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Squareboy vs Bullies Nintendo Switch review

Developer: © 2017 Rohan Narang

Publisher: 2017 Ratalaika Games S.L

Release -out now

Price as of Article: $4,99  £4.49

SquareBoy has been bullied all his life, and he is sick of it. He undergoes training, and begins to fight back against the bullies in what is perhaps the most ironic way possible: Attacking them himself. The story is pretty simplistic during the game, with short cutscenes between battles. A story wasn’t needed for this type of game, so this is forgivable.

he audio is 8-bit styled, but isn’t very memorable. It does a decent job of conveying the intensity of fighting enemies, though. It’s a bit repetitive, and it felt a bit generic, so you won’t be coming back for the music. Despite it’s simplicity, the music is enjoyable enough, but isn’t anything special.

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Like the audio, the visuals take on an 8-bit aesthetic. The characters are very simplistic, considering that they are all yellow squares. Every building has a generic 8-bit city look, but it still is detailed enough to paint a picture about where you are. Like the audio, the visuals are simplistic but do their job.

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For an indie game, SquareBoy vs Bullies had a surprising amount of moves. Despite only teaching you a few punches and kicks, many more moves are available in the pause menu. The key to getting the most variety out of SquareBoy vs Bullies is to learn all the moves. Unfortunately, this isn’t encouraged, as mashing the A button was found to be both more effective and simpler than learning long button combos. The game seemed to have a consistent frame rate, though that should be expected from a simple game like this.

SquareBoy vs Bullies doesn’t have much content, but it makes up for it by having such a low price. Of course, the game is also free on mobile, but the Switch version plays much better. Overall, it’s a pretty small game, but SquareBoy vs Bullies is very cheap, and only worth it if you are a fan of beat em ups.

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