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6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

April has come and gone, and now May has come around. What can we expect this month in terms of games? Let’s find out now and see what’s releasing this week! Here are 6 Switch games coming out this week!

Spirit of the North – Thursday, May 7

A story inspired by a variety of Nordic folklore, Spirit of the North has you play as a red fox that becomes involved with the guardian of the Northern Lights, a female spirit fox. The game has no dialogue or narrative, instead having you solve various puzzles to help you further your understanding of a lost ancient civilization. Additionally, you will learn more about your spirit fox companion as you traverse the mountains beneath red-stained skies.

£19.99 $24.99 €20.99

Relic Hunters Zero: Remix – Thursday, May 7

Play as one of many Relic Hunters – the crew of the Spaceheart – and run, gun, and dodge the evil Ducans as you attempt to discover ancient relics. Engage in several different game modes in a 2D twin-stick shooting roguelike. Discover power ups, a multitude of weapons, and a variety of different characters with different stats, skills, and skins. Try out daily mode to see how you stack up against other players, or play couch co-op while enjoying the original chiptunes soundtrack. Keep track of the achievements as you continue to find more and more relics!

£10.79 $12.99 €11.99

Fledgling Heroes – Thursday, May 7

Leave the nest and go on an adventure while meeting adorable feathered friends, dodging pirates, dashing through frozen forests, diving under sunken temples, and more! Play with a friend, make your own levels using the built-in editor, and customize your birds! Go through more than ninety levels in a variety of environments, and compete for the fastest time in race levels – or even try out the endless levels! Will you break out and become more than just a fledgling hero?

£7.99 $9.99 €8.99

Monochrome World – Thursday, May 7

The world has lost all of its colors, with only gray remaining. Play as a raindrop attempting to bring color back to this desolate world. Recolor stages that are full of gimmicks and puzzles! Customize your raindrop after clearing stages, which unlocks colors, shapes, accessories, as well as skills! Can you, as a lone raindrop, bring the sunshine back to this world full of doom and gloom?

£8.99 $9.99 €9.99

Tennis Club Story – Thursday, May 7

This latest entry from Kairosoft will have you running a tennis club. You must attract customers, train stars, and win the Grand Slam! Customize training menus to emphasize power or technique, try to find sponsors for your best athletes, and possibly earn sweet perks from corporations such as a hot springs spa or a restaurant! Host barbecues, training camps, and a variety of other fun events to motivate members of your tennis club!

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£11.69 $14.00 €13.00

6 switch games

Infinite: Beyond the Mind – Thursday, May 7

A 2D action platformer in which you must confront the evil Queen Evangelyn Bramann, who wishes to control the world. Play as one of two young women that have the power to stop the Queen’s army as well as the Queen herself. Battle enemies in either single player or co-op as you enjoy the chibi pixel art style and explore the kingdom. Think fast to survive the Queen and her minions. Will you survive continual confrontations with the Queen?

£7.99 $9.99 €8.99

6 switch games

That’s it for some of this week’s upcoming games! Thank you for reading 6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week on Let us know in the comments below what you think of this week’s list. Enjoy the first week of May, and stay safe, everyone!

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