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Top 5 Nintendo Switch eShop bargains – November 2018

With so many games available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, there are always bargains to be found. In this monthly series, we bring you the best games on sale that are worth buying.

November has seen a bunch of big titles launch with the likes of Pokemon Lets Go and Civilization VI so it’s nice to soften the blow with a bargain on the side!

Runner 3

Original Price – $29.99

Sale Price – $9.99


Review Score – 8/10


Jordan reviewed Runner 3 back in May this year and was pleasantly surprised by this rhythm platformer. In his summary he wrote:

Overall, Runner3 represents a welcome return for Commander Video, especially in his best form. Runner 2 was one of the best rhythm games on the Wii U and, although there is much stiffer competition on the Switch, Choice Provisions have done it again. Providing a fun, personality-filled musical running experience, Runner3 is a no-brainer for rhythm game fans. Its a pity there are only 3 worlds, and the extreme difficulty will not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed it. Even if I wanted to throw my controller out of the window a couple of times.

Now at a third of the original price, it’s certainly worth a revisit.

Rocket League

Original Price – $19.99

Sale Price – $11.99


Review Score – 8.5/10


Juan reviewed Rocket League last November and we loved the competitive nature of this quirky game. In his review he summarises:

For those new to this franchise, like me, I can honestly say it is one of the most fun multiplayer games I have played in a very long time. Take into account that you will need to put up with a good few hours of frustration before you nail the basics. Once you do, and score your first few goals, there is no looking back. It’s all about mastering the game which is one of those that you will always keep learning. The game has great presentation, superb music and sound effects and overall the only thing that stops me giving this one a higher score is the slowdown issues I sometimes encountered. Otherwise, it’s fantastic and fully recommended to everyone who owns a Switch.

Infinite Minigolf

Original Price – $14.99

Sale Price – $5.99


Review Score – 7/10


I reviewed Infinite Minigolf last August and was impressed with the level of customisation. This game is the spiritual successor to Planet Golf and has a really solid player base making unique courses and sharing them with the world. It’s this part of the game that keeps it entertaining, and with such a heavy discount and no competition, it’s worth a look if you’d enjoy a minigolf game.


Original Price – $11.99

Sale Price – $3.59


Review Score – 7.5/10

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physical releases


Digerati have a great sale on at the moment in the US – for those outside of North America, you can purchase digital titles from any location, and I would recommend doing so if you wanted to pick this one up.

Juan reviewed this one and here was his summary:

I had a blast with Bleed and out of all the indies I have played on Switch, it’s one that I enjoyed immensely. It’s fast and the action never stops. Tight controls, great set pieces, varied enemies and bosses are brilliant but it’s the uniqueness of the control scheme and how good it feels to play that’s the real standout. Throw in the ultra-smooth performance and this is one everyone should consider at some point. It’s just a shame it wasn’t priced a little more competitively.

Slain: Back from hell

Original Price – $19.99

Sale Price – $4.99


Review Score – 7/10


Another game in the Digerati sale this November, Juan reviewed this one and here was his summary:

If you love a brutal challenge and don’t mind dying repeatedly, then this will be the game for you. If you don’t find that fun, then stay well clear of it. There are no difficulty settings here. It is what it is, so you either live with that or you don’t. It’s a shame the developers didn’t include a casual setting to at least make the game a little more accessible to people. I am fine with a brutal challenge like this but many will just give up and won’t sink the required hours. That is a shame as there is a lot to see. A stunning visual style accompanied by a great metal soundtrack and satisfying gameplay when mastered make for a really nice little package.

November has been a solid month for the Nintendo Switch eShop, there are a lot of bargains to be had –  notable runners-up are Streets of Red (25% off), Lichtspeer (50% off) and Butcher (50% off)


Check out the video reviews of each game below

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