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Physical Releases on Switch – Phantasy Star?

Jordan from SwitchWatchTV is still presenting us the physical releases on Switch each week! There is not a whole lot happening these days, but that does not mean there is nothing to be excited about. Oh, no. There are still some hot games on the horizon, and this week is no different. Check out this week’s Physical Releases video below or continue downward to read it here on

Let’s Get Physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this week’s update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. We’re in the third week of May, looking at games from the 18th until the 22nd. Retail physical releases, low print games for pre-order, and imports, plus our community spotlight where you show off your pick ups and potentially win one of these physical Switch games (See video for more details on that!).


Before we dive it, I should make it clear that due to the global climate right now, most of the games stated here are very precarious if they will make these dates or not. This week especially is kind of all over the place. So please keep in mind that the accuracy here my not be exactly perfect, and it’s been driving me insane this past month or so. Bear with us. We’ll get through this together! Hopefully in a few weeks, clarity will be restored.

Physical Releases

The Persistence

The Persistence was supposed to be releasing this week, but after recording this narration the first time, it seems to have gotten delayed, and I had to do it again. Fun! This was once a PlayStation VR game, but now it is being ported to other systems, including the Nintendo Switch. This is a first person game with horror elements and was well praised upon release. It’s an interesting mix of rogue-like gameplay where you’re going to end up dying a lot, but you can gradually increase your stats every time, hopefully meaning you’ll eventually be able to survive.


Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits has already released physically in Europe, but is due for a release in the US this week. Maybe. This is a visual novel which, since it’s release, has sounded quite mediocre to me. Has anyone played this one? Any thoughts on it?

The Holy Potatoes Compendium

I think The Holy Potatoes Compendium was supposed to release this week in Europe, but there’s now radio silence on that even after I contacted the publisher quite a few times. It looks like it may have slipped to September if Amazon UK is anything to go by. But who knows!


War of Ashbird

Alright, let’s talk about a Kickstarter, War of Ashbird. This is a tactical RPG where you build and defend your kingdom, or so it seems. 20 recruitable characters, 20 cities, and an expandable castle. Man, I love base-building in my games. The physical tier price is an eye watering $90, although you do get a digital copy too. The game is due for a console Switch release in 2022, which is quite far away. I wonder if I’ll still be doing this series or not.

Let’s jump into the low print releases!


Low Print Pre-Orders

Creature in the Well

I Am 8 Bit announced the opening of orders for Creature in the Well. This is an action puzzle game that mixes The Legend of Zelda dungeons with pinball-style mechanics. I reviewed it for the channel, although no one watched it, so I don’t blame you if you don’t know what it is. It’s a decent game for sure, and I enjoyed it but felt it didn’t fully develop its potential. It was kind of over before it started really. Still worth a look. Check out my review if you need more info on this. The Switch version only had 2000 copies available, so it might actually be sold out by the time you see this. Hopefully not! That seems like a very low number for a print.

Alright, let’s jump into the imports this week… not a lot to be honest, but a quick mention nonetheless.




Spirit Hunter NG

Rather unbelievably it’s taken a while, but acclaimed visual novel Spirit Hunter NG is finally getting a Japanese release this week, long after the western release. No need to import this one of course, unless you’re based in Japan I suppose.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud Episode 6

Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud Episode 6 is getting a release in Japan this week. I know there are many fans of the original PSO, but sadly this is a Japanese exclusive on Switch with no English, and I’m guessing it will not even be able to be played without some trickery with your web connection. I’m guessing it’s locked to Japanese IP addresses or something. And here’s me sounding like I know what I’m talking about when in fact I don’t know jack. But anyways, even collector’s or major fans will probably want to stay away since there’s not even a cartridge with it, it’s just extra in-game items and content to download on the free initial download. There’s a standard edition and a limited edition which gives you a pin badge I believe.


Shantae Plushie

Let’s have a quick look at a miscellaneous item. Since I know many of you out there are massive fans of the sultry Shantae, so I do want to give a shout out to Limited Run who have pre-orders open for a Shantae plush from FanGamer. Around 8 inches tall with possible hair, it’s nice to see some merchandise out there for indie games. You have until June 14th to get your pre-order in.

Thank you for checking out Physical Releases! Have any games taken your fancy this week? Be sure to check out last week’s episode in case you missed it. We’ll see you guys next time, and remember… Let’s Get Physical!

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