PQube is excited to announce that two more of their recent indie hits are now available physically! The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of the adorable musical platformer Songbird Symphony and retro adventure Aggelos can be found in stores today.

Songbird Symphony

Songbird Symphony is an adorable 2D platformer in pixel art that follows the heartfelt story of Birb, a cheerful little bird on a quest to learn more about his origins. The game combines various rhythm gameplay mechanics: chirp in rhythm to activate platforms and learn new notes as you challenge the animals of the forest in wondrous musical battles. Birb will get access to new areas in the forest as he expands his vocal range.

Songbird Symphony is also available digitally for PC/Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, all available retailers for the physical version can be found here: https://pqube.co.uk/songbird-symphony/



Aggelos is a 16-bit retro-style platformer inspired by classic Japanese adventures like Wonder Boy and its physical version comes with a manual with information about the characters and the items that will find on your quests. You will encounter challenging enemies and learn skills as you complete trials, giving you access to new areas of its metroidvanian world. Combined with dynamic and diverse movement options, Aggelos is a challenging homage to the legendary era of non-linear 16-bit titles!

Aggelos is also available digitally for PC/Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, all available retailers for the physical version can be found here: https://pqube.co.uk/aggelos/

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