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5 Animal Crossing Tips You Should Know Before Playing

So you want to take a vacation to a tropical island? Sounds good, but there are a few Animal Crossing tips to know before you jump in. Are you ready?

One Island Per Switch

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Have a family or roommates who all want to play the game on one Switch? Well, unfortunately, you will not be able to have your own island. This is the most confusing decision from Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s development. Part of the magic of the game is to customize your island to your own liking and seeing it grow, but with this Switch entry, only one person can have that experience. It’s like continuing a save file in a JRPG; you have no idea what has happened since and you have to keep progressing with a character with different skills you imagined having. If you’re thinking about splitting the cost of the game between multiple people, keep this in mind. It could be a dealbreaker for some. I hope Nintendo changes this system at some point.


Don’t Sell Your Tickets

If you want some sort of steady progression in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it is vital to keep your tickets to go to mysterious islands when spending Nook Miles. The reason? You will not have the resources required to build the essentials you need to progress by sticking to your own island, unless you want to wait multiple days or grind for ages to get more Nook Miles. I actually made this mistake.

Check Your Nook Miles Activities Regularly

If you want to get resources and recipes quickly, do as many Nook Miles activities as you can. Many are very simple to do, and this mechanic opens your eyes to tasks you would otherwise ignore: you take pictures, collect weeds, chop trees, etc. They can rack up really quickly, especially if you follow the tasks that are event specific; for example, there were planting objectives for the week of Earth Day with x5 multipliers for tasks. And once you’ve collected a lot, spend your Nook Miles wisely. For early game players, I would definitely save them for the tickets.


Check Animal Crossing: New Horizons at Multiple Times of the Day

Like the Pokemon series, the surroundings of the island can change due to the time of day. Certain animals appear at different times of the day. This can be especially helpful when you need to collect 15 objects for the museum, as there are more unique specimens to find. A cool feature in the series is that each hour of the day has a different soundtrack attached to it, even for the early early hours of the morning! Don’t wreck your sleep schedule for it though. Mornings, afternoons, and evenings are fine!


Even if you think a material is useless, keep it

It’s tempting to dispose of a worthless stone or clay when your bag is full, but you really shouldn’t! Everything has a use, sooner or later with DIY recipes and surprise guests to your island, so you should try to keep them in storage when you go into your house. Just go to your item screen and select “put in storage.” When you need the item, go back to your house and press right on the D-Pad to select it. It’s that simple! It might save you a bunch of time and Nook Miles! I’ve even found a good opportunity to sell A LOT of weeds for a good price!


Have you struggled at all while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Did you find any of our Animal Crossing tips useful? Let us know how we can help! Also, check out Jason Capp’s extensive tips and tricks article for the game too!

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