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Weaving Tides, A Magical Adventure, Coming to Switch

Follow the Feathers and Crytivo have come together to create something truly wondrous. Weaving Tides, a puzzle adventure game inspired by the likes of The Legend of Zelda, is a charming single player game set in a world of magic and textile. You will ride on the backs of carpet dragons and explore a stunning textile landscape as you soar above and dive below the weave.

Call out to your dragon and set out on a journey to explore ancient dungeons, solve unique puzzles, challenge the strange creatures living in the threads, and unravel the great mysteries of a long-forgotten past.

Weaving Tides is currently on Kickstarter and has successfully reached its funding goal! But there is still a lot to be excited regarding the development and upcoming release of this beautifully unique game. There are Stretch Goals on the Kickstarter, and they have already tackled the first two which adds Hidden Treasure Spots and a Special Ribbon Set to the game. The campaign is also very close to its next Stretch Goal which will add unique expressions to all the NPCs in-game. Let’s help to unlock that next goal and even unlock the next couple mystery Stretch Goals! Visit their Kickstarter page here to learn how you can become a backer.

weaving tides

What is Weaving Tides?

Weaving Tides is a puzzle adventure unlike any other. The game lets you explore the possibilities of textile crafting mechanics, the creativity, and the cozy aspect they naturally provide. Every puzzle, every enemy, and every challenge in the game can be overcome by utilizing your dragons’, also known as Weavers, ribbons and their stitching abilities in clever ways.

Whenever you use your ribbon to patch up the world, you also add something new to it and leave your mark behind. This makes your game uniquely yours, and how you fix it is completely up to you.

The team behind Weaving Tides was heavily influenced by three major titles, and those games are The Legend of Zelda, Bastion, and Tearaway. If you take a moment and look, it is clear as day that the adventure-filled puzzles and challenges come from Zelda, the beautifully crafted story and lush and vivid environments are influenced by Bastion, and the fun and witty interactions with your surroundings from directly from Tearaway. This is an extraordinary combination of games to take influence from, and the end result is remarkable.

The entire teams of Follow the Feathers and Crytivo are lifelong Nintendo fans, so it is only natural that the main structure of Weaving Tides is heavily inspired by the classic Zelda titles. With a large overworld map to explore and secrets to uncover, dungeons with enemies and puzzles which put your skills to the test, and villages which allow you to stock up on new items and learn more about the world and story, the game truly has Nintendo in its heart.

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While designing the game, they also closely followed the Nintendo Philosophy of putting one core game mechanic at the center and then build everything else around that. In a game like Super Mario, that core mechanic to explore, progress, and fight is jumping. In Weaving Tides, the core mechanic is stitching.

weaving tides

There are only a few days left in the Kickstarter campaign, so if you are interested in the game, I highly advise CLICKING HERE to visit their campaign page and backing it at whatever tier is most attractive to you.

Thank you always for stopping by for all of your Switch-related news. What do you think about this noteworthy adventure? Will you be backing it? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time, happy gaming, everyone.

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