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Developer: Red Entertainment

Publisher: Pqube

Download Size: 2.8 GB

Release Date: 18/04/2019

Price as of Article: $59.99 USD, £39.99, £35.99 GBP*

Sale valid until – 17/04/2019 

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-I will keep the story spoiler free-

Visual novels are starting to pop up everywhere, so of course, there will be some cross over and uses the same tropes and story arcs. While playing Our World Is Ended, I decided to do some research on visual novels, and I stumbled on Steins;Gate. Reading more on the Steins;Gate, the game, I noticed that Our World Is Ended shared more than one similarity to Steins;Gate. It is not a problem, (plenty of games do this) I have not played it but I have watched the Anime. Furthermore, Our World Is Ended is not Steins;Gate and this is the best way to keep it.


Join Reiji Gozen, our main protagonist of the story, as he is testing out a new A.R Helmet and a new programme called W.O.R.L.D. Programme in the middle of Asakusa for a game studio called Judgement 7 with the help of another team member Yuuno Hayase. Renji experiences the power of the W.O.R.L.D. Programme, then the system crashes. Subsequently, Renji sees the city in rubble, and all his friends are pinned to the wall of a building. Renji is awoken to see Yuuno Hayase, and they head back to Judgement 7 headquarters.

Our World Is Ended nintendo switch review swim suit

Upon returning, we are introduced to the rest of Judgement 7, then the team goes on to an online forum and find people on there who are taking down their games, so they start an online war with these people. After that, they call a meeting with the whole team to decide to make a new game based on the W.O.R.L.D. Programme. The group decided to try out the AR game where the same crash happens, and the whole team gets transported into an alternate reality, with the inhabitants are characters from Judgment 7’s previous games and a girl who has lost her memory as well as another group that is monitoring the alternate reality.

Can Judgement 7 and others stop what Renji saw? Or will Renji’s vision happen? I let you find that out.

Judgement 7

Our World Is Ended Nintendo Switch Review RenjiRenji Gozen – The main protagonist and the part-timer at Junction 7, so is tasked with the jobs no one else wants.

Our World Is Ended Nintendo Switch Review YunoYuno Hayase – A total airhead that somehow gets everything right.

Our World Is Ended Nintendo Switch Review sekaiSekai Owar – The genius programmer and the driving force of Judgement 7 and designer of W.O.R.L.D. Programme. Also a pervert.

Our World Is Ended Nintendo Switch Review isukiIruka No.2 – Story writer and total over the top weirdo.

Our World Is Ended Nintendo Switch Review AsonoAsano Hayase – The older sister of Yuno who is a violent loner who likes to drink. 

Our World Is Ended Nintendo Switch Review natsumiNatsumi Yuki – The cold Goth girl and the artist of Judgement 7.

Our World Is Ended Nintendo Switch Review tatianaTatiana Alexandrovna Sharapova – Genous programmer, who Sekai even admires (she must be good).


The story does take a bit of time to get going, but once it starts, it gets good. Some generally great moments and each character is individual and fleshed out. I enjoyed the story a lot. There were a few translation problems, but nothing major.


As Our World Is Ended is a visual novel, there is not much in the way of gameplay. Plenty of reading, of course, with one change from the usual pick option gameplay. 

The Interactive Selection Of Soul system 

The Selection Of Soul System (S.O.S) is Our World Is Ended’s choice system. Choices regarding characters interactions when Renji gets flustered will move across the screen prompting for a quicker response. Consequently, each response will have some small or significant impact on the story playing out.

Our World Is Ended nintendo switch review Asakusa

This system is pretty fun as it makes choices seem more relevant with the added pressure; they will not last forever. Makes the flow of the story feel more continuous.


There is replay value as the S.O.S can change the story depending on the choices made. With this being a visual novel, there is not much to say about the gameplay.

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The game is fully voiced in Japanese, and it is excellent. Especially Iruka, with his very over the top shouting and crazy noises. The rest of the cast is expressive, and the voice actor makes them come to life.

The conversations are generally light-hearted with some laugh out loud moments made all the better with the voice acting.

Visuals & Performance

Our World Is Ended is beautiful with excellent CG drawings and excellent, vibrant, colourful art style.

Our World Is Ended nintendo switch review Yuno

No slowdown or problems was running in both handheld and docked. I played in handheld simply for the fact that I could tap the screen to carry the story on and for the S.O.S.


Our World Is Ended is somewhat on the higher end of the price scale. I would have liked to see it slightly cheaper. With the amount of work put into the drawing and the story, I can see why it has been priced this way. 

I have a feeling the price will put some people off from the game; unfortunately, they will miss out of a decent and entertaining visual novel.

Physical – YES!

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Great voice acting


Vivid and beautiful art


Interesting and fun characters


Good story



Slow starting story




Some translation problems