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10 Villagers I want in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was announced to be released on March 20th, 2020. It was announced at the last Nintendo Direct way back in September. The game is set to release in just over one week from today and I am excited to see all of my favorite villagers and even meet some new ones.

As of right now, there are confirmed to be 383 villagers in New Horizons. This is confirmed by the Animal Crossing UK twitter account managed by Tom Nook himself! Accompanied with the tweet was a small image of just a few of the confirmed characters to be in New Horizons. It is important to note that this list is just a list of the top 10 Animal Crossing villagers I want to see in New Horizons and to be in on my island and has nothing to do whether they have been confirmed to be in the game already. So here are my Top 10!


10. Eugene

villagers eugene

Eugene is a koala villager that first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Eugene has a smug personality, and his name is meant to refer to the plant koalas are known to eat: Eucalyptus. Eugene is one of my favorite villagers because of his rock-star style. I love the amount of confidence that Eugene has. He frequently likes to stroke his own ego when talking and just about how great of a guy he is and how cool he is. I also just really love the way he looks with his punk rock jacket and black glasses. He reminds of a true rockstar and someone from Grease.  

9. Rosie

villagers rosie

Rosie is a blue cat villager that has appeared in every single of the Animal Crossing games. She has even appeared in the Animal Crossing film called Dobutso no Mori. I really love Rosie for the level of simplicity in the design and in her peppy personality. Another reason why I love Rosie so much is that playing the original Animal Crossing on the GameCube was that she was one of the first villagers I had in my original town. I also originally remember falling in love with her, because her house choices I remember were just interesting to me whenever I visited her. Rosie has no particular style when it comes to her housing choices and her house kind of just looked like one big mess. 


8. Chief

villagers chief

Chief is a cranky orange wolf that has appeared in every single Animal Crossing game. I again have a personal attachment to Chief because of me playing the original Animal Crossing. Whenever I was a child playing Animal Crossing, I just loved the design of him with his nice orange fur and cream-colored paws. He will, of course, look even better and cuter whenever he comes to New Horizons, he has already been confirmed to be in the game and I look forward to trying to get him to join my island. Despite his cranky attitude and how rude of a villager he can be, I still really think that he has a big heart and secretly really enjoyed myself and the other villagers. 

7. Merengue 

villagers merengue

Merengue is a rhino villager with a normal personality and first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Merengue gets her name from the dessert “meringue”. She certainly has the appearance of a dessert and resembles a strawberry shortcake. Every time I see Merengue in-game it just reminds me of how much I want a strawberry shortcake. I also really like her not only because of her design but because of how easy it is to befriend her. She is also one of the only villagers to be based on food. The other villagers that also resemble food are Tangy, Carrot, Zucker, and Ketchup. 


6. Tangy

Tangy as I mentioned if a villager that also resembles food, she is a cat that is meant to look like a tangerine or an orange because of the small indents that are all over her body. Tangy has appeared in every single one of the Animal Crossing games. Tangy, has a peppy personality, and like the peppy villagers becoming famous. I think the reason that I like her so much is that despite the odd design with the leaf on her head, it still makes her look cute. She also gives amazing life advice, such as “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”. 

5. Pietro


Pietro is a sheep with a smug personality that first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I think that he is the best looking out of all of the other sheep in the Animal Crossing games. This is because of his amazing character design, I love how colorful he is and the different ruffles he has all around his body that have various colors. None of the other sheep can compare to just how visually stunning this sheep is. He’s also just so whacky looking and gives up just a slightly creepy vibe. It is to be believed that he was named after Pietro Aretino, who famously died from laughter which makes him an even better character for this reason.  


4. Apollo


Apollo first appeared in the original Animal Crossing. He can be regarded as one of the original eagle villagers in the games. He also appeared in Doubutsu no Mori, the Animal Crossing film as a minor character. His character is supposed to represent the United States of America. His name comes from the spaceship Apollo 11, the spaceship that landed the first man on the Moon. I think that because he represents the United States of America is the reason why I find him as one of my favorite villagers. This is because I am someone that is very fond of the rich history of the United States. 


3. Agent S

agent s

Agent S is a squirrel superhero villager that was introduced in the western release of the original Animal Crossing. Agent S has a peppy personality and has a tendency to overreact in conversations and have a really short attention span. She is the sidekick of Kid Cat and it is unknown if the S in her superhero name is supposed to stand for sidekick or squirrel, the world may never know. The reason why I love her character is because of her peppy nature and because of my fondness for superheroes. 


2. Stitches


Stitches is a cub villager with a lazy personality that first appeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World. He is clearly the best out of the cub villagers because of his unique design that is meant to resemble that of a worn-out children’s teddy bear along with the different patches of color on his body. However, be sure never to mention to Stitches that he is a toy, or else.

1. Lucky

villagers lucky

Lucky is a dog villager with a lazy personality and has appeared in every single Animal Crossing game. He would be my favorite villager of all time, this is because he is a dog villager that looks like a mummy because of all of his bandages and because of how ironic his name is. He is named Lucky besides being in a body cast because of a bad accident. It’s also because of the number on his shirt 23 being known for bad luck and misfortune. 


This is my compiled list of villagers that I hope to have on my island when Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes out on March 20th, 2020. Not up to date on Animal Crossing News? Check out Jason’s overview of the latest Animal Crossing Direct. Tell me who you would like on your island down in the comments, and thank you for reading! 

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