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The Lost Light Of Sisu Nintendo Switch Review
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The Lost Light Of Sisu Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Solvarg


Publisher: Solvarg

Download Size: 294mb

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Release Date: 27/02/2019

Price as of Article: USD $9.99, GBP £8.99


Game code provided by Solvarg 


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The Lost Light Of Sisu’s story is minimalistic to put it politely. You are a traveler looking to power your spaceship. Let’s not dwell on the story and move on to the rest of the review.

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I sat here thinking of a lot of different ways to explain The Lost Light Of Sisu, but alas, I was thwarted in my efforts. It only leaves one person qualified enough to explain it – Anders Nord, the sole creator of this game:


“Design philosophy

With The Lost Light of Sisu I wanted to create a friendly and forgiving, non-frustrating, non-violent, challenging action platformer. Trying to address these things, one key concept is that there is no dying. This means that if you fail some part of the level, you will only have to redo that small part instead of the whole level. The boss battles work a little differently and basically uses frequent checkpoints that you get teleported back to, instead of having to replay the whole level.”

Now I shall talk about if Anders Nord had succeeded in the philosophy he outlined. 

It’s Hip To Be Square

The Light Of Sisu is simplicity personified. The Square enters a level, collects all the colour nodes, then makes it to the column of light. Doing so will allow the Square to pick another puzzle out of the 20 on the world in any order.


This allows for a massive range of freedom to play the game, however, you feel necessary. It is one feature I appreciate. Once the Square has completed ten puzzles, then the option to do a ‘Boss Fight’ is opened. It is not a fight per se, it is more of a mad dash to the end of the level while something chases you (with a few checkpoints along the way).


The game is not particularly hard, in fact, I would dare say it is a little too easy. It is not to say it is a bad game. On the contrary, it is a good puzzler, I am just more used to dying then restarting. Here, the Square does not die. It just gets knocked back from the puzzle and will have to try it again. The not dying aspect is used as part of puzzles. It was a welcome change.



It does, however, have a nice power-up system to collect the coloured nodes, and these will increase speed and jump. These also stack, making each ability more potent. Not only will there be a boost to skills, but also there is a beautiful Hue change.



The puzzles are based heavily on gravity. Gravity is used to get to higher areas by jumping into updrafts or lower by just jumping into the water. There are also gravity shifts where the Square is upside down. These occur mostly in the water sections of the game.


My Thoughts

The Lost Light Of Sisu is not the best puzzle game out there by any stretch of the imagination. It is, however, a nice wee pick-up-and-play for 10 minutes or an hour. It merely does what it sets out to do, be a relaxing stress-free game.

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The Audio is somewhat hit and miss. There are some cute noises, like the Square jump noise and while it is swimming. Unfortunately, the sound of the Box walking at normal speed started to grate a little after about 20 levels. The walking sounds seem to work better faster, at least for me.


There is no soundtrack, just some ambient noise and that is a shame. 

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The visuals are plain from the level standpoint, mostly seem to look the same colour as the planet. The levels are well designed, giving enough clues on what to do next without any signposting.  

The levels are not the highlight of the visual department, the highlight for myself has to be the lighting of the levels, as well as the Square. Each node will change the colour of the Square to a different hue of the colour nodes that have been collected. For instance, a red and a yellow give the box an orange hue, add another red and it goes more towards the red, and so on. These stand out on the levels where there is no light source apart from the Square and its nodes. The light emitted from the Square is terrific. It was a nice change from the regular puzzler games. 


As for performance, not a single problem in handheld and docked.

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At a low price of USD $9.99, GBP £8.99, it is hard not to be a little interested in the Lost Light Of Sisu. The price point is good for the number of puzzles and the work that has gone into making the game.


Physical – No

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Terrific lighting

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Fun to play

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Level order freedom

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Relaxing experience

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Not really a challenge

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Lacking a soundtrack

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