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The Office Quest Review
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The Office Quest Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: 11Sheep

Publisher: 11Sheep

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Release Date: Now

Price as of Article: $11.99 USD, £10.99 GBP

Game code provided by 11Sheep for review

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In a world of black and sepia-toned colouring, The Office Quest is a story about a man in an office job who wants to go outside. To do so, he has to follow his flying red flower. Join our hero on a crazy adventure and meet crazier people – who all wear onesies – in this point-and-click adventure to save the flower and bring colour to the office. This story is spread over four, very short chapters.

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The game can be played in two ways on the Nintendo Switch: either by using the analogue sticks to move around the screen and pressing A to interact or by using the touchscreen. I found the touchscreen was by far the best way to play.

Being a point-and-click game, there are a variety of puzzles to solve, none being overly taxing, in my opinion. There is no downside to getting the puzzles wrong, so if you do get stuck on a puzzle, then it is just a case of “try and try again” until you get it right. I am not saying that I got through this without trying a few times on some puzzles, there were definitely a few that took longer than others.

I, unfortunately, finished the game in roughly three and half hours. I felt as if I just started and it was already over. With this being a point-and-click adventure game, the replay value is next to none as, once it’s done, it’s done. You know how to beat the puzzles so there’s no reason to try again.


While playing The Office Quest, you will come up against different types of puzzles, from what item interacts with that item, to answering four questions correctly, and a few memory-based puzzles. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary. There are a few – and only a few – curveballs, though. There is a small platforming level with a baby bird that was fun and playing a game of ‘three men’s morris’, a simple version of the ancient board game dating back to the Roman empire. It would have been nice to see more types of puzzles, as there’s nothing that is going to break the mold of point-and-click games.

Halfway through the game, you get a helper that can play the guitar and distract NPC’s, while our hero does whatever he has to move on.

The Onesies

I couldn’t talk about The Office Quest without addressing the weirdest but yet somewhat cute, scary, and funny people you meet… well, their onesies, at least. Our ‘hero’ wears a dog suit with a pouch like a kangaroo, where he holds useable items. There are NPCs that wear fish, giant monster, and even cactus onesies, and pretty much everything in between. The interactions the hero has with these onesie people can be fairly funny. Again, nothing too exciting, and there was not enough of these funny moments, at least for me.

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The Office Quest has no voice acting, just grunts and ambient sounds. I feel that the game would have been better with voiced interactions after solving a puzzle to give it more of a comedic effect. The sounds around the world are fun and very well done: from the flapping and tweeting of a bird to burps in different keys.

As for music, nothing really stuck in my hard until you get the helper. His wee jig on the guitar is nice, upbeat, and fun. Again, nothing stands out, though.

See Also

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The visuals are very nice, crisp, well done, weird, and minimal, with a very limited colour pallet used: just black and sepia-tone. Its 16.9 widescreen aspect ratio gives it the black bars above and below the picture. While playing The Office Quest, I had no issues at all with performance, no slowdowns or major load time problems. I only played in handheld as the touch screen is the best way to play, though.

For me, it felt more like a mobile game that they ported over: no voices, basic sounds, and touchscreen controls (as the Joy-Con option seemed tacked on and unoptimised).

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Coming in at $11.99 USD in the US or £10.99 GBP for the UK, for a short game that doesn’t have much in the way of content with nothing major to it, I feel it is way overpriced, especially with games like NAIRI: Tower Of Shirin offering a much better experience at a similar price.

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Good time waster

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Can play it for few minutes at a time

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Nothing new

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Too short

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No replay value

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