the world looking to tackle its depths and shop goers from far and wide who want to purchase the dungeons wonders. Not content with simply managing a shop you take the plunge and the games loop of delving into the dungeon, battling its beasties and plundering loot which you then figure out how best to sell, using the earnings to improve yourself before diving back in is very addictive. A strong RPG / sim crossover that is a bargain with 60% off.

$9.99 60%

Disgaea 5 Complete

The Disgaea series produces bonkers, deeply strategic turn based games with RPG elements and Disgaea 5 doesn’t veer from that formula! This game has been out for a couple of years now and I remember thoroughly enjoying it when it reviewed it back then, it is a menu lovers dream – full of systems upon systems. It’s cast is quirky and it feels like reading a manga or watching an anime during the story elements. It didn’t have much competition in the genre when this was released but it still holds up today as a brilliant title though it’s not gonna be for everyone!

$19.99 50%

VASARA Collection

Jordan reviewed VASARA Collection, and while it’s not his favorite, he really enjoyed it. With 90% off and at under $1, you really cannot get a better shmup, check out his review by clicking at the top right hand side and you will see what we mean!

$0.99 90%

The Lost Child

The Lost Child‘s incredibly off-putting original price of $50 is looking a lot more palatable at just $20, now with 60% off. Let’s face it, it feels like we’ve been waiting for Shin Megami Tensei since the beginning of time on the Switch, so in the mean time, this is a decent alternative. I mean, it is basically knock-off, and that’s not a bad thing.

$19.99 60%

And there you have a bunch of bargains worth picking up. Let us know your pick this week down below, and next Sunday we will give away a $10 eShop voucher. Speaking of which, last week’s winner is… Scott Lang! Congratulations to you, Scott Lang. Please email us, and we will get you that voucher.

That’s it from us today, but if you enjoyed this please tune back in next Sunday for more bargains and Jordan’s brilliant physical roundup will be out tomorrow so keep an eye out for that, and check out Jason’s review of the brilliant Streets of Rage 4! If you enjoy our content, we thank you for watching/reading. Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who supports us. Have a great week, and stay safe.

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