As of the 16th of January 2019, Paladins received its Fire and Ice update putting it to build 2.01, here is an overview of this update: 

-A dynamic new playable character named Imani, whose primal mastery of fire and frost can turn the tide of any conflict. She manifests her legacy by switching her elemental alignment to match the combat at hand and by summoning a frostfire-breathing dragon avatar to devastate her opponents.


Role – Damage

Health – 2200

[Passive] Clearcast – As Imani deals damage she generates mana. When her mana is full, the next Frost Bolt or Pyre Ball she casts is instant.


[Frost] Frost Bolt – Sling a Frost Bolt that deals 650 damage every 0.8s.
[Fire] Pyre Ball – Charge a Pyre Ball over 1.6s that deals 1,100 damage at max charge.

[Frost] Frost Bomb – Releases an orb of Frost that deals 800 damage at max range, and roots enemies hit for 1.5s. Reactivating this ability mid-air detonates it.
[Fire] Inferno Cannon – Unleash a torrent of piercing fire forward, dealing 110 damage every 0.9s over 3s.

Surf through the sky on frostfire for 3s. This ability is not affected by your elemental alignment.

Shift your elemental alignment, gaining access to new abilities.

Imani summons and controls a frostfire breathing Draconic Avatar. The Draconic Avatar has its own control scheme. This ability is not affected by your elemental alignment.

[Default] Splitting Ice: Frost Bolt bounces to an additional enemy, dealing reduced damage.

[Level 2] Pyromania: Every third Pyre Ball you hit explodes, damaging nearby enemies.

[Level 8] Mana Rift: After standing still for 2s, create a Mana Rift around you that generates Mana. Leaving the Mana Rift destroys it.

-A revamped talent system, making every choice of pre-match and mid-match character customization more impactful as you react to both the loadouts of your allies, the team composition of your opponents, and how the battle evolves over time map-by-map

-An all new season for competitive play following the thrilling November 2018 Paladins World Championships at Hi-Rez Expo (DreamHack Atlanta)

-Lastly, a brand new Battle Pass has come to the realm. Players can unlock themed rewards like new Mecha skins for beloved characters Furia, Androxus and Kinessa, a Mecha Jet Rider mount, and much more! 


For full patch notes click here