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The Padre Nintendo Switch Review
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The Padre Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Shotgun With Glitters

Publisher: Feardemic

Download Size: 2.9 Gb

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Release Date: 18/04/2019

Price as of Article: USD $19.99, £17.99 GBP

Game code provided by Feardemic for review


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You are The Padre, and it is your divine mission to deliver him from evil. It is your job to solve the case of the missing Cardinal. Arriving at a mansion, it is up to The Padre to solve the mystery within, all the while facing his inner demons, which test his faith. The story is a mixed bag of ‘pretty good’, to ‘yawn’. I could see where the story was going, and even with the few twists I missed, it is nothing special.

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The Holy Killing Equipment

The Padre is a Catholic priest that kills the demonic and the evil of the world for his day/night job. What does every good hunter of the cloth need? A six-shooter hand cannon, crossbow and, of course, the Bible.

The Padre Nintendo Switch Review demon

The Padre is one man you do not want to mess with on a holy mission from God (and the random note under his door). Of course, the weapons are to kill anything that wants to kill Him first. The Bible is the in-game hint system and keeps the player quest guide.

The significant issues for the fights, and the game, in general, are that the controls are sluggish, unpolished and clunky. This would have been acceptable in ’90s horror games but for a game today, there is no reason why the controls are so bad, even if it was initially a point-and-click style game.

The controls are so bad and sluggish it makes the fights more tedious than anything else. I won’t even start with the boss fights. There were a few times I had to put the Switch down as I would die due to the input lag. This needs to be addressed and fast.

Angel Tears

The Padre has a permadeath system in the form of angel tears, each time The Padre dies, the game adds to the angel tears bottle. Once it is full, the save is deleted, and you will need to start again. This was an excellent idea for the survival horror genre. It would be an excellent idea if it were not for the fact it can be emptied, by praying at one of the many crosses or the piano room.

If the bottle were unable to be emptied, this would have been a great system in the game and such a great mechanic, regardless. This would have added the much-needed tension and difficulty to the game. 

The Padre Nintendo Switch Review revive


The Padre will come across many problems to solve within the mansion, but they are all pretty straightforward. For instance, you need to figure out how to extinguish the candles in a room or find the key. The general survival horror game tropes.

The voxel style makes some of the puzzles frustrating, and harder then they have to be. Along with the camera angles, this makes for a hard time.

The Demon Inside

The Padre gets interesting when he finds out about the demon. He gets inside him and comes out with superpowers, adding to the fight of his soul within the house. This makes him question his faith but does make him invulnerable to damage and allows him to pass into the mirror world, adding an extra layer to the game’s story.

This is not enough to make the story or game palatable. This is a massive shame being such a horror game fan, I wished with all my horror game needs for The Padre to get better, but it does not.  

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The audio within The Padre does a lovely job of setting a creepy atmosphere, from the subtle creaking of a Scooby-Doo styled armour to the shadow monsters devouring everything they touch. It has its moments where I felt it could be a good horror game. 

Most of the sounds are very generic and sound as if they were lifted straight out of a ’90s horror game like the Redient Evil footsteps. It does, however, lean towards the developer’s goal of paying homage and appreciating classic horror games. One thing I did not like was The Padre’s voice. Oh lord hath thou forsaken me? It was gruff and grainy but also so dull I found listening to it grated on my nerves — something like scratching down a chalkboard, but boring.

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The Padre Nintendo Switch Review zombie

The visual style I felt did very little to add to the overall horror feel. Voxel style does very little for anything, in my humble opinion. Okay, that was a little harsh, some of the animations were pretty cool. For instance, the way the weird creature came out of a mirror and moved, that looked good. I did, however, get the feeling of the original Alone In The Dark game…I wonder why?

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While playing, I noticed some of the lighting effects just came out of nowhere, then some of them were outstanding and added a lot to the atmosphere. One thing I did like a lot was the health indicator. The more life The Padre lost, the more the white illuminated cross on his chest would blink. To my shame, I did not notice this until I was halfway through the game.

The performance was hit and miss. The load times were fine, nothing to complain about there. The real problem was the poor movement controls and object detection on the doors. For Our Father to not feel like he is walking on glue, I had to turn the sensitivity up to almost full, to get him to move when I wanted him to.

When it came to the doors, The Padre could be stood next to one and the step that appears to allow The Parde to move to the next room would not appear. This would mean moving away from the door and then moving back. On top of that, when the step did appear it would not be highlighted so again I would need to move away and move back to the door. This happened way too much to not be a problem.

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At a slightly-higher-than-I-would-like $19.99 USD/£17.99 GBP, I would recommend waiting for a sale. There are better horror games out there with less annoying problems than The Padre. 

If you are a fan of horror games, like I am, and want something worth its price, try YUME NIKKI -DREAM DIARY for the same price. 

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Pays homage to classic horror games

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The Padre has some funny one-liners

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Sets a creepy atmosphere

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The permadeath system

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Voxel art style

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The Padre’s voice acting

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Horrible controls

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