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Super Mario Maker 2 Users Have Uploaded More Than 10 Million Courses

Nintendo announced earlier today that Super Mario Maker 2 users have officially uploaded more than 10 million courses! This is such a milestone and a testament to the dedicated users in the Mario Maker community.

To go alongside with the news, Nintendo also announced that all Super Mario Maker 2 users are now able to upload a new maximum of 100 levels online. Previously, Mario Maker 2 limited online uploads to 32 courses, which led to some harsh feedback. After that, Nintendo raised the limit to 64 courses before the ultimate increase to 100 today.

You can check out the celebratory Tweet below from Nintendo and watch a cute video as well.

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What have been your favorite Super Mario Maker 2 levels so far? Have you uploaded any of your own? If so, let us know in the comments below! It is great to see that Nintendo continues to support this amazing game. Are there any future updates you would like to see in the game? Personally, I would love to see Samus and Kirby added to the Super Mario Bros theme like they did with Link. One can only dream, am I right?

Thank you for visiting! Happy gaming, everyone.

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