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KOEI TECMO Europe reveals more details on the thrilling story of their upcoming title, AOT 2: Final Battle. The game will follow the third season of the anime phenomenon ‘ Attack on Titan’ . Scheduled for July 5, 2019 on PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch ™, Xbox One, and digital on PC via Steam®, players will find the action of the series while donning their three-dimensional equipment and will go face the devastating Titans. 
AOT 2: Final Battle includes the plot of season 3 of the anime (part I and II) in this new ‘Character Episode Mode’. While the Exploration Battalion’s fight against the Titans is raging and the team is close to unraveling the mystery of the Colossal Titan, our young heroes face a new revelation; Titans are not their only enemies. The anti-human team, led by famed Kenny Ackerman, is determined to capture Eren and Historia whatever it costs. The exploration battalion does not intend to abandon his teammates. They will learn, however, that they can not trust anyone in the walls in which they grew up. 
Fans will discover this epic scenario through different points of view: the Exploration Battalion, the 104th Training Brigade and the Warrior of the Empire, especially with Reiner, Bertholdt, and Zeke.  AOT 2: Final Battle does not only allow players to relive the exciting battles of the anime, but it also allows you to explore stories that are not in the original anime. By playing these episodes the players will discover what the characters do behind the scenes of the main plot!

In addition, the bravest wishing to join the fight can pre-order now to get their bonus content for the ultimate ‘Attack on Titan‘ experience. Those who get AOT 2: Final Battle, physically or digitally, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the first month of the release of the game will recieve several costumes, namely: “Queen of Historia” for Christa, “Young Male Coat” for Kenny, “Plain Clothes (Underground City) “for Levi, and” One-piece Dress “for Mikasa. PS4 players will also be eligible to play the ‘Kenny’ and ‘Zeke’ characters in advance if the game is played within the first month. Xbox One players who pre-order the game will be able to unlock both characters earlier in their roster. Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch will also begin in the coming weeks. 

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