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OJO Projector: The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Accessory?


Do you play your Nintendo Switch on the go frequently?  If so, this may interest you if you ever have the desire to play it on the big screen while traveling or visiting friends and family.  The OJO is a specialized mini-projector for the Nintendo Switch currently in development and being crowd funded on indiegogo.

The OJO is a projector designed to look like the Nintendo Switch dock.  Simply put your Switch into the OJO to “switch” into docked mode, and the image will be natively projected from the OJO at screen sizes ranging from 30″ to 120″.  After communicating with the head developer of the OJO, I learned that it displays Switch games in resolutions up to 1080p and has a brightness equating to roughly 1200 lumens.  You will notice on their website that it is listed as having 200 lumens because of the type of lumens they use with their DLP projector lens; however, this is ultimately equal to about 1200 lumens as seen advertised on other projectors.  It is still a little lower than the standard 1500 lumens, but it is certainly a passable number for a truly portable projector.

The OJO is capable of being connected to other devices aside from the Nintendo Switch via HDMI and supports resolutions up to 4K.  On top of that, the OJO has an internal battery which lasts for four hours and can be used as a battery bank for the Switch.

If you wish to back this project on indiegogo, you have two more days to do so.  The OJO’s final retail price will be $369 or 314.  If you back it on indiegogo, you will receive a discount of 27%, which will bring the price down to $269 or 229.  The OJO will begin being shipped to consumers before Christmas.

This will be a specialized, premium-priced item which not everyone will want to invest in.  However, if you want to have that added layer of flexibility, extra WOW factor for showing off the Switch, or don’t have a television like me, then this may be the perfect accessory to add to your collection for the Switch.

Visit their website for more information.

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